Camera (BFTPITS).png

Camera is a male contestant in BFTPITS. He was taken by Phone The Electronic.


Camera loves to show the truth and if he sees someone lying, he will always be there to stop the lies and show the truth by showing the real deal by showing what he record. Camera will get really mad if he sees someone lying. Camera doesn't mind being used for certain situations since it always gives him some sort of enjoyment. He is mostly shown to be a little smug and cool with most people but he is friendly and likes the presence of others. Camera prefers to not talk because he feels since he is a camera, he doesn't need to talk since he recorded what he saw and for him, it is good enough to show what he is talking about. Only on rare occasions that Camera decides that talking is necessary and he will talk for long periods of time. He is often seeing with Clapboard because Clapboard likes him a lot and wants to be friends with him but Camera isn't interested in her and prefers to get away from her but usually fails. One of his favorite things to do is to tell facts to others since he thinks that this will help them if they are in trouble someday. Camera will become lonely if he doesn't get used for a long while. He is often used as a tool by multiple contestants which while he doesn't mind it, certain people like Basil dislike this and wants these people to treat him like a person and not as a tool. He is one of the very few people that Basil actually likes because Camera thinks he is a good guy because of his personality of making people understand other people better.

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