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"I WANT ANSWERS NOW! Why Is Cake (BFDI) So Vandalised!" - Ben The Cybernetic Pen (As A Kirby)
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Cake (BFDI) uses different gender pronouns depending on what object show it is in. When editing, use the proper pronouns used in the object show in question

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Pin! Believe in the Loser in you.

Cake was a recommended character in Battle for Dream Island, and a male contestant in Battle for BFDI and The Power of Two.

He made an attempt to join BFDIA, but eventually failed with 134 votes, ranking 37th overall.

He reappears in IDFB, with a newer design but he didn't play an important role in the series yet.

In Battle for BFDI, he appears as a contestant and is a member of The Losers!



Cake is large and pink. There's lots of cream all over Cake's body and has red lines dividing cake into 2 segments (there's also one on the top). His full name is Finbar.


Cake is much smaller and is shaded light brown in the larger portion of Cake's body will the smaller portion is shaded in dark brown. There's cream on top of him with a rim of pink frosting just next to it.


Cake is generally a shy and effeminate person, not talking much until it's necessary. Cake has also been shown as a dependent person, often relying on Loser for emotional and challenge-related support, as he is very loyal towards Loser. Cake is also easily frightened.

However, his personality changed in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", as he stated himself that there is a reason for Loser to be eliminated, despite the fact that Cake often relies on him for help and support, meaning that it's possible that Cake will get close to anyone who he thinks is capable of providing help, and immediately turns his back if he thinks the person has a bad influence.

This anger towards Loser was short-lived, however, as in "Questions Answered", Cake said he knew what the answer to the question was, but he was too afraid to say it because Loser wasn't there to support him. Cake finally got enough courage to press the button and answer correctly after Pin gave an influencing speech.



Yeah Who I Wanna Know?

Cake did not make much of a role in this episode, rather idles in the background most of the time. In the end, Cake gets flung into the LOL.


Welcome Back

Cake did not make much of a role in this episode neither, just idling in the background most of the time. This time, he appears in the intro and also appears at the end of an icon qualified for voting yet again.


Getting Teardrop to Talk

In Getting Teardrop to Talk, Cake was seen with Pie playing tic-tac-toe. He won tic-tac-toe and he was sorry to Pie. Cake was placed into The Losers!.

Lick Your Way to Freedom

Loser elbowed Cake on him. Cake said Yikes when he sees Ruby eaten the cake. Cake was later seen when the team was trying to get Eggy out of the jawbreaker being squished by Clock.

Why Would You Do This on a Swingset

Cake was used many times in Why Would You Do This on a Swingset. He was first used when Pin and Eggy were talking about 4 and X. Cake also appears with The Losers! on a swing. He also requested the idea to use Clock to pull the swing after being inspired by iance.

Today's Very Special Episode

Cake didn't have much screen time in that episode. Hee only appears at the end of the challenge along with the rest of The Losers!.

Fortunate Ben

Like the last episode, he didn't have much screentime.

Four Goes Too Far

Hee didn't appear until the twinkle challenge where he got infected by the twinkle, but Loser protected him, and the rest of The Losers! in a basket.

The Liar Ball You Don't Want

Cake gasps at Cake at Stake, though he is sitting far away from him. Cake was safe with 826 votes and he was safe.

Questions Answered

Cake didn't appear until the contest where Cake is about to answer the question. He starts to press the buzzer and he is correct making them safe.

Fan Fiction

Human Names

  • Clyde McCormick (KittyFan2004)
  • Clara Saint-Yves (NLG343)
  • Annie McBlizzard (Puppies200)
  • Cameron Sugar (WhiteMatilda16)
  • Cake A. Marshall (Jonah2018 and ClassDojo)
  • Conor Guy Wilson ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Drake Wright (Sleep Mast R in fantasy)
  • Callin Kendrick (AlexAnimations)
  • Mike J. Freddie (2LAME)
  • Bryant Kenzie (NeoRealityArtist)
  • Cindy Strickland (ZanyWays217)
  • Carl Cakester (TheObjectThing15)
  • Chef Hatchet (Cloud2015)

Where Cake Is From

  • Coppell, Texas (KittyFan2004)
  • Boston, Massachusetts (NLG343)
  • Portland, Oregon (U4Again)
  • Ontario, Canada (Puppies200)
  • Los Angeles, California (WhiteMatilda16)
  • Hartford, Connecticut (Jacob Two-Two)
  • Paris, France ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Sydney, Australia (AlexAnimations)
  • Tokyo, Japan (2LAME)
  • Objectpolis (EvanVizuett)
  • Wuhan, China (Cloud2015)


  • French-American (NLG343)
  • American (KittyFan2004, U4Again, WhiteMatilda16)
  • Canadian/American (Puppies200) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (NeoRealityArtist)
  • Australian (AlexAnimations)
  • British (Cloud2015)


  • May 21, 2015 (Cloud2015)

In Battle for Dream Island: Ultimate Custom Night

Cake is one of the sixty-eight selectable characters. He is one of the four characters that need to get a mechanic, with the others being Eggy, Robot Flower, and Two.

Mechanic: Cake will


  • Cake's current appearance drastically changed from his former appearance. Hee is one of the 3 other contestants that their design changed radically: Tree, Fanny, and herself.
  • Cake and Pie are the only recommended characters used as prizes in Cake at Stake, who were qualified in the voting of BFDIA.
  • Cake is Cutiesunflower's favorite BFDI RC.
  • There is a confusion of her genders, as his new design looks like a female. In many fanfics on this wiki since September 2016, Cake was described as a female. Another reason might be because he sounds like (and is voiced by) a female.
    • The reason why he is male might be because of Cake's old design in BFDIA, which User:Nemolee.exe said: "that design makes him looks male".
  • He is dubbed as Chocolate Cake and is a female in Object 3 in 1 School.
  • There is a thing on DeviantArt called "cakesonas."
  • He is “inedible” because he was made 9 years ago.
  • He is married to Pie.
  • Cake presently stars in a Happy Tree Friends themed Flash, which was made for a user's birthday; supposedly as the birthday cake.
    • However, his role is minor, as he mostly lounges in his apartment doing nothing.
    • When the user enters a specific password to unlock a control system, Cake goes to sleep.
    • There is also a scene where Cake gets eaten by a veteran bear, and then Four recovers him, while he and X are sleeping in their room.


Names In Other Languages

Cáca milis - Irish

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