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"The. Cage Scene (Jacknjellify's WoTW RP). Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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"Well, yeah, but like, Cage Scene (Jacknjellify's WoTW RP) is already infinitely small, being a singularity-" - Black Hole
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Firey around the forest and searching for Leafy.

  • Firey: Leafy! (Loud) LEAFY!!!!

A humanoid creature screeches with burnt jeans came to crawls which it is similar of Rake from Creepypasta.

  • Firey: Oh god... Stay back!
  • Humanoid Creature: *Looks at Firey*

A humanoid creature starts screeches and fast towards at Firey.

  • Humanoid Creature: aaauuurrgggaaahhh
  • Firey: STAY BACK!!!

A Heat-Ray blasted at the humanoid creature.

  • Firey: What the...?

Firey look slower at Martian Tripod that it closer at him. One of a tentacles aimed at Firey.

Firey runs back while Martian Tripod walks towards as a crouching. A tentacle slams at Firey at the car.

  • Firey: *Groans*
  • Leafy: Firey!

The Martian Tripod picked up at Leafy with a tentacle and Leafy screams. Firey sees Martian Tripod holding Leafy as the Tripod walks by.

  • Firey: *Gets up and runs* No! No! NOOOOO!!!! NOOOOO!!!!

The Martian Tripod walks towards the forest and the giant foot wrecks the abandoned house.

Firey ran to the destroyed military truck. Firey gets a grenades.

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