Caffeine Man Mugshot is a a crazy & insane object. He was born that way, and because he was poorly raised, he speaks bad english, and only likes coffee, leading him to say "GIMME DA COFFEE!11!11!!!", and thinking Coffee is edible. People usually hide when Caffeine Man Mugshot comes. He hates hot dogs and usually breaks down hot dog stands in one minute, or atleast attack anything with hot dogs. Also, he hates Sixtet, because he thinks they hate coffee. He hates donuts two, despite them having "blood flowing out of them" (no, objects don't have blood). Due to this, police fear to catch him, because anybody who loves donuts or hot dogs will be immediatedly Wild-Swing Dinged by him. When he sees a beautiful person, he tries to win them by shaking them in the style of Wario Land: Shake It!, but however, never wins them. He thinks he's so amazing, but in reality he has no friends at all.



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