Can you use that magic on me, X?
— CRT, "Uprooting Everything"

CRT is a recommended character who appeared in "Uprooting Everything". They are a CRT monitor and a mechanical mind that nobody knew and everyone pushed around.


CRT is a CRT monitor, a monitor powered via a tube ray typically for computing purposes. Their screen is a dark unsaturated green in color with a beige colored plastic shell. They have their facial features drawn in white.


CRT tended to be positive and passive to those around them. They agree with other characters' opinions on a whim even if they didn't know them, being judgmental and aloof as a result. They wanted to be included within others, trying to involve themselves in their conversations.

Fan Fiction


  • CRT's full, abbreviated name is "Cathode Ray Tube".
  • CRT is the second BFDI recommended character to use they/them pronouns (along with she/her).
  • Due to being genderfluid, they are the second canonically LGBTQ+ character from BFDI, the first one being Profily, and the third and fourth being Winner and Price Tag.


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