Lilly Blocks: On September 28, 2015 the first Ever season of Camp of Ice Cream premiered featuring 15 original contestants called Camp of Ice Cream. After season 1 finished it was announced that a second season would be happening, Battle of the Ice Creams! Twice premiered October 14, 2015. This season featured 9 new contestants and 10 returning contestants. Then the series would continue with a third season. Ice Creams?... Really?... Again premiered October 23, 2015. A more forgettable season if I would say. Then November 13, 2015 Camp of Ice Cream 4.0 was released. The fourth and most favored season yet! Just kidding. ^v^ Then there was a time where a 5th season wouldn't be released but February 22, 2016 COIC 5 was the 5th installment, and said to be it's last. But because of countless begging, it was decided a final season must happen. The sixth season of the Camp of Ice Cream Series. The final installment. COIC X. This will be the best season to date. The farewell season for a beautiful camp series. Who knows maybe a spinoff series might happen later down the line, but for now this is the official last season. Let's make it the ultimate best!

Young Little Unicorn: Throughout the series we've had a total of 5 grand winners. The season 1 winner Mint. The season 2 winner Pumpkin. The season 3 winner Cherry. The season 4 winner Blue Moon. The Season 5 winner Red Bean. Now it's time for out final season where we will meet our final winner!


If there's an * means that contestant is up for re-sign ups!

Contestant Team Place Owner
Rose Team Sprinkles TBA Lilly Blocks
Rainbow Shertbet Team Sprinkles TBA Jamie2676
Pink Team Sprinkles TBA Plantsvszombiesfanatic
Birthday Cake Team Sprinkles TBA Lilly Blocks
Cotton Candy Team Sprinkles TBA Jamie2676
Cream Team Sprinkles TBA Plantsvszombiesfanatic
Rocky Road No Team Yet TBA Jamie2676
Cookie Dough Team Chocolate Drops TBA Diamondcup
Grape Team Chocolate Drops TBA Diamondcup
Tiramisu Team Chocolate Drops TBA RetroPineTree
Mint Team Chocolate Drops TBA Phuocphuc46
Jellyfish Team Chocolate Drops TBA Retzyn (Formerly JoeCling)
Granola Bar Team Sweets 13th RetroPineTree
Broccoli Team Team 14th Retzyn
Pumpkin The Cyan Crusaders 15th Phuocphuc46
Gun Powder Team Team 16th Retzyn
Cookies and Cream Team Fashion 17th Joe Cling
Item What it Means
Yellow Pre-Merge
Light Green Merge
Non-Bold Not Elimimated
Bold Eliminated
Team Team Team Broccoli
Hot Pink Team Sweets
Pink Team Fashion
Cyan The Cyan Crusaders
Violet Team Sprinkles
Blue Team Chocolate Drops

Note: Phuocphuc46 is excused until July, though is still able to do challenges


Contestant Strike Number
Rainbow Sherbet 1
Granola Bar 1
Cotton Candy 1
Cookie Dough 1
Grape 1

Episode 1: Welcome to the End!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Hello readers of all kinds, welcome to COIC X, the season you've all been waiting for. Now I shall introduce the contestants, first is Rose!

Rose : It's great to be here, I hope I can make new friends in this show.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Yeah, yeah let's move on, so umm… are you the only one to arrive on the dock or something?

Rose : Yes, but there's more contestants on that yacht over there, they are probably the contestants you've been looking for!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Oh about that, I'm gonna blow the yacht up, it'll make it easier for them to get here.

Rose : You'll what!?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Yes Rose, I'll blow up that yacht before you know it.


Cookie Dough : The heck? What just happened? Oh my god, the yacht just got blown up! And hey it's you again from last season.

Pumpkin : I was expecting you'd say that.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Now that you're all here, welcome to COIC X, so as I was saying I'll introduce the contestants one by one, even if they are all here.

Pumpkin : I think I'm well known was the winner of Season 2? I returned for Seasons 4 and 5, but failed in winning both times.

Cookies and Cream : Hello there, new contestant speaking and I am Cookies and Cream nice to meet you all.

Rainbow Sherbet : I understand that you have a very terrible childhood, your autism is the reason you must've had a very sadistic personality.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : How did you know that!?

Rainbow Sherbet : I can read your mind, but don't be afraid I'm here to help and I won't let you down. Maybe some meditation classes would help.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : No thank you, but NEXT!

Granola Bar : How odd anyways it's Granola Bar in the house, I tend to be a bit bold so please don't try to tease me, but I'll be your friend if you want.

Mint : Who would bother to tease you?

Granola Bar : Just don't.

Pink : Yeah, well like hi and stuff, like I don't have much to say.

Jellyfish : Well that's— ACHOO! Sorry, I have a condiShAwN.

Pink : That's halfway disgusting.

Broccoli : It feels terrible being hated but many types of people. Especially children, since I'm a Broccoli and stuff, aww…

Cookie Dough : I have almost nothing to explain, despite being a previous contestant since last season. But, I guess it's nice to be back? Hopefully I rank higher.

Birthday Cake : Yay! Let's have a birthday party!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Yeah, no.

Birthday Cake : Aww…

Mint : MOVE ON!

Jellyfish : Hi uhh… it's Jellyfish and I uhh, have almost no flaws except being a sneeze machine. Yeah, that's about it.

Cotton Candy : Greetings everyone I'm Cotton Candy, people may know me as the umm… uhh… I don't really know.

Tiramisu : Okay, so not much to say, I am not an interesting person, but I guess I enjoy black comedies and I don't laugh.

Cream : I'm just a scaredy cat like Woody, I'm sure I'm obviously not gonna win, but if I did I'm gonna scream.

Gun Powder : Hey Every Dude! Can I use the bathroom?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : My name is not Every Dude and you cannot use the bathroom, until the end of this challenge.

Gun Powder : But-but my bladder doesn't have the strength to—

Grape : It feels so bad to be the second person to ever be eliminated. But now I've returned and hopefully make it far.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Now here's new rules, you must do challenges and you'll get a strike if you don't. You get 2 options of a challenge every episode, also if you're in a team you must discuss with your team members if your submission is acceptable or not.

Cream : Uh-huh?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Here's 2 options of a challenge - list all of the contestants that didn't compete this season OR giving a suggestion of a challenge next episode.

Pumpkin : How do we choose which challenge is acceptable?

Ice Cream TV : Hi, I'm the show's assistant, I'll be giving out instructions EFIC doesn't tell you. Anyways, to decide a challenge everyone must vote on if you like or dislike that challenge suggestion.

Pumpkin : Oh okay.

Rainbow Sherbet : I suggest we do a nice and calm challenge next, like a race… wait that isn't really calm, but it seems like a good idea.

Cotton Candy : How about we do a quiz about object shows?

Granola Bar : A talent show! It's so great!

Tiramisu : Spelling bee.

Broccoli : I'm doing the list *1 hour later*

Gun Powder : Thanks for doing the list for me Broc

Broccoli : *sigh*

Cookie Dough : I'm doing the list, Pear, Grape, Mom, Pen and Lamp!

Grape : Yeah well, I'm doing the challenge idea, and that is to find as many dessert possible!

Pink : Like, a fashion show. Wait no, you guys won't agree to like, that, so probably umm… whatevs a fashion show.

Cream : U-um a s-survival c-competition I guess? I mean th-that's not my style b-but I think y-you guys w-will th-think it's I-interesting.

Rose : Okay let's work together Birthday Cake! We're naming the contestants not returning. Yes I know some of the contestants were in multiple seasons but we're only saying the season they were originally from.

Rose : OH my GOSH I am tired.

Birthday Cake : I hope it was okay that we helped each other.

Rose : Yeah… it better of been okay Y-Y

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Let the voting begin, you guys must vote what should be the best challenge of next episode and the people who made the list, it means that Cedricblocks and Retzyn should pick 1 character to be team captain, while the contestants which has got the most liked challenge will be the 3rd team captain.

Rose : Hooray! But who's Cedricblocks?

Broccoli : Breaking the 4th wall's always fun for ya huh?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Let's display all the votes casted in this episode oh and BTW, the 2 challenges with the most votes will become team captains.

Broccoli : Well, I believe I should be team captain because—

Gun Powder : Me! Me! Me! I made the list! I should be team captain!

Broccoli : Please explain to me why we are friends again.

Rose : So we have decided to nominate me as team captain.

Birthday Cake : Yeah!

Pumpkin : A quiz?

Mint : A quiz.

Rainbow Sherbet : I vote for a quiz.

Cotton Candy : I vote for a fashion show as voting for my idea would easily make my personality go cringe.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : I was right, Fashion Show and Quiz is definitely gonna win so basically Quiz got the most votes meaning it wins and is the challenge next episode.

Pink : Does it mean like we get to choose the teams for like—

Cotton Candy : Speaking of which, I can't believe my quiz actually won oh and can we start picking the teams now?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Rose, Broccoli—

Gun Powder : Didn't I just say that I was supposed to be team captain!?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Broccoli's the only one who did everything for you so basically he's team captain. So as I was saying Rose, Broccoli, Pink and Cotton Candy you guys get to pick the teams.

Rose : Umm… is there any rules that we need to know? Like in an elimination or something?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : There are LIKES and DISLIKES so it's basically normal, just like or dislike the people you like or hate. You can also send in confessionals if you want.

Mint : Well, this is just like Total Drama.

Pumpkin : Except with ice cream flavors this time, like the heck.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Like those 2 lunkheads said think of it as Total Drama but with Ice Cream flavors as contestants. Now let's answer a quiz!

Ice Cream TV : Indeed, now there's other things he forgot to mention. The people who mentioned that they will make their own tokens, those tokens are owned by the owners. Anyways here's the quiz.


  1. When was BFDI made?
  2. How many object shows have 3 seasons or more?
  3. List all of the upcoming object shows yet to be released.
  4. Who is Kevin MacLeod?
  5. How many shows do Cary (Carykh) have going.
  6. Who were the people in ObjectCon 2016?
  7. How many deaths were there in BFDI and BFDIA?
  8. Who is the host of Object Insanity NOW?
  9. What was the reason Shape Battle was cancelled?
  10. How many object shows are cancelled?


Rose : Guessing it wouldn't be hard, but I don't really know the answer to Question 2. And so on, but here's my test results.

Rainbow Sherbet : Here's mine.

Granola Bar : I wasn't up to some goddamn challenge, but I guess here's mine.

Pumpkin : I'm done but can you please remove half of Mint's points? He's like looking at all of my test answers.

Mint : No, Pumpkin! I was just peeking but I never cheated so basically here's mine.

Birthday Cake : Rose I have no arms, can you pass them out for me please? I meant to say pass out the test for me please?

Rose : Sure!

Pumpkin : Weirdos.

Cotton Candy : Anyways, I hope I get a full score otherwise all this effort is definitely for nothing. BTW, I doodled on it.

Ice Cream TV : Seriously?

Tiramosu : Here's my test answers, if I didn't get a full score at least make me have a passing score? Please?

Ice Cream TV : Umm… no unless you have the brains to get a passing score or a full score.

Cream : H-h-here's m-mine.

Gunpowder : Let's turn it in Brocc, we totally got all of it done on time.

Broccoli : But, how come BFF's not cancelled for the span of 4 days?

Gunpowder : Shhh Brocc shh…

Cookie Dough : Mine's done and also Pink's one but she told me to give it to you because she's such a lazybone to not do anything.

Pink : Hey! I was just tired, alright?

Ice Cream TV : So the person with the highest score is… well not to spoil everything, just take note that everyone got 1 wrong, anyways Pumpkin and Mint you both got the highest! BTW, isn't it common sense that Object Madness was an upcoming object show?

Rainbow Sherbet : Me and Cotton Candy were the only people to put Object Madness there meaning we've accomplished something!

Cotton Candy : But still got fewer then the rest.

Ice Cream TV : People with the lowest score is Pink and… uhh… Cream for having all of your responses with an 'IDK'.

Pink : Whatever.

Ice Cream TV : That means that 1 team with the lowest score is up for elimination and that is… Team Pink, thanks to the 'IDK'. So vote out either Pink, Rainbow Sherbet, Cream or Cookies and Cream.

Rainbow Sherbet : It feels so sad being up for elimination, even in the first challenge well… not first but the second part.

Cream : I DON'T WANNA LEAVE! *cries*

Ice Cream TV : Voting ends tomorrow and BTW shouldn't EFIC be here to do this? Hmm… where is that guy? Anyways the elimination will be in the same episode.

Elimination 1

Ice Cream TV : We had 10 votes today, anyways safe with 0 votes is Pink and Cream. The rest got averagely 3 or higher. What do you have to say for yourselves?

Rainbow Sherbet : I'm not angry of who votes for me, because it's their option anyway.

Ice Cream TV : Well, basically they voted you out because you're rather creepy, since you can read auras and stuff.

Cookies and Cream : Welp, I'm probably UFE because I didn't do the challenge and so be it, anyways let's get going.

Ice Cream TV : Cookies and Cream you're eliminated with 6 votes! Rainbow Sherbet is safe with 4 votes. Goodbye Cookies and Cream.

Cookies and Cream : Well… okay… bye everyone.

Cookies and Cream left the show sad and upset… Alternative Pumpkin brought him to somewhere hot and imprisoned him there. All of the previous winners grinned and laughed as they continue torture…

Episode 2: Ice Cream and the Beanstalk

Ice Cream TV : Where's EFIC?

Rainbow Sherbet : It seems that EFIC has disappeared somehow, that's what it said in his aura that he tends to get into trouble a lot.

Ice Cream TV : You read auras? Anyways, where's EFIC now?

Rainbow Sherbet : The last time I saw him was in a castle, tall and up in the clouds, surprisingly higher than the cumulus clouds.

Ice Cream TV : Cumulus clouds are fairly not high above ground.

Pumpkin : So what's the challenge then?


Cookie Dough : Wait a second, it's based on a bedtime story, parents tell children! Jack and the Beanstalk! So the challenge is to retrieve him?

Ice Cream TV : Yep.

Cream : Hehe, I'm not sure if I can handle giants that good, I tend to scream uncontrollably after seeing one. Well, sort of.

Rose : Don't be a coward, Cream! It'll be so fun!

Birthday Cake : Rose let's help each other!

Rose : What about Tiramisu and Granola Bar? Aren't they in our team too?

Birthday Cake : They all have arms.

Tiramisu : Heh, those two are independent for now, come on Granola Bar let's get goin' shall we?

Granola Bar : Sure!

Pink : Okay team, we can't lose again so basically we need to team up and work together. Anyways, Rainbow Sherbet can you tell us the way to go?

Rainbow Sherbet : Umm… sure but I don't really read tracks.

Broccoli : Okay, team since we won last challenge it's obvious, we have a high chance of winning this time so let's get going!

Gun Powder : Who died and make YOU leader?

Broccoli : It's because Cookie Dough is statistically neutral, you're a lazy gossiper and Grape is too young to do physical challenges?

Grape : I'm not young, I just look small, besides I'm as tough as nails!

Cookie Dough : Yeah sure…

Grape : Well, I know it's unbelievable but can you all at least, be nicer and actually encourage me!

Gun Powder : No.

Jellyfish : Wait a second, Ice Cream TV before anything happens, how do you know if we actually did anything? You'll just be on the ground!

Ice Cream TV : You can send me dialogues of what you're doing. That'll be a great way to show me you actually did anything.

Cotton Candy : This challenge will be a piece of cake!

Birthday Cake : What? Did somebody call my name?

Mint : Pumpkin, let's do this… together. As a team. Even if we aren't friends like how we used to be. Let's just get over it.

Pumpkin : I won't forget what you did to me for the past 2 seasons! But, sure since you're in my team now I suppose we can work together.

Mint : Great?

Pumpkin : Yeah… great.

Mint : Yeah, hey wait, was that one of your stupid sarcastic quotes again!? Don't you know I hate how you talk to me like that!

Pumpkin : Uh-huh.

Mint : STOP!

Rainbow Sherbet : Just because you guys are not friends anymore, doesn't mean you have to fight. Besides, your auras state that you both used to be close friends.

Mint and Pumpkin : WE DON'T CARE!

Cotton Candy : Since we don't have anything to do in a while, can we stay down here with you Ice Cream TV?

Ice Cream TV : Sure…

Rainbow Sherbet : What's that little bird? You hungry? Here's a bag of seeds, I found in the middle of nowhere. Goodbye!

Tiramisu : Weirdo.

Granola Bar : I guess so, that girl's gotta stop creeping upon people. I just realized 33 seconds by now, she's been lurking behind my back.

Rainbow Sherbet : I understand Granola Bar, your past was really breathtakingly ambitious, would you like to have tea?

Granola Bar : No thank you, say Tiramisu what do you think of the other contestants?

Tiramisu : Dunno, dumb, ignorant and rather stupid?

Jellyfish : *sigh* That's the problem of being me, Ice Cream TV, I just sneeze uncontrollably and can't control that.

Ice Cream TV : It's alright everyone makes mistakes.

Jellyfish : I agree, but hey who's that Magenta-like cream?

Ice Cream TV : I didn't see anyone to be exact, probably just your hallucinations.

Jellyfish : Whatever that is, we all should be at least careful and if more people see this, thing it could probably be confirmed as Magenta.

Ice Cream TV : Who?

At the clouds…

Pumpkin: Uh, I don't know, make a glove that can manipulate gravity to retrieve him

Mint: So, here's the thing. We are going to send a damn helicopter up there, fire a freakin laser at the giant, destroy his castle, and then bring a jack to the ground.

Birthday Cake: Okay Rose, if we just act like we're just Ice Cream then we can be taken in by the Giant.

Rose: Then what?

Birthday Cake: Once inside we go and find where Jack is being hidden.

Rose: Mhm...continue

Birthday Cake: Then we use this conveinent skeleton key and open up his cage and take him home free


Broccoli: I'll use these springy shoes I got from an old factory and get up there. Then, I'll use some poison darts to sleep and slowly kill the giant and retrieve him.

Gunpowder: And I'll use this teleporter to get up there. After that, I'll sneak around trying to find the room he is located in. If I find him, the giant is probably going to be nearby. I'm going to climb up the leg of a table, hide in a teapot, move the teapot slightly and then run for my life as I retrieve him and escape like a soul escaping from hell. To break the jail cell, I'll use my trusty comb shiv I used to escape prison!

Broccoli: Wait, you where in prison once? Why?

Gunpowder: Attempted murder.

Broccoli: To who?

Gunpowder: YLU.

Broccoli: Geez.

Pink: OMG like, Cream, where should we go?

Cream: U-um...I think w-we should follow B-birthday Cake and R-rose...

Pink: Like, fine, but if they catch us...

Cream: Then we become friends, I guess…

Pink: *Sigh* Like, ok. After all, I need to make friends anyway.

Grape: Cookie Dough, come on. Let's go.

CD: What? Why should I go with you?

Grape: Because if you don't you'll die. I'm here to, like, protect you!

CD: Sure....

Grape: Okay, being the awesome leader I am, I say we should go, over there!

CD: But that looks like a place we could easily get killed from!

Grape: A batch of flowers is a place you could easily get killed from?

CD: Never trust beautiful things..

Grape: Come on, *drags cookie dough*

CD: Awww

Ice Cream TV : Looks like, Rose and Birthday Cake got Jack, Pink and Cream got EFIC and Grape and Cookie Dough got eaten by flesh-eating flowers. Gunpowder got a teapot and Broccoli got nothing.

Rose : Birthday Cake, it's EFIC not Jack!

Birthday Cake : Oops.

Pink : Finally, we've retrieved EFIC so now he could host again, like the past 2 seasons that actually had a storyline.


Gun Powder : This teapot's worthless there aren't anything in here, I thought there was. For some reason, I felt like there's tea all over me.

Broccoli : Because you're wearing a teapot, making tea drip on you.

Gun Powder : I'm not wet.

Broccoli : Pssh… whatever, luckily the Giant isn't even awake meaning he probably wouldn't run and get revenge.

Giant : FEE! FI! FO! FUM!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Quick let's bring back all of the dead contestants and get to the voting. Since Team Broccoli didn't bring anything they are up for elimination. Vote for either Broccoli, Cookie Dough, Grape, Gun Powder to be eliminated.

Pink: OMG Cream we got EFIC back!

Cream: Y-yay!

Pink: Like, EFIC should be a little more thankful...

EFIC (Pops out of nowhere): Oh yes, that. Thank you Pink and Cream, I'm very thankful that you did that for me.

Pink: So like, now that the creep that we saved is gone--wait no I've got to become nicer...

Cream: b-become nice, you c-can't...just try to ch-change yourself...

Pink: Okay, Cream...I'll like, try.

Elimination 1

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : All of you received at least 1 vote. Anyways, let's begin so Cookie Dough and Grape's safe at 1 vote.

Cookie Dough : Sort of expected that.

Grape : Wooho!

Ice Cream TV : It's down to Gunpowder or Broccoli. Well Gunpowder's eliminated at 6 votes and Broccoli is safe at 2.

Gunpowder : WHAT!?

Broccoli : So called lazy person.

Gunpowder went back home angry and enraged. He later decided to get revenge and asked a previous eliminated contestant Lemon to help. As they start their journey, it'll be about time…

Episode 3: Through the Woods

Rose : Hmmm… Birthday Cake what do you think will be the next challenge of the day? I meant, Episode?

Birthday Cake : I think it's a—

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Okay contestants, it's time for the challenge which is a racing one. Now you must choose these paths to go along, if you choose the wrong one you'll be out.

Pumpkin : How about we just be stopped? Instead of being out, because we could also take the other route if possible.

Pink : Right whatever.

Broccoli : Finally, since Gunpowder's gone, I can FINALLY be free! Anyways, we have a limited amount of members though.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : You guys should choose carts of your own, MADE-UP alright? Not real ones.

Granola Bar : Wasting my energy? Again? Damn it!

Rainbow Sherbet : It could be fun?


  • Where should you go in the tunnel?
    • Right
    • Left
    • Middle
  • It's a dead end, what should you do?
    • Break through
    • Go back and find another route
    • Do nothing
  • (If you choose the 2nd option in the 2nd question) what route would you choose?
    • The one with the flower path
    • Random portal
    • The dark forest
  • (If you choose the 1st option in the 2nd question) there's a fog
    • Go through it without seeing
    • Shine a flashlight
    • Get a stick
  • There's a parkour challenge (Rainbow Sherbet don't you dare fly)
    • Jump through it
    • Close my eyes and jump through it
    • Die
  • There's a quicksand.
    • When someone arrives I push someone in the quicksand and I jump through
    • Jump in it and try to move
    • Die


Rainbow Sherbet : It looks dangerous. Dear animal friends wish me luck!

Rose : I'm sure you'll make them very, very proud. Anyways, come on team let's get moving! We don't have much time.

Cookie Dough : We can't lose like last time so?

Broccoli : Basically we must work together, unlike the last time we did some of you didn't and Gunpowder's clumsy team leading skills got us into this mess.

Cookie Dough : It's not me to blame, it's Grape, he's the one who wanted me to go into that flesh-eating flower patch!

Grape : Who even knows that it is flesh eating!

Broccoli : Anyways, best to make a cart now, I guess… oh wait. Hey EFIC! 1 cart for 1 team right? Because we're in teams!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Well yes.

Grape : Okay that'd be easy!

Cookie Dough : Easy for you to say.

Grape : HEY!

Rose : Okay team, time to start working, so last episode we didn't do as good, because Birthday Cake brought someone else instead of EFIC. This time it won't be as confusing.

Birthday Cake : This is probably the only collaborative challenge, because we have only 1 cart for 1 team. This is actually good because now we can socialize!

Rose : Sorry Birthday Cake, but there's absolutely NO time to socialize, we need to win this and by winning I mean LITERALLY! Not 2nd place not 3rd place, 1st place!

Birthday Cake : Oh-okay.

Tiramisu : You know you don't have to take this competition too seriously, you might hurt your friends in one way or another.

Rose : Hmm… I guess you're right. I am quite over-exaggerating, I just felt like we might lose.

Tiramisu : I know what you're gonna say, you're gonna say that no one deserves to leave, blah, blah but one of us has to go somehow.

Granola Bar : Say, how about we make a—

Ice Cream TV : EFIC, you forgot to give the contestants the map. Oh wait a second, who took the map? It used to be somewhere here.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Simple, I burnt it, so that NO one can use it. Obviously because it'll make the challenge too easy.

Granola Bar : It sounds like bad news is lurking behind our shoulders.

Cotton Candy : It looks like the other teams are doing team meetings.

Pink : Since the other teams were doing a meeting, why not we also do one. So basically, we should make a fabulous cart with lots of pink on it.

Cream : D-Don't you th-think it's a little, un-unfair that it o-only has your d-design on it?

Pink : Well… it is, but our cart needed to look good.

Cream : How a-about mix all of our ideas t-together a-and form a s-single design?

Pink : Sure.

Cream : Yay.

Rainbow Sherbet : The badgers and buffaloes helped me found these bucket of glitter and my idea is having many colors on our cart.

Cream : Uhh… umm… I-I d-don't have any ideas… s-sorry.

Rainbow Sherbet : You've been used to sputtering after years of being kept captive. Maybe the real world really scares you doesn't it?

Cream : HoW dId YoU kNoW!?

Rainbow Sherbet : Your aura.

Pumpkin : Since I've got 1 follower on Twitter. That probably means they must've liked my images of… well… junk.

Mint : Eh-hem? The challenge?

Pumpkin : Oh right, so umm… let's see… my blueprint says I should keep on tweeting until I get 2 followers and you do the work.

Mint : Okay, that's a little off, get another blueprint that one was horrible, even in the first time we had it.

Pumpkin : Blueprints never lie so get going!

Mint : Fine! So since the other team says mix our ideas together, let's do that. Anyways Cotton Candy any ideas?

Cotton Candy : Let's see…

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : GO NOW!

Pink : Let's go to the left side Cream!

Cream : Isn't it unfair that we both are leaving Rainbow Sherbet behind?

Pink : Nope. Anyways, let's go back and find another route.

Cream : I think we shouldn't get the flower path it might be dangerous like when Cookie Dough got eaten and stuff.

Pink : Come on, let's go.

Jellyfish : Umm… let me see… going middle? And break through. Hey, this is great and wut, there's a portal here too? Eh, portal.

BroccolI : The middle direction, since Jellyfish's doing it. Go back, this place is a dead end. Dark forest, never trust anything pretty. Hop! Hop! Hop! And going in, aaaahhhhh! Can't move!

Rainbow Sherbet : Middle? Hmm… the flower route, oh look it's Pink and Cream. They are being attacked by flowers.



Granola Bar : Hmm… middle because everyone's doing it. Hey, a dead end, NO ONE STOPS GRANOLA BAR FROM MOVING! Breakdown! Anyways, let's swing like Tarzan and push someone into the quicksand, but I should wait.

Tiramisu : Hey Granola Bar, looks like we're both using the same route.

Granola Bar : *pushes Tiramisu* Sorry, but I got to jump across and win this.

Cookie Dough : I told you those flowers were dangerous. In fact, I should be the one protecting you!

Grape : Come on, seriously you hacked info from those flowers.

Cookie Dough : Wha- How did you know?

Grape : Yeah, whatever. Cookie Dough, you're coming with me again.

Cookie Dough : UGHHHHHHHHH

Grape : We're going right and then we're going to break through! I'll light up this stick. I'll throw you over and I'll jump over the parkour, since I'm so good.

Cookie Dough : Okay my turn! We-

Grape : Swim through the quicksand!

Cookie Dough : WHAT!? Are you crazy?!

Grape : Just stay calm! And it'll be cool.

Cookie Dough : But if you stay calm, it'll be easier to DIE! You must be INSANE!

Grape : Trust me, at all costs, STAY, CALM.

Cookie Dough : Okay… *breathes heavily*

Rose: Okay Cake what should we do first

Birthday Cake: Um...go right

Rose: Okay then break through?

Birthday Cake: Yeah!

Rose: We shine a flashlight, obvi

Birthday Cake: Then jump through the parkour

Rose: Yes

Birthday Cake: Push somone in...

Rose : I'm not the target right? R-right?

Birthday Cake : Sorry. *pushes Rose*

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : The challenge's over. Looks like the corpse I see is Cookie Dough having his head topped off. Anyways, Grape, Rainbow Sherbet and Birthday Cake won for their team.

Grape : About the corpse thing, it wasn't my fault, blame the quicksand.

Ice Cream TV : Okay? So vote for umm… Pumpkin, Mint, Cotton Candy or Jellyfish to be eliminated from the competition.

Elimination 3

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Take that as an ELIMINATION TIME! So basically we got a total of 8 votes today so umm… that's an alright amount but it's 4 votes fewer than last time.

Ice Cream TV : First safe is… Jellyfish with absolutely no votes! Because you're immune, sadly 2 people voted for you which didn't actually count.

Jellyfish : YAY!

Ice Cream TV : Cotton Candy you recieved no votes at all! Congratulations! So it's down to Mint or Pumpkin to be eliminated!

Cotton Candy : I knew I'd be safe.

Pumpkin : Welp, it's nice knowing you Mint, because isn't it obvious it's gonna be you? After what you did to me for the past 2 seasons!

Mint : I said I was sorry, plump-face!

Ice Cream TV : Mint you're the last person safe in this elimination for receiving NO votes at all! Meaning Pumpkin got all of the 8 votes!

Mint : Yes! How did you like that?

Pumpkin : I've overheard myself earlier, someone take me back in time to finish that.

Pumpkin was the third to leave the game. He wasn't angry nor upset, but believes that everything has a second chance and it'll always be for him. Later on, he thought about it and starting rooting for Mint

Episode 4: Obstacle


Magenta : Greetings contestants, it's challenge time, Hahahaha!

Mint : Woah, wait a second, who are you? Oh wait! I remember, it's that evil Magenta guy again, how many times will he stop coming back!

Magenta : I'm… A… GIRL!

Mint : Oh yeah, right.

Magenta : Anyways, I've kidnapped EFIC and Ice Cream TV so they are not here to host anymore. Top 13 contestants come along.

Rose : So where exactly are we going?

Magenta : To somewhere.

Rose : Is that 'somewhere' dangerous and life threatening? Because, you were evil the last time you came here.

Magenta : SILENCE!

Rose : Okay! Okay! Sheesh. I was just asking!

Birthday Cake : Don't worry, Rose. Magenta's just being rude and offensive, she's probably dumb and not as smart as we are.

Magenta : What was that I heard? Die, Birthday Cake!

Birthday Cake : W-wait! I didn't mean to!


Granola Bar : Hey, you can't do that to a contestant you big-headed buffoon! Well, let me teach a lesson to you dog!

Magenta : And what would that be?

Tiramisu: Birthday Cake just got half of her head topped off, that's brutal and I'm soulless that's why I don't show any shock to that.

Granola Bar : Let me teach you something called RESPECT!

Magenta : What are you gonna do about it?

Broccoli : Hmm… say, if Magenta's not driving the bus, since she's fighting with Granola Bar, who's driving the bus?

Tiramisu : Nobody.

Broccoli : Wait what.

Cookie Dough : We're gonna die because of a car crash! I can't die now! I'm too young to die, uhh… umm… where's the exit to this thing!?

Grape : Cookie Dough, calm down.

Cookie Dough : I can't calm down now! You see we're about to die!? Heck, this day is the worst day ever. Get me out of here!

Grape : I just realized that there's a rock just right in front of the bus.

Pink : Last words people?

Cream : L-Let's be f-friends! Oh w-wait is this a n-near death situation? O-oh, okay. AAAAHHHHHH!!! I DON'T WANNA DIE!


Magenta : Ugh. It's all your fault, Granola Bar, I would've sent you guys to a torture room. Wait a second, this is the torture room, so it means you guys should escape from these obstacles.

Rainbow Sherbet : Excuse me, but Birthday Cake's dead, how's she gonna compete?

Magenta : To be honest. I don't care. There's no way to bring her back to life, then so be it. Anyways just do the challenge people!

Rainbow Sherbet : This isn't safe, I should warn the others.

Magenta : By the way; I tortured all of the animals, I can find in the forest, jungles and a lot of other places. Happy?

Rainbow Sherbet : How dare you!

Mint : Uhh… woah. Whoever survives this challenge is a true survivor, but we'll just see. It might be me, if you know, possible?

Pink : Weird. Say how do we know if the next obstacle is… umm… something? If there's so many fog here.

Magenta : You'll have to survive it yourself.

Cream : I-I don't think I-I'll be able to d-do this ch-challenge. But uhh… I hope you're a-all safe. Heh, heh. I-I'm sorry.

Magenta TV : Here's a list of obstacles,

Granola Bar : No fair, I only get to see it for 1 second.

Rainbow Sherbet : It's not functioning well possibly.

Cotton Candy : Guys, I haven't said a line yet!

Everyone : NO ONE CARES!

Mint: Right. So, for the giant canyon, I'm just going to hop over it(?) Just kidding, I know doing that will result in me falling and die. I'll just take my time and build a bridge. And, uh, jump over the bridge, I guess. Who cares about "hopping" over the just the canyon?

<A character because I have no friends here that I can use their characters>: Yeah, so, what about running in lava? And the axes?

Mint: Easy peasy. I'll, uh, run around the lava, but one leg, equipped with a Paris of anti-lava boots, will touch it, and guessing I'm gonna crawl when the axes come. Going inside a box and it will shake? That's easy to counter. I'll just sit in a box, IN THE BOX THAT IS SHAKING. DONE.

Jellyfish : Bungee jumping!

Grape: You know what? *throws cookie dough over everything*

Grape: Wow, I have good aim. Aaand my arm fell off.

*grape jumps over spikes, tries to run over lava, but burns legs off, tries to dodge axes, but gets cut in half. Tries to survive the box shaking, but turns into goo*

Grape: I mwad et!

Cookie Dough : *screams*

RS: well, time to put my meditation to good use *Flies over all the obstacles* and now lets get in the box

CC: Hey RS, you forgot bout me?!?!?!

RS: Im sorry CC, but were on different teams

CC: Well ok then *jumps over canyon, runs over lava but severely burns himself, gets sliced in half by axe but dead body slosh flies into the box*

RS: well, at least he made it into the box

Broccoli: Geez...this looks...deadly?

(Broccoli walks up to the giant canyon with his hands behind his back.)

Broccoli: So, how am I going to do this?

Somebody: Just jump over it!

Broccoli: Well, there's a slight chance I would die if-

(Somebody kicks Broccoli to the other side.)

Broccoli: Or...that can happen. Anyways, what's next?

(Broccoli glances over at the pool of lava and a sign that says "RUN THROUGH THIS OR SOMETHING IDK DON'T JUDGE ME I'M A SIGN")

Broccoli: Running on...lava? Well, if somebody can run over water, then this is the same...but thicker.

(Broccoli sinks a foot in the lava.)

Broccoli: OK THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED. This is too deep...

(Broccoli takes out some caesar sauce from behind his back.)

Broccoli: Object show logic dictates this could work!

(Broccoli dips himself into the sauce. He puts it on his head, feet and arms. After that, he casually walks over the pool of lava.)

Broccoli: Just as I expected!

(Broccoli gets to the other side. He takes off the sauce...and puts it back in the bottle.)

Broccoli: OK, now what?

(Broccoli looks at the bridge of swinging axes.)

Broccoli: I...I...don't even know anymore.

(Broccoli takes a step further into the bridge. The bridge swings a bit.)

Broccoli: Oh no.

(Broccoli tries to crouch through the axes but slips on an inconvenient banana peel. An axe cuts of a part of him.)

Broccoli (terrified): Ugh...

(Broccoli keeps crouch-walking through the bridge. When somebody else starts going through the bridge, it swings and Broccoli loses his balance and hits a wooden plank. It falls off.)

Broccoli: I have an idea...

(Broccoli gets up and continues crouch-walking, breaking all the planks he passes through.)

Broccoli: The fog might confuse them. Marvelous!

(Broccoli gets to the other side of the bridge.)

Broccoli: Finally! That took considerably longer than I originally thought it would.

Somebody: Why are you using such fancy words?

Broccoli: Why not? So, let's see...a metal box with a door. What's so special about this?

(Broccoli enters the box. The box starts shaking lightly.)

Broccoli: THIS is the final part of the challenge? Easy.

(The box starts shaking moderatly.)

Broccoli: this getting faster?

(The box starts shaking a bunch.)

Broccoli: This is boogy!

(The box starts shaking a ton. Broccoli starts dancing.)

Broccoli: This is so much fun!

(The box stops shaking. Broccoli goes flying off the floor and into the ceiling.)

Broccoli: Owch.

(Broccoli steps out of the box.)

Broccoli: Why is the fog so intense here?

(Broccoli smacks against a wall.)

Broccoli: Huh? I'm in a different place?

(Broccoli scouts the area, scraping his fingers against the wall.)

Broccoli: There's no door...where am I?

Pink: OMG like, this is so scary!

Cream: I...I know right?

Pink: How are we gonna like, jump over the canyon?

Cream: ...Um...Yellow Face's j-jetpack?

Pink: OMG like, you buy his stuff too? At first I thought they were last year, but now they're getting pretty fabulous.

*Use Jetpack*

Pink: Like, we made it! Now let's like, use the Non-Slip Shoes So Ha Upgraded where you can run on lava!

*Run across*

Cream: Um...why is there a...giant axe?

Pink: Like, we can use Yellow Face's headphones, turn it on max volume and put it on his head so he can't bother us!

Cream: Good idea!

*They make it across*

Pink: Like, let's wear the new You-Can't-Die-Makeup!

Cream: C-cool! You're a genius!

Pink: As I like, said I have an IQ of 220.

Rose: Okay Cake we just need to use are protection suites and we can breeze through this like it's writing a haiku

Birthday Cake: Haiku?

Rose: Never mind just wear this

Rose and Birthday Cake put on protective suits

Birthday Cake: arms?

Rose: Okay...guess I'm carrying you..

Rose and Birthday Cake finish the obsticles

Rose: That was too...easy

Birthday Cake: Yeah...AHHHH SNAKE!!!!!!!!!


Birthday Cake: RUUUUN

1 minute later

Birthday Cake and Rose lay lifeless

Rose: Wait...we arn't dead these are rubber

Birthday Cake: did we win

Rose: I don't know...maybe..hopefully!


Magenta : Looks, like some of you died brutally and some of you lived. Well, unfortunately ALL of you are up for elimination!

Rose : What!? Why?

Magenta : I was a little bored and plus no one wants to see this show continue so ALL of you are up for elimination! Your efforts were wasted.

Granola Bar : Girl, I'm gonna punch you in the face, until you actually and PROPERLY announce who's REALLY up for elimination!

Magenta : Wait a second, which team is Granola Bar in?

Jellyfish : Team Sweets!

Magenta : That means Team Sweets is up for elimination. Hahaha! Anyways, vote for Rose, Birthday Cake, Granola Bar or Tiramisu to be eliminated.

Elimination 4

Magenta : I'm too lazy, so Magenta TV you do the elimination! By the way, since you're all stuck in here, we'll just do the elimination there!

Magenta TV : Fine. 14 votes today, which is the most to date. Anyways, first is the likes and Rose wins the prize with 4 likes, Tiramisu and Birthday Cake received only 1 like and Granola Bar received none.

Granola Bar : I might lose…

Magenta TV : I wish that's the case but it's not, Granola Bar's safe with only 0 votes. Same to Birthday Cake! Leaving, Rose and Tiramisu.

Rose : Wait before you eliminate one of us, what's my prize?

Tiramisu : Great to spoil the details!

Magenta : Eh, it could be… immunity for your team's next elimination? Yeah, whatever! Just get your immunity oh wait immunity in your team's next elimination's not a thing.

Magenta TV : Anyways, we got 8 dislikes so umm… Rose is safe with 1 vote and Tiramisu is eliminated with a total of 7 votes, a record high?

Tiramisu : Grrrr…

Tiramisu was emotionless right? Well, after his elimination he no longer became emotionless. Tiramisu decided to actually feel something and tried his best to cry and dropped one tear. That moment was significant… Tiramisu has accomplished something…

Episode 5: Family Reunion!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Wait, where am I?

Magenta : You're in the torture room. Duh.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : I don't care if I get killed, but where's Ice Cream TV?

Ice Cream TV : Over here! I'm about to be dumped into lava!

Magenta : Now, I'll keep you alive, but I'll be hosting another episode of your show. Anyways, let's just make sure the other Magenta is still dead.

MaGeNtA : I'm not dead!

Magenta : I'm the evil you do you know? So basically, I should be killing you instead of keeping you alive you dumb b— you know what? Let's not swear.

MaGeNtA : I hope Pink's okay though, she's my like sister.

Magenta : I didn't know you're related. Why ;-; anyways, time for the next challenge everyone! Get ready to be tortured!


Magenta : The challenge today is a parkour challenge! So… basically the first person to comment in the comments' section a dialogue wins the parkour challenge.

Granola Bar : Girl, we have users?

Magenta : BREAKING THE FORTH WALL! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Oh and by the way, how come you're here?

Granola Bar : I broke out! Anyways; what about the rest of the contestants?

Magenta : They'll be kept captive inside of my torture room. So anyways let's just kill everyone first, with my giant killer.

Rose : Woah, finally we got out of there.

Broccoli : Loneliness please don't come up to me.

Granola:No likes, man I am the only one who does the challenge, Rose is just arguing with Birthday Cake. Okay *Does the Parkour course* wow, man all of this parkour-ing learning lessons helped by my sport professor really helped a lot, but I miss my best friend!

Mint: Heh. Nothing like a cup of COFFEE in the morning.

Pumpkin: Hey, you should do the challenge.

Mint: Right, right, sure.

Pumpkin: Hey, I've got a question for ya.

Mint: What is it?

Pumpkin: Is whatever you are doing.... really worth it? I mean, betraying your friends, having a cup of coffee in front of the place where the eliminated contestants are hold, just to win some who-knows-what-the-heck-it-is? I don't know about you, but if I was you, I would probably give up by now before anything got... worst. Real worst.

Mint: Are you trying to get me to give up?

Pumpkin: No you mo-

[Mint jumps over the first section of the parkour course]

Mint: Ya know, I really thought you were rootin' for me. And would use some fancy words to do it, too.

Pumpkin: Wha- Nah, you get it all wrong.

[Mint jumps over the middle section of the parkour course]

Pumpkin: Why do I have a feeling that this is a plot of a romantic film?

[Mint jumps oever the final section of the parkour course]

Pumpkin: Wait, how can you do this thing if you didn't even look at me?

Mint: Nice question. Er-

[Mint falls over at the first section of the parkour course]

Pumpkin: Moron.

Red Bean : I'm clapping for no apparent reason, say what happened to the guy with green skin and enormous brown circles?

Diamond : He died.

Whatever Retzyn's recommended character : I think he paranormally survived that fall, since the Broccoli guy also survived it.

Birthday Cake: Phew thanks to Granola we won't be up for elimination!

Rose: Yeah! Okay well let's do this parkour challenge

Birthday Cake: I would like put out that I am the master on Minecraft

Rose: Cake this is real life! Video games won't help

Birthday Cake: Just watch

Birthday Cake jumps and falls barley living when Rose catches her

Rose: Just let me carry you

Birthday Cake: Yeah.. :c

Broccoli: OK, let's see... *sigh* Gunpowder was good at this.. (Broccoli jumps and makes it across.)

Broccoli: Easy-

(While walking, Broccoli does not notice a giant fall before him.)


(Broccoli hits the "floor".)

Broccoli: Wait what.

(Broccoli is amazed to be alive.)

Broccoli: So this drop is fake, huh? Ah, whatever.

(Broccoli climbs back up to the course and finishes.)

Broccoli: Uh... that was...interesting?

Rainbow Sherbet : why jump when I can fly! Oh wait, she won't let me fly… okay I'll just jump.

Cotton Candy : My turn!! *makes it to the last jump but fails the last jump*

Pink : Let's do the like Parkour Challenge, Cream! Anyways, hmm… firstly let's jump over there.

Cream : Y-You s-sure?

Pink : Yes Cream, yes Cream, YES CREAM!

Cream : Okay then…

Cookie Dough : Wait a second, what about me? Me and Grape and the other one who no one cares about? We didn't even do the challenge.

Jellyfish : How could this happen to me? I made my mistake, as the night goes on and on I'm fading away!

Magenta : That means that, umm… I don't know, you ALL get one strike!? Anyways, Team Broccoli and The Cyan Crusaders had only 1 character who wins. But who will be up for elimination? I think it's Team Broccoli because they got UFE before The Cyan Crusaders.

Rainbow Sherbet : How could you be so cruel?

Pink : We aren't up for elimination.

Rainbow Sherbet : Oh.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Stop that, Magenta! Anyways after I killed that lousy bum, vote one of the members in Team Broccoli. Like or dislike one of them.

Cotton Candy : Guys you forgot about me didn't you?

Rainbow Sherbet : No we didn't Cotton!

Pink: Like, I wonder where Magenta is

Cream: I-I know right...I-I feel bad for your s-sister, she's pr-probably c-captured...

Pink: Like, so parkour challenge. Um I guess put on new makeup omg im so scared

Cream: A-ah! I look ter-terrible!

Pink: Like, I do too like YLU!

~take off makeup~

Pink: Like, let's go for a walk

~fall into pit~

MaGeNtA : Sister!

Pink:OMG, like Sister! I thought you'd never come! Say, how did you find me? I thought you were kidnapped or something.

MaGeNtA : After the guy that go to night clubs have defeated the other Magenta, I was freed!

Pink : Well that escalated fast.

Elimination 5

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Today how many votes did we get? Oh yeah, 17 votes! It just kept increasing everyday! Thanks guys! Anyways we got hmm… 8 likes.

Cookie Dough : I hope I, I really don't wanna get hated.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Sadly enough you got 1 like, Grape got how many likes? Oh yeah 7 likes! Grape for earning the most amount of likes you get… to skip the challenge and be immune!

Cookie Dough : Eh, 1 like's at least better than Broccoli's 0 likes.

Broccoli : HEY!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : We got 9 dislikes, for some reason teh dislikes is always more than the likes. Wow. Anyways, Cookie Dough's safe with no votes!

Cookie Dough : Guess, I was just too popular to be hated am I right?

Grape and Broccoli : NO!

Cookie Dough : Fine ;-;

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Grape you've been in the bottom 2 in every of your team's elimination, well, it's a surprise you're safe with 1 vote and Broccoli is eliminated with a record of 8!

Grape : Yeah!

Broccoli : NO!

Broccoli decided it wasn't his time to go yet, but his luck brought him here. He tried his best to think about his mistakes and decided that he have no rights to stay here and escaped, leaving Pumpkin pondering in mind.

Episode 6: Time to Date

Vanilla : I came back.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Vanilla, you came back? Why!

Vanilla : To apologize for being mean last season, I didn't mean to be a mean and selfish person. I was just pushed around too much, I felt that no one cared about me.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Tell that to Mint, Pumpkin or your other friends here, not me I'm not a mailman.

Vanilla : But I also got something to tell you! Magenta's killed right?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Yeah, so?

Vanilla : She isn't dead and she's waiting for Episodes 9 and 10. She might be coming back, you must keep the other contestants safe!

Egg Nog : What about us interns? We are ice creams too.

Vanilla : Interns too.

Egg Nog : Phew, that was a relief.

Peach : As if I care about some dumbkoft; she wasn't even a contestant. Even if she attacked us several times before, we weren't even killed.

Egg Nog : She was furious though.

Coconut : Peach, we were dead alright? Even if we weren't permanently dead, we were still killed several times when she visited.

Peach : Well, if I'm gonna permanently die, I don't want to die with a bunch of weaklings!

Vanilla : So tell the other contestants about this! Also tell them I was sorry about being mean last season. I was just an innocent pushover!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Fine, Egg Nog, Coconut and Peach get back to work! Hmm… any other news left?

Vanilla : She's also gonna attack in the finale. It's gonna be a big time!

Ice Cream TV : That's bad.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : We'll just have to track her down. But how? Hmm…


Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Contestants assemble! Today, we're having a trip to Ice Creamlantis! That's right, Vanilla an original contestant's coming with us.

Vanilla : H-hi, remember me? It's Vanilla here.

Pink : Didn't you just like escaped prison?

Vanilla : No.

Pink : Probably just my fantasies.

Eveything-Flavored Ice Cream : Now, you have two options to choose from, either interact with your teammates or search in the hotel for a missing passanger. The guy who's the hotel manager told me if I let my contestants do it, he'll give me fifty bucks.

Granola Bar : Those people are just lying, don't trust people like that. Hey, where are you going? That's all you needed to say?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Yes! Bye!

Granola Bar : I think there's trouble lurking guys, well let's just find a seat in the airplane, hopefully things freshen up.

Rose : Hopefully.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Ice Cream TV, when the contestant is busy doing the challenge, we will sail to another island to find Magenta and crush her!

Rainbow Sherbet : Who are we gonna bring the missing passenger to?

Vanilla : Well. We have no choice, I guess I'll be the one you're bringing the passengers to. Not so sure, but don't worry EFIC will understand.

Rainbow Sherbet : Sure, let's begin our search.

Cotton Candy : Guess everyone here doesn't care about me, neither have EFIC or even the nicest person in this universe. Best to suicide!

Rainbow Sherbet : WHAT!? No!

Cotton Candy : How did you find me?

Rainbow Sherbet : Uhh… I think I heard someone screaming. Gotta go.

Jellyfish: I'll search the hotel!

(Jellyfish enters the hotel.)

Jellyfish: Hm...let's see...

(Jellyfish enters the elevator and presses all the buttons.)

Jellyfish: Comedy.

(The elevator goes to the 13th floor. Jellyfish steps out of the elevator.)

Jellyfish: Floor 13! Nothing scary is going to happen here! Nope!

(Jellyfish starts searching.)

Jellyfish: Let's break some doors!

(Jellyfish starts breaking all the doors.)

Jellyfish: All the rooms are empty? Nothing ominous or worrying at all!

(Jellyfish fails to break one of the doors.)

Jellyfish: Let's try again.

(Jellyfish still can't break the door.)

Jellyfish: Logic would dictate that he's trapped in here!

(Jellyfish pulls out an army knife.)

Jellyfish: Let's break all laws of physics!

(Jellyfish makes the knife levitate and slowly chip away the door. After finishing, Jellyfish inspects the room.)

Jellyfish: Oh look, he's weeping in the corner! Now I gotta take him/her/whatever to one of the hosts! ...oh wait they left. Guess I gotta bring this guy/gal/whatever to Vanilla.

Vanilla : Hmm… that's good enough, let's see what the other people got.

Grape: Interact with team mates? What does that mean?

Cookie Dough: *slaps grape*

Grape: What was THAT for?

Cookie Dough: I interacted with you, and you're my team mate.


Cookie Dough : Don't tell me we're the only ones interacting with each other?

Grape : Yeah, I guess we are.

Mint: Right. Let's search the hotel.

[Spooky ghost noises]

Mint: Wait, is this suppose to be a haunted hotel? Oh god, is that red paint? The thing really doesn't fit with this hotel's- wait, it isn't red paint, isn't it? Damnit, someone needs to be the janitor, the pizza's topping is-

[Time suddenly changes into midnight]

Mint: Wait.... it's my birthday, isn't it? Pizza, darkness, lonely,... it kinda all adds up now!

Milk Chocolate: I don't know, you tell me. 

Mint: Who are you? 

Milk Chocolate:  I am the ghost of Chirstmas pasttt~

Mint: But it's April. 

Milk Chocolate: Young child, spending too much time here has made you to mistake your place in the time and space continum~

Mint: Wait, so today is Christmas? 

Milk Chocolate:  Yes~

Mint: So why are we still here? Let's party!!!! 

Pumpkin: Hey! Aren't you moron suppose to find me or something?

Mint: Wait, you were on that flight? How come I didn't see you? 

Pumpkin: uh, was Vanilla on that flight? Of course I was on that plane. It's common sense. The real thing here is, you need to find me.

Mint: Wait....

Milk Chocolate: Hmmm?~ This is arkward~

Mint: Found ya.

Pumpkin: Things could've been much harder if you were smarter. Kinda ironic.

Mint: Hey, wait, how am I seeing you a lot lately?

Pumpkin: Well let's just say things have been boring, and I went for a walk. And then, ugh, Vanilla? came and smashed me in the face. I didn't blacked out or anything, but I heard they saying "Sorry, I'm trying to be good: or whatever. 

Mint: Wait, so you were that bad at the end seats?

Pumpkin: Wait, I was on a plane?

Milk Chocolate: Am I suppose to be here~

[Midnight; Outside the hotel]

Birthday Cake: Any reason we had to search for the passenger at night?

Rose: So then we have a spooky ambiance

[Crow noise]

[Birthday Cake jumps into Rose's arms]

Birthday Cake: I'm scared!!

Rose: Don't worry we will be fine

[Rose and Birthday Cake enter the hotel]

Birthday Cake: So are sure this is a good idea?

Rose: No, but it's worth a shot

Birthday Cake: ...we're gonna die

[The two girls walk through the creepy spider infested hallways]

Rose: Hm...if I were trapped in a hotel where would I be?

[Rose see's a kitchen entrence]

Rose: Aha! In there

[Rose and Birthday Cake run to the kitchen. To find nothing but red ink on the floor]

Birthday Cake: Um..what's that?!

Rose: Hm...seem's like *sniffs* salad dressing

Birthday Cake: Oh phew

Rose: Wait nevermind it's blood...definitely blood.

Birthday: Okay I am not staying for this

[Birthday Cake attempts to leave the hotel in protest]

[Rose stops her at the front doors]

Rose: But we need to win!!

Birthday Cake: If we stay we die. If we leave we could be up for elimination..

Rose: But EFIC must have some "bring back dead contestant button right" ?

Birthday Cake: I don't know and don't want to test that to find out

Rose: Please!!

[A shuffling noise comes from behind the front desk]

[Rose and Birthday Cake approach is slowly with caution]

Missing Passenger: AHH WHO ARE YOU!

Rose: AHHH....wait we are here to save you!

MP: Really?

Birthday: Yes, can we please leave now!?

Rose: Okay let me just grab him

[Rose and Birthday Cake leave with the missing passenger]

Rose: I hope this is the ticket for a win!

Birthday Cake: I hope so...

RS: Hmmmm, I wonder where the missing passenger is, I hope they are alright

(RS bumps into CC)

CC: Hey RS!!!!

RS: oh, hey there CC, wheres your team, shouldn't you be with them???

CC: Weeeeeeelll, long story short, they ditched me, can I come with you?

RS: Well, of course, seeing as you are-

CC: Wait a sec, whats in that cabinet over there

(CC opens the cabinet and gets a big surprise)

CC: I-I-I-s tha-a-a-at.......CHERRY?!?!?!!?

RS: no CC, that's a cardboard cut-out of cherry, to celebrate her winning season 3

CC: I thought cherry was a boy

RS: oh it doesn't matter, wait, what's that behind the cardboard cut-out of cherry?

(RS removes the cardboard cut-out of cherry and gets an humongous shock)

Both: *GASP*

  • Silence

RS: we must never, and I mean NEVER tell anyone about this secret

CC: agreed

RS: wait, who's that over there?

(They both look down the hallway to see another ice cream, but they don't seem familiar, and they approach it)

RS: why hello there, what is your name

RR: Oh, yeah, my name is Rocky Road, but you can call me Rocky, im a scoop of Chocolate ice cream, infused with Nuts and Marshmallows to make a fantastic flavour

CC: hey there fellow ice cream, im Cotton Candy, and that there is Rainbow Sherbet

RS: its a pleasure to meet you, and I must ask, why are you walking down a corridor like this at such a late time of night without a friend??

RR: Well, I came here on a massive cruise ship, but because of my over fascination towards this luxurious hotel, I lost the rest of the crew, now im here all by myself

CC: this must be the missing passenger, lets return him to EFIC

RS: hey Rocky, would you like to come with us, we came with a group of other ice creams as well, and I think you will fit right in

RR: HELL YEAH, ill finally find more people to talk to!! and hopefully a new Lady Cream to Accompany me on my journeys across the world

CC: yeah, just follow us and we will take you right there

Granola Bar:Hey I Will go to the bathroom *Finds a dead Body* AGHHHHHHH!

Vanilla : Anyways, let's use the teleporter to bring every contestant here safe and sound.

Jellyfish : Sure?

Vanilla : Strange, the only button here is the red button that says 'Teleport'. Let's just press it anyway. So yeah, contestants great job finding all those missing passengers.

Birthday Cake : EFIC is a cruel and sadistic man.

Rainbow Sherbet : Your aura says you don't handle the dark very well.

Vanilla : I'm not sure what to do now, but since Everything-Flavored Ice Cream is not yet here, I guess I need to call him first. EFIC you on?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : I didn't know you copied my phone number. How did you even?

Vanilla : It's a long story, I sort of blew up your office or something, anyways how do you know if someone's up for elimination?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Cookie Dough and Grape are safe because they did something but Granola Bar did nothing but got a heart-attack, so… Granola Bar's team is up for elimination.

Vanilla : How did you know if Granola Bar had a heart-attack or not?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Nothing makes sense in this universe.

Vanilla : Anyways, Granola Bar's team is up for elimination, because Granola Bar had a heart-attack and died and returned with NO missing passengers.

Elimination 6

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Today we got 15 votes! Oh my god, this day's always getting better. Anyways we got 8 likes and 7 dislikes let's get to it.

Granola Bar : Did you get the 50 bucks, or something?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : I didn't because… well… I wasn't good enough for them, or did they just ditched me?

Granola Bar : I told you to never trust those strangers! And what'd you say? You didn't listen.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : I don't know how but Rose you won the prize! With 6 likes, Birthday Cake got only 2 likes.

Birthday Cake : Yay, congratulations Rose!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Rose your popularity has brought you to a set of likes. Anyways, you earned a… Revenge Token! It will remove half of your votes and give those half to another person!

Rose : When Magenta was hosting, she agreed that I was allowed to uhh… umm… be immune for my team's next elimination?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Goodbye Rose, you're first safe because you're immune even if you received 1 vote whatsoever. It's down to Birthday Cake or Granola Bar. It's strange because Birthday Cake got fewer votes than Rose and isn't even declared safe yet.

Birthday Cake : You spoiled the event.

Granola Bar : NO!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Granola Bar, you've received 7 dislikes. Not the most, but at least it's enough to eliminate you now!

Granola Bar : Darn it!

Ice Cream TV : How did the case go EFIC? Did we catch her yet?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Not yet… but we'll still find her. Vanilla you'll be in charge next episode alright?

Vanilla : Sure but why am I still here?

Granola Bar went home upset and decided she was a bit loud and her heavily distorted personality brought her to this end. She will be missed and her elimination will be the most memorable of all.

Episode 7: Historical Purposes

Vanilla : I don't want to boss anyone around…

Grape : Well you HAVE to! You're the host now! So?

Vanilla : Uhh… I'll try my best not to scare anybody. Anyways, hi it's me umm… this challenge will be uhh… interacting with you each other yet again.

Grape : Why is that?

Vanilla : Because I-I don't want to harm you guys with a very dangerous challenge, so basically you can interact with each other again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Jellyfish: I'm lonely... PERFECT!… Please interact with me i'm lonely.

Grape: I think I know Cookie Dough enough.

Cookie Dough: I dropped out of second grade.

Grape: Wait, what?

Pink: OMG like Cream

Cream: Wh-what?

Pink: You know about like, Dark Pink right?

Cream: Y-yes...he i-is dead...and h-his alternate and y-your sister M-Magenta's alternate ar-are married and th-they will d-destroy...the w-world.

Pink: Like did you forget to text EFIC about it

Cream: O-oops...

Mint: It looks like I have nobody to talk to.

Milk Chocolate: What about Jellyfish~

Mint: Jelly what? Is that even a flavor? Is that even edible? It sounds dangerous.

Milk Chocolate: Well, you can always interact with yourself~

Mint: Myself? But I do that all the time, I'm not in the mood to do it now.

Milk Chocolate: Why don't you talk with me~

Mint: Right. So-

Milk Chocolate: What is your history, young man~

Mint: This show covers up a lot of true things about me. For example, I used to be a solider in World War II, but-

Pumpkin: Wait, hold up, you are a killing machine?

Mint: Oh yeah, I guess I still have you.

Pumpkin: That kinda explains why you are that dumb.

Jellyfish: H-

Mint: Wait, you don't belong with us, do you?

Jellyfish: I-

Mint: Shoo, begone. Argh, kids these days. Back in the olde day-

Pumpkin: Isn't soldiers also trained to be smart?

Milk Chocolate: I don't know~

RS: another interacting challenge, yes its easy but it isn't really exciting


RS: really?

CC: whats her name?

RR: her name is Raspberry ripple, and here she is!!!

(Rocky road shows RS and CC a potato sack with a picture of raspberry ripple ice cream on it)

RS: that isn't a girl....

CC: I have an idea, lets introduce him to rose!! ive heard that she is looking for a boyfriend

RS: wait I never knew she wa-

CC: cmon Rocky Road, lets get you a girlfriend


Rose: Cake if we just stay perfectly still we can abide from any object communication and interraction

Birthday Cake: Oh...k

(Rose and Birthday Cake stand stiff as a board)

Rose: I think it's working

Cotton Candy: AHA! ROSE!

Birthday Cake: We've been breached!

CC: Rose meet Rocky Road

Rocky Road: Sup

Rose: Um....what!?

Birthday Cake: Rose do we run?

Rose: No it's fine

CC: RR will be your new boyfriend

Rose: Um....sorry...what!?

Birthday Cake: Uh...Rose what's happening

Rose: I don't know

CC: Okay bye now

(CC leaves)

Rose: .-.

Vanilla : This interaction challenge isn't even a challenge to be honest, I just decided a challenge that won't harm anyone. Anyways, EFIC's here.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Anyone missed me? Anyways… I don't care if you missed me or not. Time to assemble new teams.

Ice Cream TV : Cotton Candy, Rainbow Sherbet, Pink and Cream you're one team. Cookie Dough, Grape, Rose and Birthday Cake are one team. Two people are left with no teams, that's Mint and Jellyfish.

Jellyfish : Can I go on Rose's team?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Fine. That means Mint is on Cotton Candy's team. Welp. Time for the actual voting. There WON'T be an elimination but an elimination later. Right now the eliminated contestants are gonna rejoin so let's get to it!

Cookies and Cream : Imprisoned and yet stuck in this hot and dreaded place, is… too much… I've got to get back into the game. Please.

Gunpowder : Hmm… Broccoli, remember me and Lemon's gonna attack you and the rest of your friends when we GET THERE!

Pumpkin : Why should I even audition if I'm already here? Anyways, why do I have a strange feeling that dumb Mint still exists.

Tiramisu : Even how bland, I am I still don't have a personality… maybe when I get there I'll learn how to weep at least.

Broccoli : Please let me back into the game. I don't want to be mean but please don't vote for Gunpowder or should I say Lazypowder who lets me do all the work!

Granola Bar : Hmm… I'm stalking everyone, because I've got no where to go.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Vote one of those 6 contestants back in the game. The rejoining ceremony will take place… in… I dunno the sky?


Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Time for the rejoining today we got a total of 13 votes! Not that bad. Hmm… first out of this rejoining ceremony is… Gunpowder! With 1 vote.

Gunpowder : Pssh! Whatever, I don't need this stupid show anyway Lemon could just help me continue cancelling this show the way you have it!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Good luck with that. Anyways, someone with also 1 vote is Granola Bar! Even if fans do like you, 92.30% of them don't. Goodbye.

Granola Bar : Well, that's over for me. Good luck to everyone one of you.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Hmm… speaking of which, some of the contestants also got 2 likes. Those people were Pumpkin!

Pumpkin : Even if I have to deal with the other numbskulls, at least I can still be on contact with Mint, on Skype well duh.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Cookies and Cream. A popular character but not enough to rejoin the game at 2 votes.

Cookies and Cream : O-okay?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Time to see whether Tiramisu or Broccoli will rejoin the game. And that person is… *drumroll* TIRAMISU!

Broccoli : Good job, Tiramisu. At least, you get to actually do something on the show, which is something I wouldn't agree on.

Tiramisu : Okay? Anyways, hi everyone!

EverythiNg-Flavored Ice Cream : Tiramisu as a reward you get to choose someone you want to eliminate it can be literally ANYONE. Choose 2 ppl BTW

Tiramisu : Sorry you're all great, but the only person not likely to be eliminated is this guy, Jellyfish and also Mint.

Everyone : *GASP*

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Hmm… pretty unexpected tbh anyways after the rejoining, we'll have another part of the challenge.

Cotton Candy : There's a next part?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Now, it's the debuters turn! Two of them get to debut in the next episode and they will do a challenge hehe.

Pink : Who's the like debuters?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Red Bean, Diamond, Bamboo, Rocky Road and uhh… no one else just them.

Episode 8, Debuters' Turn!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Red Bean, Diamond, Bamboo and Rocky Road you four contestants get to do this challenge which is running through the forest to succeed.

Bamboo : That's sort of hard…

Rocky Road : As long as I get a girlfriend after this.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Now, ready, set, GO! By the way, make sure you guys don't miss this event. I'm already imagining who'll miss it.


Rocky road: Im gonna win this, FOR YOU ROSE!!!!

RS: you go Rocky

CC: yeah, go bro!!!

RR: ok, lets do this

(He starts running and eventually gets to a fork in the path)

RR: hmm, lets go down the right path

RR: wow, this is going to be quite easy!


(A horde of memes approach RR, screaming things like "Jooooooohn Cena" and "MLG 360 QUICK SPOCE BRO")

RR: S-s-s-stay back, I h-h-have a stick and this Present for rose

(The memes throw RR behind them and destroy the stick and gift for Rose)


RR: oh wait, now my chance to get away

(RR runs through the rest of the forest with ease)

RR: Yes, I did it, now rose will surely fall for my charms

RS: I don't think that wi-

CC: Of course she will

RR: I thought so

Red Bean: How to jump over boulders? Well, I have a book that says how to jump over boulders. Wait how am I speaking english?


Red Bean: Yay! So my friend Pink gave me a "Pass through Magenta Cave" I wonder if it'll work.


Red Bean: Yay. A mountain! It looks fun! I'm gonna slide down!


Red Bean: Ooh a castle.It says Chinese people are VIP! Yay!

Diamond : Magenta, hello? You in this cave? Aww… it feels so scary in here. I-I don't think I can survive in this forest, which is scary.

Magenta : Who are you? Diamond? You looking? For me?

Diamond : Y-yes.

Magenta : What do you want my dear!

Diamond : I just got great news to tell you, it's that I-I uhh… umm… I forgot what to say but if you can just let me in there, I can tell you,

Magenta : NO!

Diamond : Oh no, HELP!

Bamboo : Who said help? Probably just an outsider, I shouldn't be bothering around these woods they seemed scary. I quit this!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : I decided to bring Mint and Jellyfish back, their eliminations were unfair and kind of upsetting so come back Mint and Jellyfish!

Mint : Finally! Back from that abandoned cell.

Jellyfish : We're actually competing again?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Anyways, time for the announcement of who joins the show. That's Rocky Road! Red Bean sorry but you don't get to join.

Rocky Road : Cool, hey Rose. Charming huh?

Rose : Umm… sure.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Choose the team you want to be in oh and BTW the team you chose to be in wins and the team you didn't choose is UFE.

Cream : W-we formed teams yesterday but we forgot them.

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : I'll form new teams then. Rainbow Sherbet, Cotton Candy, Pink, Cream, Rose and Birthday Cake is one team. Cool all girls.

Cookie Dough : That means, me, Grape, Mint, Jellyfish and Tiramisu is one team?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : Rocky Road you get to choose which team you want to be in. Though with Rose? That's sort of unfair in a way. But your choice.

Rocky Road : After I choose one team, what do we do next?

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : It's gonna put the other team UFE but I wouldn't because that's cruel. So you'll do a challenge instead!

Red Bean : I'll be on Rose' team! Also one member must exhibit from Rose' team though since Tiramisu is also a girl. That means there's 8 and 4, someone must switch to the boys' team which is… Birthday Cake. Meaning there's 7 and 5, but we got to move another person there which is Cotton Candy!

Rainbow Sherbet : Hmm… our team consists of Pink, Cream, Red Bean, Rose, me and Tiramisu!

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : The challenge is to… go inside of a haunted house, don't get scared and find the mystery objects like the 'Cursed Idol'!

Tiramisu:Okay, Let's go!

*Enters the house*

Tiramisu:Ooh what is this shiny thing

*Finds a Gold Saxophone

*a Sound ike Halejuioa is heard in the backgrtound*

Tiramisu:What a Beautifulness

Cookie Dough: But we did that last season!

*CD and grape go in*

Ghost (extra spooky): BOO!

Grape: *screams and runs away*

Cookie Dough: Oh my gosh Grape, it's just a guy in a costume! Ghosts are obviously turqoise and have green eyes. Duh!

(Jellyfish enters the mansion while singing Spooky Scary Skeletons.) Jellyfish: The screech will-

(Jellyfish hears a creaking noise.)

Jellyfish: WHO GOES THERE.

(Jellyfish pulls out a gun.)

Ghost: Wait wait, it's just a costume!

Jellyfish: Bummer.

Dude in Costume: But further into the house there are actual ghosts!

Jellyfish: 3spooky5me

(Jellyfish goes deeper into the house. He passes by popping skeletons, ringing phones, screeching dolls, Rainbow Sherbet and other spooky stuff.)

Jellyfish: Wait, what was I here for?

Satan: To find a thing

Jellyfish: Thanks Satan!

(Jellyfish keeps going through the house until...)

Jellyfish: House forest!? Cool!

(Jellyfish inspects the demonic monkies and deformed anacondas.)

Jellyfish (to what can only be described as an abomination): Aren't you just the cutest goat-snake-lion-apple-thing?

(Jellyfish keeps going through rooms. He stumbles upon a dead end.)

Jellyfish: Oh look, a crack in the-

(Pineapple explosion.)

Pineapple: We are free, brothers and sisters! Run, run!

Jellyfish: Was I supposed to find this?

Guy McPearson: No, you were supposed to find this.

(Guy McPearson hands a wooden statue to Jellyfish.)

Jellyfish: KTHXBAI

(Jellyfish storms through the rooms back to the entrance.)

Jellyfish: SUCCESS!

RS's perspective*

RS: Hmm, this is quite creepy, seems quite old as well

(Fork in the hallway, three paths)

RS: Ill keep heading forward, plus that door over there seems quite interesting

(RS enters the room with the intriguing door, its seems like a child's room)

RS: This must've belonged to a child, and I wonder what's in that little toy box

(RS opens the toy box to find a Statue of a familiar person)

RS: is that, EFIC?

RS: either way, im heading out of the mansion.

 *CC's perspective*

CC: Ooo, this is so cool!

(Fork in the hallway, three paths)

CC: Lets head down the left hallway, cuz.....I dunno

(CC the finds a door and enters the room, it looks like a bathroom)

CC: cool, a bathroom, maybe I ca- wait a sec, whats that in the picture frame?

(CC picks up the picture frame, its holding a picture of a load of ice creams)

CC: this must have been the family that lived here

CC: though it isn't really mysterious, its sill interesting, so im taking it with me!

*RR's perspective*

RR: This is totally wicked, and spooky as well

(Fork in the hallway, three paths)

RR: im heading right, cause I know its the right way

(the sound of two drums and a cymbal can be heard in the distance)

RR: heh heh, ok that was pretty bad, im just gonna enter this room

(RR enters a room, seems like a girls room)

RR: a girls room.....PERFECT!!! I can find an amazing gift for rose in here

RR: Hmmm, whats in here

(RR opens a drawer to find two items, a crystal orb and a pearl necklace)

RR: Billiant! I can use the rb for the challenge, and the necklace for rose!

 *Back outside*

RS: so allies, what did you find??

CC: well, I found a picture of what seemed to be the family of this mansion

RS: interesting, what about you RR?

RR: well, I found this mysterious crystal orb, and this pearl necklace for rose

RS: ok, on a serious note, you cant let your feelings for rose take over you, it will distract you from challenges eventually, are you really that obsessed with her??

RR: I cant help it...

CC: what did you get Sher?

RS: well, I found this weird statue of EFIC, there seems to be writing on it, but I cant read it

CC: let me have a look

(The statue says *Finding this statue will grant whomever found it, immunity for that episode!* but there is also an expiry date, which cant been seen due to it being scratched out)

RS: how about we go to EFIC, and see if this 'immunity idol' is still in use

CC: ok then

RR: and im going to head to rose and give her my new gift

CC: ok then

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : That statue will surely grant you immunity for that episode. But still depending on the time, it will only last till an hour so the elimination must end at an hour or so.

*Outside the haunted house

Birthday Cake: So once again we are going into something scary?

Rose: Yeah, sorry Cake, but it's for the challenge

Birthday Cake: If I die I'm blamming you

Rose: Fair enough

*Rose and Birthday Cake enter the hauntedhouse

*Noises emerge from the house

Rose: Okay so what are we looking for again?

Birthday Cake: The "cursed idol"

Rose: Oh yeah!

*Shuffling noises are heard from behind a curtain

Rose: Cake...go cheack

Birthday Cake: No, you!

Rose: Fine...

*Rose slowly makes her way to the noise

*Rose pulls the curtain back

Rose: AHHH!!!...oh it's just Rocky Road


Rocky Road: I Uhh...wanted to give this to Rose

*Rose Blushes*

Rose: Uh...okay?

*Rocky Road hands Rose a pearl necklace

Rose: It's...lovely?

Birthday Cake: Thanks gotta go bye!

Rocky Road: Uh- okay :c

*Birthday Cake drags Rose to the opposite side of the house

Rose: What was that Cake!

*Birthday Cake kicks Rose (No arms to slap)


Rose: What! I don't like RR

Birthday Cake: I never mentioned RR

Rose: ..

Birthday Cake: Can we just finish the challenge! Please

Rose: How about we take that painting and go..

Birthday Cake: Fine, just you need to stop getting distracted

*Rose and Birthday Cake take a painting and left the haunted house*

Everything-Flavored Ice Cream : The next part of this challenge is to actually go and find a museum and put your stuff there. We'll have a race so GO! GO! GO! Oh and by the way, there's something that is coming for all of you because that haunted house is CURSED!

Jellyfish: I'm taking the pineapples!

(Jellyfish runs to the museum.)

Jellyfish (to security guard): Where's the stauteifier?

(The security guard points to a red door.)

Jellyfish: Thanks!

(Jellyfish enters the room. Darkness.)

Jellyfish: Uh. I can't see anything.

Pineapple: Oh no, he's going to statueify us! Escape!

(The pineapples try to escape their bag but can't.)

Jellyfish: Aren't you guys just the best?

(Jellyfish throws the pineapples into the statueifier.)

Jellyfish: And that, ladies and gentleladies, is how you make statues! Kinda.

(Jellyfish leaves the room and talks to the manager.)

Jellyfish: Do you accept stonified pineapples?

Manager: Pineapples are true art.

Jellyfish: Wait you're pineapple flavored.

Manager: I hate my siblings.

Jellyfish: To be honest, I don't care. Just put the statues on exhibition so I can win the challenge.

Manager: No

Jellyfish: I'm sorry?

Manager: I said no-

Jellyfish: Ok thanks for putting them on show.

Manager: I-

(Jellyfish throws the pineapple statues to an exhibition thingamajig.)

Mysterious-Flavored Ice Cream: Give me that wooden statue.

Jellyfish: How about...uh...maybe?

MFIC: Give!

Jellyfish: Maybe not...let me think

(MFIC ambushes Jellyfish. The manager walks into the scene and pulls out a tazer. MFIC is electrocuted.)

Manager: Give me the statue so I can...put it on show?

Jellyfish: Statue's not mine.



Manager: Awkward silence...

Jellyfish: But here, you can have it.

(Jellyfish leaves.)

Jellyfish: Success?

Rose: Let's use the power of breaking the 4th wall and just poof into the museum

Birthday Cake: PIRFECT

*Rose and Birthday Cake poof into the museum

Birthday Cake: Here place the painting

*Rose places the painting

Rose: Perfect

Elimination Table

Contestant Ep.  1 Ep.  2 Ep.  3 Ep.    4

Ep.  5

Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9
Tiramisu SAFE SAFE SAFE OUT Rejoins in Ep.7 IM
Rocky Road Debuts in Ep.7 WIN
Gunpowder SAFE OUT
Cookies and Cream OUT
Item What it Means
Dark Green Team Team
Hot Pink Team Sweets
Pink Team Fashion
Cyan The Cyan Crusaders
Violet Team Sprinkles
Blue Team Chocolate Drops
WIN Won the Challenge that Episode
IM Up for Elimination but is Immune
SAFE Safe from Elimination that Episode
UFE Up for Elimination that Episode
LOW Almost eliminated A.K.A. had the second most votes that Episode
LOW+ Almost eliminated A.K.A. had the second most votes that Episode and won the prize
OUT Eliminated from the Contest that Episode
OUT+ This contestant was eliminated and re-entered the game in the same Episode
This contestant was eliminated during this Episode

Ice Cream Hall of Fame

Season 1 ~ Mint

Season 2 ~ Pumpkin

Season 3 ~ Cherry

Season 4 ~ Blue Moon

Season 5 ~ Red Bean

Season 6 ~ ?

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