CFOS Is Good Sign is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


CFOS Is Good Sign’s body is in the shape of a signpost. On the side of this yellow body where the text is displayed (which is also where his face is), are his arms. At the bottom of this part is the part that is usually stuck into the ground. However, on the side are his legs.


CFOS Is Good Sign is enthusiastic and cheerful. He is a big fan of Clash For Object Supremacy, a show ButterBlaziken230 made. He also exists in the same world as Question Box, often asking him things about the show. He even votes!


  • Before Clash For Object Supremacy existed, he was a blank yellow sign called “Signie”.
  • His body is made out of metal, just painted. He dislikes the first challenge of the first episode of CFOS, as the rain would make his metal rusty.
  • Despite being called CFOS Is Good Sign, Question Box refers to him as “Signie” still.
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