Down In The Dough is the ninth episode of Clash For Object Supremacy. This episode is currently unfinished.


Before The Challenge

[The episode begins with Suitcase talking to Pen and Fire Exity]

Suitcase: Guys, we’re in trouble.

Pen: What’s the issue?

Fire Exity: I-is it because I got people eliminated?

Suitcase: Kind of.

Pen: She’s upset about that, Suitcase! Why would you say that?

Suitcase: Okay, so the problem is-

Pen: And now you’re ignoring me.

Suitcase: Whatever. It’s nobody’s fault, but we’re starting to lose members. It’s just us now!

Pen: Well, we lost two episodes in a row.

Fire Exity: And we all know about my actions.

Suitcase: Well, Pen’s right. Even if we lost our team mates, it was for a good reason. They were just mean. Fire Exity, at least you’re still here!

Fire Exity: I guess that’s good, but there’s no way that the teams are gonna stay like this. Maybe we’ll get sorted into larger teams?

Pen: That could be the plan.

Suitcase: Good idea, Fire Exity!

Fire Exity: Whatever. I’m bored.

Pen: Well, so am I.

Fire Exity: Maybe we should play a game?

Suitcase: Eh, maybe.

Fire Exity: But what game?

Pen: I don’t know, since I’m bored.

Fire Exity: Well, I think we should see what the other contestants are up to.

Suitcase: That seems like a good idea, but I don’t think they’re doing anything all that interesting.

[the camera changes to a shot of Donut juggling fire knives behind Suitcase]

Fire Exity: Donut is literally juggling knives. Also, THAT’S NOT SAFE! I MUST STOP HIM!

Suitcase: Huh, something to do while we wait for Question Box to set up the challenge! C’mon Pen, let’s go.

[they arrive to see Donut]

Fire Exity: Donut, stop juggling knives.

Donut: You’re not the boss of me!

Fire Exity: Grr! What if you mess up?

Donut: Silly. That’d never happen.

Fire Exity: I-I’m just saying that it’s a bit of a hazard.

Pen: Those knives are freaking me out a bit.

Suitcase: Why? They’re just knives.

Pen: That’s the thing! What if he messes up like Fire Exity said?

Fire Exity: See? Even Pen agrees.

Donut: Well, I’ll juggle them elsewhere.

Fire Exity: Fine! [to the others] Let’s go do something safe, shall we?

Pen: Maybe we should play a game?

Suitcase: But that would be boring.

[Scene cuts to Question Box and CFOS Is Good Sign talking]

Question Box: Hey, CFOS Is Good Sign.

CFOS Is Good Sign: Hi, Question Box.

Question Box: Did I tell you that Unknowny killed my friend ! Block?

CFOS Is Good Sign: Who’s Unknowny?

Question Box: He’s this guy who haunts the forest over there. [he points to the forest]

CFOS Is Good Sign: Hmm, I remember hearing a campfire story about Unknowny from one of my contestants.

Question Box: Contestants of what? You never hosted.

CFOS Is Good Sign: That’s weird. I could’ve sworn I told you about my old show, Object Wonders. I’m still doing seasons!

Question Box: So it’s been a continuous thing, huh?

CFOS Is Good Sign: Sure is. I think I’ve done about 5 seasons, now...

Question Box: That’s cool. If you couldn’t tell, Clash For Object Supremacy is based off of Object Wonders in many ways.

CFOS Is Good Sign: I remember that your challenges were similar.

Question Box: Yep! Also, I think we’re already down to 12 contestants.

CFOS Is Good Sign: Are you gonna do a merge?

Question Box: Potentially.

CFOS Is Good Sign: Well, I’ve got to set up the third challenge. See ya!

Question Box: Bye! [he turns around] Now time to set up this next challenge. I know! It could be a challenge where they have to swim through dough to find stuff! Argh, but it would take me ages to get enough dough for that.

[scene cuts to Broken Bone looking at the forest]

Green Face: Hey Broken Bone, what are you up to?

Broken Bone: Nothing. Do you ever wonder if there’s anything beyond the forest?

Green Face: You mean, past it? Never!

Broken Bone: Well, thanks for nothing.

Green Face: What? I was just speaking the truth - I’d never thought about it.

Broken Bone: I know that. You just didn’t say anything of importance, so I said that.

Green Face: Well, do YOU ever wonder about what they’re going to do to the teams?

Broken Bone: Hmm, something I actually wonder about. But I don’t know what they’re going to do.

[Scene cuts to Question Box making an announcement]

Question Box: Contestants, I’d like to make an announcement.

Glovey: Go ahead, my container of power-ups!

CN Logo: Does he actually contain power-ups?

Glovey: Yeah.

Question Box: The teams, because they are evidently shrinking in size, are being split up. You now have to work separately in challenges.

Xbox Logo: This is amazing!

Glovey: What do you mean?

Xbox Logo: Since everyone else will work alone, that means our alliance can truly shine and dominate!

Glovey: Good point, Xbox Logo.

CN Logo: I like the sound of that!

Xbox Logo: CN Logo, I wanted to ask you something actually.

CN Logo: What is it?

Xbox Logo: Glovey and I were looking for you last episode so you could be part of our alliance. We did find you, but apparently you went into the forest. What were you doing in there?

CN Logo: Well, I’d always wondered what lived in the forest, so I took a look, but couldn’t find anything.

Xbox Logo: So that’s what.

CN Logo: That’s absolutely correct. I’m fascinated about that sorta stuff!

Xbox Logo: Good for you then. Let’s just wait until the challenge starts.

CN Logo: Okay then!

[scene cuts to Question Box looking on his PC]

Question Box: Hmph, someone’s selling a large amount of dough at their shop. Lemme check this out. [he then finds where he needs to go to] It’s a 15 minute drive. That won’t be too long. [he gets in his car, and there’s a scene of him driving down a long road]

[scene cuts to Pen in a go-kart]

Pen: Wow! This is so fun! Thank you, Green Face!

Green Face: No problem. I just love seeing someone enjoying my work for once.

Pen: Fire Exity, there’s a spare one! How about you hop in?

Fire Exity: I saw him making those things. They were cheap and I don’t want them breaking on me.

Pen: Gosh, don’t be so sensitive.

Green Face: Pen’s right. Where’s the fun in you?

Fire Exity: I only like safe fun, thank you.

Green Face: I don’t know what you’re talking about-

Fire Exity: Fine, I’ll leave you alone. [she walks away]

Pen: Awkward. Anyways, how about you get in one? You made these after all.

Green Face: Yeah! Wanna race? We can go to those hills in the distance!

Pen: Yeah. Let’s do it!

Green Face: Maybe we should get a third racer.

Pen: Nah, we’re good. Let’s go! [he rides off into the distance]

Green Face: Hang on! I didn’t say go! Ugh, fine. I’ll catch up. [he drives away too]

Pen: Haha! You’ll never be able to catch me.

Green Face: Oh yeah? I can. [he gets relatively close to Pen]

Pen: Hey! You’re catching up to me! You’ll never be able to do that, I said.

Green Face: Wait! Is that Question Box in the distance? With a large puffy bag?

Pen: You can’t distract me either.

Green Face: No, seriously! He has a large bag! Maybe we should go and see what it is.

Pen: Yep. Let’s go!

[the two drive towards Question Box]

Question Box: Arg! What are you doing here?

Green Face: We were wondering what that bag was for.

Question Box: Oh, it’s for the challenge. [a flashback happens to from when he got the bag]

Apricot: Hmm, I finally have someone buying my large amount of dough.

Question Box: Yeah. I’m the host of a reality show and I’m thinking of using it in a challenge.

Apricot: But how could you even use dough for that!?

Question Box: Maybe they have to swim in it to collect things from it?

Apricot: [short pause] Okay, that sounds weird to me.

Question Box: Good! I want the challenge to shock the contestants.

Apricot: Whatever, I don’t care what the use is. Give me the money and I’ll give you the dough.

Question Box: Okay. [he hands over £100] That’ll make a huge dent in the show’s budget.

Apricot: Well, thanks for the money! Enjoy your dough!

Question Box: Thank you! Bye!

[the flashback ends]

Pen: What’s even in the bag anyway?

Question Box: You’ll see. [he walks away from the road he was at and close to where the challenges usually take place] Contestants! It’s challenge time!

Suitcase: Challenge time! Oh yay!

Xbox Logo: A challenge is starting, fellow alliance members! Let’s make a good start.

Question Box: Today’s challenge will involve the big bag that I got today. I know that some of you noticed it.

Pen: Sure did! Hehe.

Question Box: Now to what’s inside. [he opens it up] It’s just pounds and pounds of dough.

Glovey: How will you make a challenge out of that?

Candy Corn: Oh dear, not another eating contest!

Question Box: That’s not what we’re doing! He pulls out a large tub and pours the dough in. He puts a ladder beside it] Inside, I’ve hidden some little trinkets for you to collect. If you find something, you’re safe! If you’re one of the three remaining people who haven’t found anything, then you’re up for elimination. GO!

The Challenge

Glovey: Xbox Logo! Let’s look for an item.

Xbox Logo: Okay! [he hops in] Wow. This stuff is really hard to swim in.

CN Logo: Well, this challenge isn’t about swimming!

Glovey: Time to go down further.

CN Logo: Sure thing. There might be stuff stuck to the edges, so I’ll look there.

Xbox Logo: CN Logo, I’ll help with that. [he gets knocked out of the way by Broken Bone]

Broken Bone: Sorry, can’t let my opponents win!

Xbox Logo: There’s better ways to do that than knocking me out of the way! [he gets knocked away again]

Broken Bone: Doesn’t matter. I’m not letting you win.

Xbox Logo: Grrrr!

[scene cuts to Pen and Green Face working to find something in the dough]

Pen: Urgh! This dough makes me feel sick. Question Box, why did you think this was a good idea?

Question Box: I thought it was a good idea. Just do the challenge!

Pen: Fine. Green Face! You can find stuff easily, right?

Green Face: I’ll try by scooping the dough away. [he scoops up some handfuls and chucks it elsewhere. The dough lands in front of Glovey]

Glovey: I’ll get you, Green Face!

Green Face: Oh really?

Glovey: Yeah I will.

Green Face: You can’t. Wanna know why my face is always green? Because you make me want to throw up!


Glovey: That wasn’t even a good roast. Chill out, Pen.

Pen: What? I can think it’s a good roast if I want to.

Glovey: I know, but that reaction!

Green Face: Seriously though, Glovey. Your face is more disgusting than when -1 misses the toilet.


Glovey: Argh! Why are you overreacting to the worst roasts ever?

Green Face: You think they’re bad? Yeah yeah, go on and on about how they suck whereas I JUST FOUND ONE OF THE ITEMS!

Question Box: Did you? What is it?

Green Face: It’s a small toy train.

Question Box: A small toy train was one of the things you had to look for. Green Face, you’re safe.

Green Face: Oh yeah!

Glovey: Come on. Now I have to look extra hard!

[Fire Exity comes up behind Pen]

Fire Exity: Uhh, Pen?

Pen: What do you want? Also, don’t scare me like that.

Fire Exity: Since we used to be on the same team, I thought you would want to help me!

Pen: Help you? I would say no, but I’ll help you for once.

Fire Exity: Why would you say no?

Pen: Just because I want to be safe first, and now that we’re working separately, times are different. I wouldn’t want to give you any chances.

Fire Exity: You won’t be safe first anyway. Green Face was.

Pen: Whatever!

[Suitcase is working behind them]

Suitcase: Fire Exity! I think I got something!

Fire Exity: I’m working with Pen anyway.

Pen: I know what to do. [he scoops large amounts of dough away so he’s at the bottom of the tub. He then moves other to the area Suitcase was working and snatches her trinket. He then swims back up] Question Box! I found one of the things!

Question Box: What is it?

Pen: It’s like some sort of ring with flowers on it.

Question Box: That’s one of the items! Pen, you’re safe.

Pen: Oh yeah!

Suitcase: Hang on! Where’s the thing I was looking for? I swear it was just here.

Pen: Hehe.

Suitcase: Did you swipe it from under me?

Pen: Maybe.

Suitcase: Oh, come on!

[scene cuts to Broken Bone’s attempts]

Broken Bone: Ew, this stuff is all sticky and hard. Don’t you agree, Xbox Logo?

Xbox Logo: You’re right. It’s harder for me to move around with my lack of arms.

Glovey: Hey! Don’t bother Xbox Logo unless you wanna join our alliance.

Xbox Logo: It’s fine, Glovey. No need to get worked up about that.

Broken Bone: Yeah, also I wasn’t bothering him.

Xbox Logo: In fact, I don’t consider myself bothered by you at all.

Glovey: Ugh, whatever. I’m just looking for one of the things in the dough.

Xbox Logo: Yeah. We’re here to search, not to gossip.

CN Logo: [swims over] Xbox Logo, why do you always seem like you think you’re right?

Xbox Logo: I hate to be like that, but I just want to help people.

CN Logo: But-

Xbox Logo: I advise you get to work. Try finding one of the items so you don’t get eliminated.

Glovey: Hey, CN Logo? Why do you treat a member of the alliance like that?

CN Logo: It’s just my opinion- Who cares.

[scene cuts to Candy Corn finding something]

Candy Corn: Hey! You guys sure seem like an unstable alliance.

Glovey: OH YEAH!?

Candy Corn: Well, you’re getting into arguments and all...

Xbox Logo: I think it’s very rude of you to say that.

Candy Corn: Xbox Logo? Why don’t you agree with me?

Glovey: If you disrespect the alliance, you get PUNCHED! [punches Candy Corn]

Candy Corn: [acts weird] WAA WAA WAA WAA WAA WAA WAA- Ooh. What’s this?

CN Logo: Guys! He might’ve found an item...

Candy Corn: Question Box! I found a camera!

Question Box: Well Candy Corn, that means that you are safe!

Candy Corn: Woo-hoo! See ya, weird dough thing! [jumps out]

Green Face: I’m so glad I’m safe already.

Pen: Me too.

Candy Corn: Hey, guys! I just found a camera in there. So, now I’m safe aswell.

Pen: That’s... Great! Happy to hear that.

Green Face: Ugh, Pen? What if that camera recorded Candy Corn?

Pen: That’s unlikely. Otherwise, it’d be on!

Green Face: Hmm, you’re right.

[scene cuts to Cherries and Fire Exity]

Cherries (1): So yeah, the teams are split up.

Cherries (2): Weird, isn’t it?

Fire Exity: Yeah. I’m not a team captain anymore.

Cherries (2): Neither are we. Also, nobody can help us out.

Cherries (1): However, we’re a team, and we stick together!

Fire Exity: I’m just alone though. My teammates have gone their separate ways. Suitcase went to Pea, Pen went to Green Face, but I haven’t made any new friends yet.

Cherries (1): Well... I think I know what you’re trying to say.

Cherries (2): You need a friend to help you out?

Fire Exity: I don’t think you do understand. You at least will always have eachother.

Cherries (2): Yeah, if you think of it that way...

Cherries (1): Then we’re sorry. For not helping. [they go away]

Fire Exity: No! I mean- Darn.

[scene cuts to Suitcase and Pea]

Pea: Hey, Suitcase.

Suitcase: Hi there!

Pea: Y’know how we’re both armless?

Suitcase: Yes?

Pea: Well, that could make us a good team. Don’t you think?

Suitcase: We might be able to get along well.

Pea: Great! We can be friends!

Suitcase: Oh! I think I found something in this dough.

Pea: What is it?

Suitcase: Well, it has a handle. It feels quite heavy.

Pea: Hmm, that’s interesting. I’ll try to swim down in this stuff to check it out. [he digs down further] Keep kicking it away! I’m feeling something!

Suitcase: Kick it? It seems to be stuck, actually!

Pea: You’re gonna have to swim downwards too.

Suitcase: Why?

Pea: It’s stuck in the dough. We need to get down on the same level to rid the- [she was stopped]

Suitcase: Rid the what? [there is silence] Well, I’ll do what he said. [she scoops away some of the dough. She arrives at the bottom of the tub, where she finds Donut]

Donut: Hey there, Suitcase. You’re after that thing too, ay?

Suitcase: Well yeah.

Donut: It’s gonna be mine!

Pea: [kicks Donut] No way!

Donut: Ouch! Well, looks like you’re asking for a brawl. Take this! [he punches Pea back]

Pea: Grrr! [he kicks back again]

Donut: Haha, that did nothing. Wait - what’s that sound? [he looks up, and gets covered in dough]


Donut: Heeeeelp!

[Fire Exity appears to be on top of the dough]

Fire Exity: Oh, hey guys. [picks up the item stuck in the dough. It was revealed to be a briefcase] Ooh! Lemme hand this to Question Box. [she swims back up]

Pea: Darn!

Suitcase: That’s so annoying! She got away with it.

Fire Exity: Hey, Question Box! I found something.

Question Box: My briefcase? How’d that get in there? [he opens it, revealing a lot of money inside]

Fire Exity: That’s weird. There’s also a teddy bear in there.

Question Box: Well, the sight of that teddy bear deems you safe. Well done.

Fire Exity: Oh, yay!

Glovey: You’re safe? Oh, come on! [he stubs his toe] OUCH!

Xbox Logo: Are you okay?

Glovey: No! I stubbed my toe! Ouch!

Xbox Logo: Look. There’s an action figure. That’s what you stubbed your toe on.

Question Box: Did you say action figure? You’re safe!

Xbox Logo: Today is my lucky day!

Glovey: Today is my super unlucky day. I’ve been roasted, I stubbed my toe and NOW lost my chance to win?

Xbox Logo: I’m sure you’ll find something eventually.

Glovey: Yeah, right.

Cherries (1): Hey, Glovey!

Glovey: What?

Cherries (1): Did you notice more people are becoming safe?

Cherries (2): You might be up for elimination.

Glovey: So will you if you keep talking to me.

Cherries (1): But- I’m, actually not going to argue.

Cherries (2): Let’s go!

[Cherries walk off, leaving Glovey to look for the items]

Glovey: Hmm. I need to be safe, time to steal the objects from other people.

[he dashes off to see Broken Bone]

Glovey: Heyyyyy, Broken Bone!

Broken Bone: Huh. You’re talking to me. We’ve barely interacted in this show.

Glovey: Yeah, but I thought I’d look for objects to get! I thought you would be near some. [he digs down and notices a pencil behind him]

Broken Bone: Something seems off here.

Glovey: Oh-hoh-hoh! What are you talking about?

Broken Bone: I don’t know. [he hits his back on the pencil] Urgh! What’s that? [he tries to pick it up, but Glovey grabs it too] Hey! Get off that!

Glovey: Argh! Hey!

Broken Bone: [grabs it] Haha. Question Box, I found a pencil in your dough bowl.

Question Box: It’s a tub. Whatever, you’re safe.

Broken Bone: Ha, take that Glovey.

Glovey: grrrrrrrrr.... Time for another strategy.

Suitcase: Hey Pen, don’t you think the challenges are starting to get tougher?

Pen: I suppose?

Suitcase: Oh! I think I found a thingy in the dough! [picks it out] It’s a cup!

Pen: Nice. I was safe a while ago, but it’s nice that you won’t be going anywhere.

Glovey: Shoot!

Suitcase: Hey Question Box, I found this little blue cup.

Question Box: Well, that makes you safe! Nice work!

Glovey: AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Why do you get to win this? I’m stuck here without an item, and you’re going to go be safe with your friends! You’re just an armless weakling who doesn’t deserve what you get!

Suitcase: I guess you don’t like me.

Pen: Glovey.... Not cool.


Pen: Shush. Don’t upset her.

Glovey: Fine. A glove’s gotta do what he’s gotta do to win powers, I guess. So I must continue to find items. [he swims off]

Suitcase: That was sudden.

Donut: Tell me about it! Such a change in the mood!

Pen: Oh, hi Donut.

Donut: Hey. There’s something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest.

Pen: Yeah?

Donut: Well, why did you leave our team in the first place?

Pen: I wanted to be with my bro, SB.

Donut: But you were just fine with us.

Pen: That is true, but in episode 4, you were up for elimination. It’s good that I escaped from that sinking ship.

Donut: You... refer to the Imaginators as “a sinking ship”?

Pen: Well, kinda. You had Spikey Ruler, aka the whiny boss, Broken Bone who was an emo, Green Face who was just a background character and then Candy Corn, who only existed to keep -1 at bay, another useless member of your team.

Donut: Wow. You can’t just say that, man!

Pen: o-oh. Jeez, did I really just say that?

Donut: I would be super angry right now, but since you took it back, I can relate. You did insult our teammates, but it’s just your opinion.

Glovey: Aha! You respect his opinion, but he is insulting people! He is wrong, and I am right!

Donut: Who cares about the old teams anyway?

Pen: I don’t.

Glovey: Well, I do! So don’t be offensive about em.

Donut: Ugh, this dough is really sticky and it makes me feel sick. Hang on....

Pen: Hm?

Glovey: NO!

Donut: I found one of those chattering teeth thingys! Cool.

Question Box: Donut, you’re safe!

Donut: Oh really? Finally.

Question Box: This also means we have the 4 contestants who are up for elimination. For some reason, they’re all previous members of the Cool Crew. Come out, and follow me.

Pea: Oh no!

CN Logo: Yikes.

Cherries (1): Uh oh.

Cherries (2): I don’t like this.

Glovey: [sigh] Ugh.

Question Box: Safe contestants! Go to the voting booth!

[scene cuts to the UFE contestants]

Pea: It’s weird how we’re back together to be UFE.

Cherries (1): I just hope that I’m-

Cherries (2): You mean ‘we’.

Cherries (1): Oh yeah, right. I just hope that we aren’t eliminated!

CN Logo: Xbox Logo got to be safe. He’s an annoying little twerp.


CN Logo: Fine.

Glovey: Good.

Question Box: Okay, we have the votes! Let’s see who will be flung. Also, today’s prizes are bottles of water!

Cherries (1): I hope we’re not out!

Question Box: Well, you’re not. Cherries are safe with no votes.

Cherries (1): Phew.

Cherries (2): That’s awesome!

Cherries (1): Now we can stay hydrated too!

Question Box: CN Logo is the next one safe, with one vote.

CN Logo: Phew. Now I have this water bottle. [he presses it on his head] Ahhh, it’s so cold.

Question Box: Now it’s down to Pea and Glovey. Pea, you’ve been a background character recently. Glovey, you got more of a spotlight today, however for doing bad things. Let’s see who’s going home.

Pea: Oh god...

Glovey: Shoot...

Question Box: Pea got 2 votes and Glovey is eliminated with 5!

Glovey: No! Is it because I got mad at people?

Suitcase: Like me? Yes.

Glovey: Well, looks like I’m eliminated. Fling me! [he gets flung to the Cloud Chamber]

Cherries (1): Let’s be fair, we all wanted him gone eventually.

Cherries (2): Yeah. He was a jerk!

The Stinger

[scene cuts to the Cloud Chamber]

Knife: Glovey?

Glovey: Knife?

Snowball: Wait, Glovey turned up here?

Glovey: I sure did.

Marker: I still don’t know why I was eliminated...

Balloony: You were a background character who got barely any screentime! As for me...

Lightbulb: I lost because I lost some unfair egg & spoon race.

Soap: I will admit your elimination was pretty unfair.

Knife: Well, it doesn’t look like there’s much hope for us.

Glovey: Yeah. We’re stuck here.

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