Reel In A Win is the eighth episode of Clash For Object Supremacy.


Before The Challenge

[Xbox Logo is sitting alone at sea, when he is met by Glovey]

Xbox Logo: Hey, Glovey. What brings you here?

Glovey: I was looking for you.

Xbox Logo: Oh! Why?

Glovey: Well, do you want to start an alliance?

Xbox Logo: An alliance? I guess I’ll join.

Glovey: Yay!

Xbox Logo: Thing is, is why do you want to start an alliance?

Glovey: Because we can advance in this game.

Xbox Logo: But the teams are still a thing. Why?

Glovey: Well, we can make an alliance out of our team!

Xbox Logo: That doesn’t really make sense to me.

Glovey: Well, eh. Maybe this alliance doesn’t have to help us win! Maybe we can just hang out!

Xbox Logo: Well, sounds fine to me. Do you have any ideas for other members?

Glovey: Maybe CN Logo would want to join. Don’t you agree?

Xbox Logo: He may want to join, yes.

Glovey: Okay! Do you know where he is? I don’t.

Xbox Logo: Well, I saw him a while ago. He was entering the forest, but I don’t know why.

Glovey: Should I go look for him in the forest?

Xbox Logo: No. Unknowny lives in the forest, and he could take your life.

Glovey: Whatever, CFOS Is Good Sign can just recover me.

Xbox Logo: It would be good manners to not rely on him and actually try to keep your life. We did it last episode, so you might want to try now!

Glovey: Okay, I suppose. pfft.

[scene cuts to the Cherries watching them]

Cherries (1): Why is Glovey hanging out with Xbox Logo?

Cherries (2): He did say he wanted to be a better person in Episode 4.

Cherries (1): But last challenge, he was mean to armless people!

Cherries (2): That’s where it gets odd.

Cherries (1): We’ll figure this one out soon.

Cherries (2): Maybe not now, I feel like a stalker.

Cherries (1): Me too.

Cherries (2): Let’s go find Pea.

[scene cuts to The Win Maniacs talking]

Pen: What a weird elimination!

Fire Exity: Agreed. Marker got eliminated? Why him?

Pen: Well, I don’t really know how to say it.

Suitcase: He didn’t really help us?

Pen: Well yeah. But on his other teams he did so well! Remember the first challenge? Back when I was on the Imaginators, we lost.

Fire Exity: I remember it. He did quite well.

Pen: Yeah. Did he do so well or did we do so bad?

Suitcase: I don’t know. One thing for sure, is that Question Box may be starting the challenge soon.

Fire Exity: He doesn’t start it THIS early, y’know?

Suitcase: Whatever.

Pen: I agree with Fire Exity. He usually gives us a little break before he begins.

Suitcase: Turns out I was wrong then.

Pen: Hang on! What’s CN Logo doing in the forest?

Fire Exity: He’s not in the forest.

Pen: He was leaving the forest just now!

Fire Exity: Really?

Pen: Yeah.

Fire Exity: Hang on. Wouldn’t Unknowny be in the forest?

Pen: This is confusing.

[scene cuts to CN Logo going back to Glovey and Xbox Logo]

CN Logo: Hello guys.

Glovey: We were looking for you just now!

CN Logo: Were you?

Xbox Logo: That’s correct. Me and Glovey have started an alliance and we were looking for a third member. We assumed you would be a loyal member.

CN Logo: Yeah, I’d be a good member.

Glovey: Also, where were you?

CN Logo: I was just in the forest.

Glovey: Doing what?

CN Logo: That’s a secret. I want to keep that to myself.

Xbox Logo: If you say so. You don’t have to tell us!

CN Logo: Well, our alliance is now formed!

Glovey: Yay!

Xbox Logo: Woohoo!

[scene cuts to The Imaginators playing]

Green Face: So, you just want to play a game?

Broken Bone: Yeah. I’m mega bored.

Green Face: Donut? What should we play?

Donut: Maybe you should play Tag.

Green Face: Okay!

Broken Bone: ..really?

Green Face: Yeah, really! So, you wanna play?

Broken Bone: Well, I guess I’ll play.

[Broken Bone runs away but Green Face tags him]

Broken Bone: Gah!

Green Face: Tag! You now have to tag me!

Broken Bone: That’s not fair. You can fly and I can’t.

Green Face: Oh well, who cares?

Broken Bone: Whatever. Stupid pointless game.

Donut: Hey Broken Bone, do you hope we’ll win the next challenge?

Broken Bone: Well yeah.

Donut: Maybe we can breathe creative life into The Imaginators again!

Broken Bone: If you think we can do that, yeah. Whatever.

Candy Corn: I just feel so dull! Don’t you guys too?

Green Face: No?

Broken Bone: No, because I was never close to -1.

Candy Corn: But I was! He was my best friend.

Broken Bone: Well, I guess it sucks if your friend gets eliminated.

Donut: Broken Bone, a lot of our friends are going to get eliminated now! We’ve got rid of the mean people, so now the remaining contestants are somewhat decent!

Broken Bone: Jeez. I never actually thought about that!

[scene cuts to Question Box and ! Block organising the challenge. They are sitting next to a broken bridge suspended over a river]

Question Box: So we need to get fishing rods?

! Block: Sure do.

Question Box: How are we going to make fishing rods?

! Block: We don’t.

Question Box: You what?

! Block: We use nets!

Question Box: Umm, okay? At least the contestants can still catch the fish-

! Block: Just kidding, I actually have fishing rods.

Question Box: You could’ve said that in the first place.

! Block: Yeah, but that wouldn’t have been funny! Haha!

Question Box: Thing is, is that you pulling that trick wasn’t funny either.

! Block: Let’s just go show the contestants the new challenge.

The Challenge Begins

Question Box: Everybody! It’s time for the eighth challenge.

Glovey: Ooh!

Question Box: Today’s challenge is a fishing challenge.

Xbox Logo: Hmph. This seems interesting.

Glovey: It sure is!

Question Box: Follow me to the broken river. That’s where the challenge will be held.

[All 3 teams follow Question Box. Scene cuts to Green Face and Balloony]

Balloony: Hey Green Face. It’s been a while.

Green Face: Yeah. The fact we’re passing the forest makes me a little anxious.

Balloony: Me too. Unknowny could be in there, remember?

Green Face: He would be in there. He killed me last episode!

Balloony: I saw him kill Suitcase, and then he killed me and Pen!

Green Face: He wiped out our team after, I think.

Balloony: Anyways, enough about the last challenge. I’m excited for today’s contest!

Green Face: Yeah, I guess.

Balloony: Whatever, let’s go.

[they arrive at the Broken bridge]

Question Box: Everybody, get your fishing rods. You can also have a piece of cheese for bait.

Broken Bone: A piece of mouldy cheese!? That would never help!

Donut: It’s not like I have any other bait.

Green Face: We need a creative way to seize victory, remember?

Candy Corn: Well, I have some pieces of candy. Who knows? They may go wild for the stuff.

Broken Bone: Let’s give it a shot.

Question Box: Ready, set, FISH!

The Challenge

[scene cuts to The Win Maniacs]

Suitcase: Okay, I’ve got this under control.

Fire Exity: Anything yet?

Suitcase: No, but I see some things going around in circles in the water.

Fire Exity: Hmm, try moving your rod.

Suitcase: Okay then! [she moves it slightly, and then jolts back] ooh! I got a bite! A bite!

Pen: Reel it in, Suitcase!

[the fish turns out to be a medium-sized fish. They add it to a small bucket next to Balloony]

Question Box: Congrats, Win Maniacs! You have reeled in a medium-sized fish! That earns you 3 points. Just so you know, small fish get you 1 point and big fish get you 5 points.

Suitcase: W-Wow!

Pen: Excellent job, Suitcase!

Suitcase: Thanks, Pen!

Balloony: Yeah, can I try and catch a fish this time?

Suitcase: But why?

Balloony: I just want to. I can probably get you lot a big fish.

Fire Exity: I can assure you that the big fish are probably hard to get.

Balloony: For you at least. Ha.

Pen: Balloony! Stop being mean!

Balloony: Oh right, yeah. The meanies get eliminated!

[the scene cuts to The Cool Crew Making their attempts at catching fish]

Glovey: Ahhhh, Blue Tetramino would’ve loved this challenge...

Xbox Logo: Why? I thought he would like challenges that involve hurting other people, since he was a bully, y’know?

Glovey: Possibly, but he told me he liked fishing. He could’ve actually won this one for his team!

Cherries (2): I got a bite, guys!

Cherries (1): Okay then, reel it in.

Cherries (2): I can’t! It’s too heavy!

Cherries (1): Ooh, we got a big fish!

[they reel the fish out of the water, and it is a small fish]

Glovey: Huh.

Cherries (2): A small fish?

Xbox Logo: How did you find such a small fish so hard to reel in?

Glovey: Xbox Logo, she’s just a weakling.

CN Logo: That’s a bit mean.

Glovey: Whatever!

CN Logo: If you think you’re so good at catching fish, YOU have a go!

Glovey: Good point. Cherries, give me the fishing rod.

Cherries (1): Absolutely!

Cherries (2): Are you having a go?

Glovey: Yep.

Cherries (1): Please catch us a good fish.

Glovey: Don’t worry, I’m on it. You can count on me. [he catches something]

Cherries (2): Ooh! Did you get something?

Glovey: I felt something. Time to reel it in.

CN Logo: It looks big from here!

[the fish is a medium-sized fish]

Question Box: Congratulations, Glovey. Your team is on 4 points, ahead of everyone else.

Cherries (1): Give us credit!

Cherries (2): We reeled in a small fish.

Question Box: [sigh] fine. You did good too.

Pea: Can I have a go next?

Xbox Logo: I think it’s fair for you to have a go, yes.

[scene cuts to The Imaginators]

Donut: Team! Spikey Ruler would’ve wanted us to win creatively. Any thoughts on how to win this one?

Candy Corn: Maybe we could switch the bait.

Donut: Good plan! Let’s do it!

Broken Bone: Does anyone have anything? I sure don’t.

Green Face: Well, I brought a lollipop for if I got hungry.

Broken Bone: Lollipops aren’t that filling, y’know?

Green Face: Whatever, we can use it for bait.

Candy Corn: Would the fish be attracted to a lollipop though?

Green Face: Let’s see.

[Green Face takes the fishing rod and modifies it. He then successfully reels in a small fish]

Green Face: Woo! A fish!

Donut: Yes!

Broken Bone: Eh, I could’ve done that.

Candy Corn: Hooray! We won’t be up for elimination!

Broken Bone: Candy Corn, we might still lose, you idiot.

Candy Corn: What was that for? Now I know why Spikey Ruler hated you.

Broken Bone: So now you want to side with an eliminated contestant. Fantastic.

Candy Corn: It’s just-

Broken Bone: I will probably win this show anyway.


[there is silence for a second]

Donut: C-Candy Corn?

Candy Corn: Sorry, I got mad.

Broken Bone: W-woah.

Green Face: Hate to interrupt the drama, but I just got a big fish!

Donut: Really? Show me!

[Green Face holds the fish in the air]

Question Box: Congratulations, Green Face. You are now in the lead for reeling in such a fish. Your team now has 6 points.

Candy Corn: See? Maybe we can win.

Broken Bone: Huh.

[scene cuts to Unknowny in the forest]

Unknowny: Huh. They’re doing another dumb challenge. Oh well, I should leave them alone for now.

[scene cuts to The Cool Crew]

Pea: Anything yet?

Glovey: Nope.

CN Logo: Ooh, this doesn’t look good!

Pea: Something will come our way, trust me.

Xbox Logo: Let’s hope that happens.

Cherries (1): Look at The Imaginators’ fishing rod! Something seems off.

Cherries (2): I see that too.

Glovey: In fact, I can see fish swimming to them eagerly!

Question Box: Congrats, Candy Corn! You got a small fish!

Glovey: See what I mean?

Xbox Logo: It does seem weird. I’ll go take a closer look at their rod. [he notices the lollipop they used as bait] They’ve changed their bait!

Glovey: Woah!

Cherries (1): Whatever it is, we should steal it.

Cherries (2): Then we can win!

CN Logo: No need to. I have this fish attractor gizmo! [he holds up a device. It has a grey ball connected to a large hook] It will attract fish for sure.

Glovey: Where’d you get that? I want one.

Xbox Logo: Do you need a second one anyway?

CN Logo: Well, I can’t remember to be honest.

Glovey: Darn! I wanted to get one of my own.

Xbox Logo: I don’t trust this thing, but I’ll let you use it.

Glovey: Go ahead, CN Logo! Put it on!

CN Logo: Okay then, Glovey! [he puts the device on, and a medium-sized fish swims to him]

Question Box: The Cool Crew have just gotten a medium-sized fish! Congrats to them!

Glovey: Yes!

Xbox Logo: I stand corrected! The device really does work!

[scene cuts to The Win Maniacs]

Balloony: I haven’t caught anything yet.

Fire Exity: Gah! This is making me so stressed!

Pen: C’mon, Balloony! Can you try and reel in something?

Balloony: I’ll try. [he reels in nothing]

Fire Exity: Gah! Let me have a go! [she shoves Balloony out of the way, and everyone gasps]

Balloony: Whoa! [he falls into the water] Argh! I can’t swim!

Pen: Hold onto the sides of the river, Balloony!

Balloony: [struggling for breath] ahh, thanks Pen. How will I get out, though?

Pen: Great. Now we can’t get you out.

Fire Exity: Nononononono! Nothing yet!! [a small fish bites her rod] Ooh! A fish.

Suitcase: Reel it in, Fire Exity! This might be our only chance!

Fire Exity: [she reels it in] Oh. It’s rather small!

Suitcase: Huh. That’s not good, is it?

Balloony: All this work for a small fish!?

Question Box: Congrats, Win Maniacs! You have caught a small fish. One point to you. Sadly, you’re still in last.

Suitcase: What? No! This is horrible. I’m going to get eliminated!

Fire Exity: Be quiet.

Question Box: Balloony! Mind I ask what you’re doing in the water?

Pen: Balloony got pushed aside by Fire Exity.

Fire Exity: WHAT!? I never did that!

Balloony: You did, Fire Exity.

Question Box: Enough with the chit chat. Challenge time is nearly up, so you might want to reel in a big fish.

Fire Exity: Oh! Right.

[scene cuts to The Cool Crew]

Pea: Let’s take the fish attractor for another spin!

CN Logo: I’m happy that you’re using it, guys.

Pea: I just think it’s a very handy tool.

Xbox Logo: May I have a go at reeling in some fish?

Pea: Sure.

[Xbox Logo tries to reel in a fish, and he reels in a medium-sized fish]

Xbox Logo: Wow! I actually got something.

Glovey: Yes, Xbox Logo! We’re gonna win this!

Xbox Logo: Heh. I feel proud of myself.

The Challenge Ends

Question Box: Okay everyone, challenge time is up!

Fire Exity: Oh great, we’re gonna lose.

! Block: And the Win Maniacs should be called the Lose Maniacs, since they lost!

Fire Exity: No!

Suitcase: Come on!

Question Box: Hey, I wanted to say that!

! Block: Whatever, they know now.

Fire Exity: We sure do, and I hate the news!

Pen: I don’t want to be eliminated.

Fire Exity: We all don’t, idiot.

Pen: Sheesh! Rude...

Question Box: And The Cool Crew had the most points, that number being 10.

Xbox Logo: 10 points? I think we’re doing quite well so far in this show!

Glovey: You’re right.

Xbox Logo: I had a rough start, being eliminated first, but then I rejoined!

Glovey: Also, we lost twice after you were eliminated.

Xbox Logo: I’m just glad to be out of that dreadful, unhygienic Cloud Chamber!

CN Logo: It was unhygienic in there? What does that mean?

Glovey: I don’t know. Tell us, Xbox Logo!

Xbox Logo: It just means it was really dirty.

Glovey: Hmm, Okay then. Thanks for telling me!

Xbox Logo: No problem. I’m happy that you learnt something new!

Glovey: Hmm, I suppose.

Question Box: The Win Maniacs, you know the drill. Follow me to the elimination area where you will wait until the opposing teams have casted their votes.

Fire Exity: Got it! [to team] Guys, let’s go do this thing.

Suitcase: I don’t really want to. I don’t want to be eliminated.

Fire Exity: It will be fine, Suitcase. Balloony’s obviously going to the Cloud Chamber since he couldn’t catch us any fish.

Balloony: That’s mean. I tried my best, Fire Exity.

Fire Exity: Blah blah, Whatever.

Pen: You’re not acting like a good team leader!

Fire Exity: And YOU should follow me to the elimination area!

Question Box: Stop arguing and go, please.

[a montage shows the team walking towards the elimination area. The camera after a while stops following them and instead zooms into the forest, where Unknowny watches the show]

Unknowny: They’re going to do an elimination. Wait! If Question Box sends them to here last episode, then it’s like he knows my existence. That’s not intended! I need to have a second chance on ruining his day.

[scene cuts to Question Box with the Win Maniacs]

Question Box: How do you feel about being up for elimination again?

Fire Exity: It’s AWFUL!

Balloony: It’s mainly your fault for being a bad team leader.

Fire Exity: You couldn’t catch any fish, you idiot. Stop trying to be so bold.

Question Box: Wow, this season doesn’t have any good team captains. Maybe you guys need to-

Unknowny: BOO!

Question Box: ARGH! WHO ARE YOU!?

Suitcase: He killed me last episode! At least, that’s what Pen told me.

Pen: Then he went for me! Question Box, what are you going to do?

Question Box: EVERYBODY! RUN!!

The Escape

Donut: Imaginators! We need to get out of here.

Candy Corn: Oh god, Unknowny’s here! -1 would’ve hated this.

Broken Bone: Yeah, he hates Unknowny.

Candy Corn: He really did. We all have a right to be spooked, since he killed us all last episode.

Donut: Then why does he want revenge?

Candy Corn: I don’t actually know. Where should we run to?

Donut: Let’s follow Question Box. Hurry guys, hurry!

Question Box: Everyone! In the forest!

Unknowny: You’ll never be able to outrun me, fool. I can just glitch around and catch up. Your attempts are useless.

Question Box: I don’t care! I’m just caring after my contestants! Wait, where’s ! Block?

[scene cuts to ! Block, back near the broken river]

! Block: Huh. Why is there a lollipop in the water? Did a contestant have this? [he turns around to go to the elimination area, and finds no-one there] Where did everyone go? Question Box should be doing the elimination now. Unless...

Unknowny: [appears] HI.

! Block: Argh! What do you want?

Unknowny: You were left behind when the others escaped. That means you have to die.

! Block: No! Please don’t do this!

Unknowny: HAHAHAHAHA! [he runs towards the camera, and then it glitches out]

[the screen is black. Sounds of some sticks are heard, and then a small fire was lit, lighting up the surrounding area. Question Box, Pen, Suitcase and Cherries could be seen]

Cherries (1): Are we safe now?

Cherries (2): I don’t see Unknowny around.

Question Box: We are, which means that we can now do the elimination. I had already received 80% of the votes. If you did not vote, please tell me your votes.

Green Face: Okay then.

[scene cuts to The Win Maniacs, the losing team]

Pen: So, we’re up for elimination. Please tell me Unknowny will come and mess things up so we don’t have to do it!

Balloony: Really, Pen? We could die!

Pen: Oh, right. What about CFOS Is Good Sign? He can recover us.

Balloony: But we don’t know where he is. He could’ve been killed by Unknowny too.

Pen: I don’t think you’ll be eliminated, by the way.

Fire Exity: But I do! You’re the reason we’re here, Balloony!

Suitcase: Can you leave him alone for that?

Fire Exity: No! He deserves to be eliminated.

Pen: Don’t you realise that you’ll be eliminated because of karma?

Fire Exity: But I’m the team leader! I’ll never get eliminated.

Pen: What about Spikey Ruler? She was eliminated in episode 6. You don’t want to end up like her, right?

Fire Exity: You’re actually right. What have I done? I’m the reason Soap got eliminated, and I failed The Cool Crew. So I tried to have a fresh start, but I only pulled you guys out of your stable teams into my failure.

Suitcase: Fire Exity, it doesn’t have to be like that!

Fire Exity: Guys, am I a bad team leader?

Pen: Just, keep improving yourself, okay?

Fire Exity: Okay.

The Elimination

Question Box: Everyone! It's time for the elimination! The prizes are these random leaves. I would give you a different prize, but I forgot to bring it with me when we ran away.

Pen: Aw man!

Question Box: Suitcase is the first one safe.

Suitcase: Yay! [she chews it] I'm a herbivore! Woo!

Question Box: The next one safe is Pen.

Pen: Phew. Suitcase, you can have my leaf, since I know you love them. I just think it's a lame prize, so I gave it to you.

Suitcase: Thank you, Pen! I can become a herbivore!

Question Box: Now it's down to Balloony and Fire Exity. Balloony, you couldn't catch any fish in the challenge. Fire Exity, you unfairly punished that. Let's see who's eliminated!

Suitcase: Great. Now I don't want either of you to go!

Question Box: And Balloony is OUT!

Balloony: What?

Question Box: Well, we have our next safe contestant. Fire Exity, have a leaf.

Fire Exity: Oh my gosh. Thank you. Also, what was the planned prize?

Question Box: They were going to be hats.

Pen: Now I really want a nice looking hat!

Balloony: Question Box, why do I have to go? Just because I'm not good at something? This is an outrage!

Question Box: Well, the other teams had decided.

Balloony: Fire Exity, it was your fault, wasn't it? I hope you feel proud of yourself after getting a second person eliminated.

Question Box: Now, how am I going to eliminate you?

Balloony: Hmm, I don’t know. Looks like I stay!

Question Box: No, you’re still eliminated.

Pen: Can’t you do the snappy-thing? You used that to summon buildings for competitions, so maybe it can fling Balloony.

Question Box: No, me snapping my fingers cannot send people flying. [he looks up] huh. The Cloud Chamber!

Pen: Maybe you can throw him up there!

Question Box: I’ll try. [he throws him, and Balloony doesn’t go in. However, on the way back down, he falls onto a tree and gets popped]

Suitcase: Ouch! My ears!

Question Box: At least Balloony isn’t part of the show anymore.

Suitcase: But... my ears....

Xbox Logo: Do we even have ears? I don’t see them on anybody.

Glovey: Well, we can hear.

Xbox Logo: But, how?

Glovey: I dunno. I don’t know how our bodies work.

Xbox Logo: Especially with them being very complex and different.

Question Box: Enough with that. I think it’s safe to return to the main area where the show takes place. Everyone, follow me.

Back To Main Area

[scene cuts to everyone following Question Box]

Green Face: Oh my gosh, Broken Bone!

Broken Bone: What is it?

Green Face: Balloony just got eliminated! We were in a small alliance, remember?

Glovey: There’s only one alliance around here, dummy.

Green Face: Nosey! Also, the alliance is disbanded.

Broken Bone: Yeah, I don’t think he really deserved it. Anyways, Unknowny’s been disturbing the show, hasn’t he? It sucks.

Green Face: Yeah, it’s starting to bother me. Does it bother you?

Broken Bone: It really does.

Question Box: Guys! Remember to look around if you see Unknowny.

Broken Bone: We should be fine, he lost us anyway.

Question Box: Still!

Pen: Question Box, where do you think Unknowny actually went?

Question Box: I don’t know, hopefully away from this land for quite some time.

Fire Exity: Hey Pen.

Pen: What, Fire Exity?

Fire Exity: I don’t know why, but I feel like a really awful person that’s starting to damage the show.

Pen: That’s absurd! Why?

Fire Exity: Because I got two people eliminated - Soap and Balloony.

Pen: Well, I know that you were trying to help in Episode 3. But now you got Balloony eliminated. I just want you to know that, despite Balloony being eliminated, you’ll start to get targeted for doing bad things, and not the retaliating victim.

Fire Exity: Yeah, I have been a bit silly, haven’t I?

Pen: You have, but you want to win those powers, right?

Fire Exity: Totally!

Pen: So keep at it! Keep improving yourself, and you’ll eventually get to the point where you win the show!

Fire Exity: I didn’t expect you to help with my problems like that. Thanks, Pen.

Pen: Don’t mention it. Let’s just continue walking and talking.

Question Box: AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH! [he starts crying very loudly]

Glovey: Oh god. Question Box, are you okay?

Xbox Logo: Question Box! Are you in trouble?

Question Box: ! Block, my bestest brother... [he says something, but it gets drowned out by collective confusion and crying]

Suitcase: Did something happen to ! Block?

Question Box: [he starts to stutter] Y-y-yes-es! [he continues to cry]

Broken Bone: I wonder what’s up with him.

Green Face: Hey Broken Bone, I’ve started to have enough of this Object Show. We’re constantly faced with tragedy after tragedy.

Broken Bone: I know how you feel.


Pen: O-oh my god!

Fire Exity: His only brother, killed...

Suitcase: I’m going to talk to him...

Candy Corn: I might be better. I can relate to him, as I only lost my precious little -1 last episode.

Suitcase: Whatever, just talk to him.

Candy Corn: I know ! Block was your only brother, but he might be able to get recovered.

Question Box: But CFOS Is Good Sign doesn’t have any information on his body!

Candy Corn: Well, there might be a way.

Question Box: I doubt it.

Candy Corn: Well, even if he’s dead, just remember all the fun times you had with him.

Question Box: That’s going to make me feel even worse than before. Thanks for nothing.

Candy Corn: C’mon! I know he was particularly special, being your brother and all, but there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Xbox Logo: That’s pretty clever, since the challenge was a fishing contest.

Question Box: Huh. Also, he would prank me a lot, which would bug me.

Candy Corn: See? One day, we’ll find a new co-host you like more.

Question Box: I didn’t expect you to help with my problem. Thanks, Candy Corn.

[Candy Corn walks back to her team]

Donut: Wow. Just wow!

Candy Corn: W-what did I do wrong?

Donut: After I helped you, you flawlessly passed your knowledge onto other people! I feel proud of myself now.

Candy Corn: I sure did.

Green Face: Well, today’s been rough, but there’s always a happy ending here on Clash For Object Supremacy.


[scene cuts to the night near the broken bridge]

Suitcase: Wow, look at the water tonight! Wait, I should go eat some grass, since I’m a herbivore.

Fire Exity: Hi, Suitcase.

Suitcase: What are you doing here?

Fire Exity: Nothing, I could just hear you. Who were you talking to?

Suitcase: Oh! Heh heh...

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