Gobble It Up is the sixth episode of Clash For Object Supremacy. This episode is currently unfinished.


Spikey Ruler: Ahh, what a lovely day! The show’s going good for us, right?

Broken Bone: I suppose.

Spikey Ruler: And I’m still the team captain!

Broken Bone: You sure are.

Green Face: Hey Broken Bone! Wanna come with me to my hut in the forest again?

Broken Bone: Sorry, I can’t. I’m making breakfast for Spikey Ruler. Plus, Unknowny is in there.

Green Face: He wasn’t there when we were looking for slips!

Broken Bone: Whatever.

Spikey Ruler: Hey Broken Bone, could you get me a bottle of coke?

Broken Bone: Sure, I guess. [to Green Face while he gets the drink] If you’re so bored, you could help me out.

Green Face: Fine! I will! Spikey Ruler, I’ll get you some toast.

[scene cuts to the Cool Crew]

Xbox Logo: Cherries, why is our team so small?

Cherries (1): Because of The Win Maniacs.

Cherries (2): The new third team.

Cherries (1): They made us lose a lot of our members!

Cherries (2): Now there’s us, you, Pea and Glovey.

Glovey: Hey guys! What’s up?

Cherries (1): Oh nothing. We’re just talking to Xbox Logo!

Cherries (2): About our team!

Glovey: We need to get our members back from The Win Maniacs.

Pea: Glovey! I’ve noticed that you haven’t been as intimidating to me as before.

Glovey: Well, we HAVE always been on the same team, and we’re smaller now, and I don’t have any bros around me...

Pea: Why would that change that?

Glovey: Cuz, you know... Gotta look cool!

Pea: [gasps] Why?

Cherries (1): Whatever, Glovey’s a good person now.

Cherries (2): He doesn’t even need his bros!

Cherries (1): Since he exposed Blue Tetramino.

Glovey: Exactly. I did.

[scene cuts to ! Block and Question Box talking to eachother]

Question Box: So, it’s challenge time now!

! Block: What challenge did you prepare for em’...

Question Box: Eating contest.

! Block: But we have little food!

Question Box: That’s why I ordered more. Pizza, Candy, fruit, donuts-

! Block: Donuts? But Donut is on the show!

Question Box: Huh, you’re right.

! Block: Let’s just not make him eat it.

Question Box: Ok then.

! Block: Also, where is all of this food?

Question Box: It’s set up on several tables.

! Block: Did you do that overnight?

Question Box: Yeah. I lit the place with candles.

! Block: They’ll be useless in the daylight!

[they go to see the food, and see Green Face taking pieces of bread]


Green Face: I was just getting food for Spikey Ruler!


Green Face: N-no, but Broken Bone told me to.

Question Box: Still! DON’T STEAL RANDOM FOOD!

! Block: Yeah, that’s kinda messed up.

Green Face: I-I’m sorry for bothering you! [he runs away, but is stopped when he’s grabbed by Question Box]

Question Box: I’m not letting you get away with that.

! Block: What are you-

Question Box: I must. Green Face, this is your punishment.

Green Face: What- [his arms are ripped off]

Question Box: That is your punishment for stealing things that are necessary for the show.

Green Face: Ow! Ouch! Oh, the pain!! [he runs away]

! Block: What was that?

Question Box: What? I was lettin’ him get away with that.

! Block: Should we just go tell the contestants that it’s challenge time?

Question Box: Yeah.

[scene cuts to Marker and Fire Exity talking to eachother]

Marker: Hey Fire Exity! Do you wanna play Rock Paper Scissors?

Fire Exity: Yeah, something to pass the time.

Marker/Fire Exity: Rock, Paper, Scissors!

[Marker plays paper, and Fire Exity plays scissors]

Fire Exity: I won!

Marker: Nice work.

Pen: I hate to break your game and all, but Question Box over there is gonna announce the challenge!

Marker: Really?

Pen: Yeah, look! He’s right over there!

[scene cuts to Green Face talking to Broken Bone]

Green Face: Broken Bone! Hey!

Broken Bone: Whoa! Where did your arms go? They’re not there!

Green Face: Well, Question Box ripped them off.

Broken Bone: Grrr... Why?

Green Face: Because I apparently stole his food.

Broken Bone: But where was the food?

Green Face: There was loads of it on a table, all lit with candles.

Broken Bone: Okay, now I understand. You can’t go stealing his food randomly!

Spikey Ruler: Hey! Where’s my divine breakfast?

Broken Bone: Well, Green Face couldn’t get it. He has no supplies to make anything unless he steals, which he was punished for.

Green Face: Sorry.

[Spikey Ruler gives them a stern look, and there is a short pause]

Spikey Ruler: Oh well, I was full anyway...

Green Face: Phew.

Broken Bone: Look! Question Box is announcing the challenge!

Question Box: Okay everyone! So today’s challenge is a test of your gut. How much food can you eat from this table? You must take a piece of food from the large table, and take it to your individual tables. Please go to your tables.

[scene cuts to The Cool Crew going to their tables]

Xbox Logo: Well, I’m gonna win this one for us! I LOVE EATING!!

Glovey: Me too! We’re gonna win this.

Cherries (1): Well, as we have a confident team,

Cherries (2): We have no worries!

Cherries (1): Right, Pea?

Pea: Well, I tend to get full rather quick, so sorry...

Glovey: You still gotta help! The other team could be really good-

Cherries (2): We’ll handle this, right?

Cherries (1): Yeah!

Xbox Logo: Right...

[scene cuts to The Imaginators]

Spikey Ruler: Okay! What crazy plan do we have now?

Donut: I dunno...

Broken Bone: Um, try and eat quicker? Eh?

Spikey Ruler: I said ‘crazy plan’.

-1: Rude-poos.

Candy Corn: Well -1, what are you gonna do to win?

-1: Eat EVERYTHING! I can win this for you!

Candy Corn: Yeah, I don’t wanna eat much...

Spikey Ruler: You’re gonna have to! I’m full after my breakfast.

Question Box: GO!

[the challenge begins, and contestants start rushing for the tables]

-1: Feedin’ time!

[he grabs something, but is shoved out of the way by Glovey]


[he is picked up by Candy Corn]

Candy Corn: Glovey! Why’d you knock over -1?

Glovey: We have a challenge to win! Sorry, -1.


Candy Corn: Come on, let’s get this bread!

Spikey Ruler: I’m not gonna. I’m full!

Candy Corn: Whatever! Broken Bone? Can you go get some food?

Broken Bone: Sure, I guess.

Green Face: I can’t do much without my arms!

[scene cuts to The Win Maniacs]

Pen: mmm! This pizza is SO GOOD!

Fire Exity: Yeah! mmm!

Pen: I’m getting more! This challenge is easy.

Balloony: Wow! Pen, you have quite the appetite!

Pen: Sure do! Let’s win this!

Fire Exity: Yeah!

Suitcase: I’ll eat something! [she takes a bite of a cookie]

Pen: What do you think?

Suitcase: OH MY GOSH! [she starts coughing] Ow! Owww!

Fire Exity: Suitcase! Are you okay?

Suitcase: I feel dizzy...

Pen: Not again! What’s happening to our team!?

Suitcase: I dunno... the cookie has some weird green stuff in it now that I look at it...

Fire Exity: It sure does. Luckily, I have some medicine on me to solve this!

Balloony: Do you always carry that on you?

Fire Exity: Yep! Have some! [she puts it on a spoon, and puts the spoon in Suitcase’s mouth]

Suitcase: I feel a bit better now. Thanks!

Fire Exity: No prob! I’m reporting the issue to Question Box.

Marker: Let’s continue to dig in! [Marker runs to the table, and grabs a slice of cake]

Balloony: But what if the other food is poisoned?

Marker: Who knows? I don’t care! I’m winning this!

[scene cuts to Fire Exity reporting the issue]

Fire Exity: Question Box, my teammate Suitcase took a bite of one of your cookies, and became poisoned. Why have you let such a thing happen?

Question Box: Darn! That seller sure was fishy...

Fire Exity: Whatever! Please remove all cookies from the table.

! Block: I’ll do it. [he removes the cookies from the table, and one from The Imaginators’ table]

Broken Bone: Hey!

Question Box: There we go. Problem solved.

[scene cuts to the forest]

Unknowny: Why did Suitcase eat it? She’s not the target. Oh well, I know what to do...

[the scene cuts to The Win Maniacs attempting the challenge]

Glovey: Oh my, my stomach!

Pea: You’ve had 12 burgers now. What did you expect?

Glovey: I feel sick.

Pea: GLOVEY! You’re responsible for that!

Xbox Logo: [with carrot in his mouth] shouldn’t we cure him?

Pea: You’re no better! You’re eating a carrot whole, and you’re talking while eating.

Cherries (1): Hey!

Cherries (2): You’re being a bossy bot!

Cherries (1): We do the bossing ‘round here.

Cherries (2): Right! Now back to winning.

[they both run and get a handful of food. The camera then pans to the challenge The Imaginators are facing]

Spikey Ruler: Okay, how are things going?

Green Face: Not good. I don’t have arms, remember?

-1: I’m eating what I can!

Candy Corn: Me too.

Spikey Ruler: But we need to win this! Break your limits!

Broken Bone: You’re the one being held back by a full stomach-

Spikey Ruler: STOP! You’ve been nothing but a bummer and a burden to our team! I think everyone else agrees that we want you gone. Right?

Donut: Yeah!

-1: Yeah? I guess? Hee Hee.

Candy Corn: He deserves it!

Green Face: Me too. He forced me to make breakfast for Spikey Ruler, which ended up with my arms getting ripped off!

Broken Bone: W-why? W-why are you doing this to me?

Spikey Ruler: You’re no longer on our team. SCRAM!

Broken Bone: I hate you. [he walks away to Question Box]

Question Box: Hello Broken Bone! Please get back to the challenge.

Broken Bone: What’s the point? My team doesn’t want me.

Question Box: Sure they do.

Broken Bone: They don’t. They forced me off the team just because I proved Spikey Ruler wrong. She wasn’t helping the team at all and making us do it. Then she gets the entire team in the mindset that I’m just a pointless loser.

Question Box: That is really sad, Broken Bone. I will give a punishment to Spikey Ruler, and you will remain on their team. Karma will hit them, I’m sure of it.

Broken Bone: Thanks man.

[he walks back to the team with Question Box]

Question Box: Spikey Ruler, you deserve this. [he jabs her in the stomach]

Spikey Ruler: Ouch! [a bit of vomit comes out of her mouth] What was that for?

Question Box: For being a bad team captain. Consider this a penalty.

Spikey Ruler: Ow...

[the scene cuts to The Cool Crew]

Glovey: Seriously, I don’t feel good.

Xbox Logo: Vomit if you need to!

Glovey: Okay! [he vomits right in Xbox Logo’s face]

Xbox Logo: Yuck! AAAAAAAARGH!

Question Box: Times up! ! Block, you were monitoring team progress. Who has lost?

! Block: It was close between The Win Maniacs and The Imaginators, but the letters lose.

Spikey Ruler: This is the worst day of my life!

Donut: Boooooooo!

Question Box: Follow us to the elimination. Everyone else, go to the voting booth.

[scene cuts to the contestants in the elimination arena]

-1: Oh, I’m so scared-poos!

Candy Corn: Me too. I’m worried I’m too boring.

[scene cuts to the voters]

Pen: I’m voting Green Face. Won’t you too?

Suitcase: Yeah! He just looks way different.

Pen: He had his arms ripped off, didn’t you hear?

Suitcase: Woah! That’s weird...

[scene cuts to the elimination]

! Block: The Imaginators, you are up for elimination again. The prizes this time around are candles!

Spikey Ruler: So, who’s safe?

! Block: Donut is. He’s the first one safe. Enjoy your candle.

Donut: Hey, this isn’t an actual flame! [he notices a switch that allows you to change the colour] Woah! Cool.

Question Box: It’s an addition for being the first one Safe. -1, You are also safe.

-1: Yeah!

! Block: Green Face, you are the next person to be announced safe. Enjoy your candle!

Green Face: Nice! I like candles.

Broken Bone: Aw man! Am I really the villain of this story?

Spikey Ruler: You are, loser.

! Block: That may be true, but Broken Bone, you are safe anyways.

Broken Bone: Phew!

Question Box: That narrows it down to Candy Corn and Spikey Ruler.

Spikey Ruler: Buh-bye, Candy Corn!

! Block: You’re right! Spikey Ruler, you’re....

Candy Corn: [starts shouting nonsense]

Question Box: Eliminated.

! Block: I wanted to say that, Question Box.

Candy Corn: Phew! Phew phew phew phew phew!

Spikey Ruler: What? I’m out?

Broken Bone: You are. In the beginning, you were a nice person who had a creative mind, willing to help in challenges. However, that faded. You started to just become a bossy leader. You even tried to expel me from the team just for proving you wrong! And Question Box said karma would get you...

Question Box: Yep.

Broken Bone: Now is the time. Farewell!

[Spikey Ruler is launched into the sky]

Donut: Does that mean I’m the team leader?

-1: Yep. Don’t you agree?

Broken Bone: Yeah, I guess.


[Unknowny is sitting in the forest]

Unknowny: My time will come. It’s all coming together.

Balloony: Are you Okay?

Unknowny: GO AWAY!

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