On Goes The Wrapping is the tenth episode of Clash For Object Supremacy. The episode is canceled.


[scene starts with Donut investigating something with Pea]

Donut: Pea, I could’ve sworn I saw people over there. They’re not our friends, either!

Pea: Well, how about we say hi?

Donut: Um....

Pea: Why are you looking at me like that?

Donut: I don’t know who they are, gosh dangit!

Pea: Gosh dangit, way to be PG Family-Friendly Clean.

Donut: Whatever. If you really want me to go see them, I will!

[he walks over to these people. They are only shadows at this point.]

Donut: Uhm, hello-

Sherbert: AHHHHHHHH! [starts running around]

Cherry: Sherbert, you ok?

Sherbert: Oh yeah. Sorry, I just saw this guy behind me.

Starry: Hi there!

Donut: Hello, guys.

-1 Speaker Box: We were recently banished from our hometown and sent here. We don’t know why.

Donut: That’s sad.

Vending Machine: So now we’re here!

[Pea runs over]

Pea: Hey Donut! Is everything ok?

Donut: Yeah. No need to be afraid of these guys.

Starry: Afraid?

Cherry: Why’d you be afraid?

-1 Speaker Box: Well, maybe of that guy.


Donut: No, not exactly...

Starry: You should be nice to him!

Pea: Well, you lot seem pretty nice. We’re in a show currently.

Cherry: A show?

Starry: Like Object Wonders? I was in that.

Pea: Huh. That sounds interesting.

[Question Box walls over]

Question Box: Hey Pea! Hello Donut!

Donut: Hello.

Question Box: Who are these guys?

-1 Speaker Box: We were banished from our hometown, so we came here.

Slav Worship Cloth: Sad, right?

Question Box: It is sad. However, I gotta do the next challenge of my show.

Starry: So you’re the host.

Vending Machine: Starry was in Object Wonders, if you’ve heard of that.

Question Box: I have! My friend actually hosted it.

Starry: Well, I didn’t win, and I want revenge!

Question Box: Please don’t harm the guy. He’s our only hope if a contestant dies.

Starry: But a meanie won that season! I’m so triggered that it wasn’t me!

Cherry: Seriously Starry, that was so long ago.

Starry: But I’m salty about the fact I didn’t win the-

Cherry: There’s always more oppurtunities.

Pea: If you joined a second season of Clash for Object Supremacy, you could possibly win that show!

Starry: Probably wouldn’t.

Vending Machine: If you’re going to be negative, there’s no point talking to you.

Question Box: Well, it’s been nice meeting you, but I gotta go start the tenth challenge of my show.

Slav Worship Cloth: Can we spectate?

Question Box: Yes, you may.

Slav Worship Cloth: That’s great! C’mon guys, let’s watch these dudes fail!

Cherry: Ugh, fine.

[scene cuts to the contestants sitting around]

Question Box: Everyone! It’s time for our next challenge!

Cherries (1): Oh really?

Cherries (2): What’s the challenge?

Question Box: Since Christmas is coming up, the challenge is Christmas-themed!

Broken Bone: A Christmas challenge? It’s still about a month away.

Question Box: Well, who cares?

Green Face: Let’s just continue. What even do you do in this challenge?

Question Box: You have to wrap up a present!

Xbox Logo: That will be difficult for me and CN Logo. We are armless, after all.

CN Logo: True, true.

Fire Exity: Question Box, what are we gonna do about the armless contestants?

Question Box: To make it as fair as possible, armless contestants get to wrap up a smaller present.

Xbox Logo: I accept that.

[scene cuts to the spectating RCs]

Cherry: Christmas challenge then. That’s odd.

Vending Machine: Would be cool to see them race down a snowy hill! How’s that for a Christmas challenge?

Cherry: I feel like an object show’s already done that.

Starry: Hang on - is that Fire Exity?

Slav Worship Cloth: You know her? Does she like Russian Hardbass?

Starry: I don’t think so, Slav Worship Cloth. But she’s right there! It’s been ages since I saw her on Object Wonders!

Cherry: What!?

[Starry rushes over to see her]

Fire Exity: Starry? Is that you?

Starry: Yes yes! It is me!

Fire Exity: It’s been ages since we saw eachother! How unfortunate that you placed 6th in Object Wonders.

Starry: I wish you could’ve won. You got 3rd, sadly.

Question Box: Wait, what? What are you doing here, Starry?

Starry: Talking to one of my old friends.

Fire Exity: Starry’s right. We were friends ages ago.

Starry: I sure am right. We both competed on Object Wonders!

Green Face: So, Fire Exity, you were on a show before?

Fire Exity: Yeah.

Broken Bone: Woah.

Candy Corn: So this show is your second shot?

Fire Exity: Yes!

Pea: Neat.

Question Box: I will hand out your presents you have to wrap.

Cherries (1): Okay. What will we wrap?

Cherries (2): That’s what he’s getting to!

Broken Bone: Hang on. You two can help eachother. To make it fair, you two should have individual presents and have to wrap them up both to finish.

Cherries (1): What if Question Box is short on one present?

Cherries (2): That probably will be the case, though.

Broken Bone: Well, that means that one of you has to wrap and one won’t.

Cherries (1): Fine. We’ll do that.

Green Face: I have to wrap up this toy car. It has a face for some reason.

Candy Corn: Isn’t that just from the movie Cars?

Green Face: No. It’s different to that.

CN Logo: Hey Xbox Logo! What do you have to wrap?

Xbox Logo: I have to wrap this weird doll.

CN Logo: It has a button, too! Should I press it?

Xbox Logo: No. I find talking toys to be really annoying-

CN Logo: Whoops. [he presses the doll’s hand, and the heart-shaped face lights up]

Doll: Hehe! Hehe! Let’s play a game!

Xbox Logo: This one’s actually kinda sweet.

CN Logo: Errr, looks creepy to me.

Xbox Logo: Oh, nevermind. It can’t hurt you-

Doll: Give me a hug!

Xbox Logo: No. Go to sleep.

Question Box: Everybody, start wrapping now!

Xbox Logo: Good. I can wrap you up and get you dealt with.

Doll: [fart sound] Hahahaha! I farted!

CN Logo: Hahaha! This doll is hilarious!

Xbox Logo: No, it is not. In fact, it’s quite annoying. You finish off your-

CN Logo: This robot toy? Fine. [he gets started wrapping it up]

[scene cuts to Candy Corn wrapping up her present]

Candy Corn: I have to wrap up slime.

Green Face: I mean, doing this car isn’t that hard.

Candy Corn: Don’t you think slime is so cool?

Green Face: I kinda agree with you.

Candy Corn: Epic! Let’s keep wrapping these.

Green Face: Also, I have Green wrapping paper. You have yellow and orange. Hey! He gave us wrapping paper that is the same colours as us!

Candy Corn: Really?

Green Face: Yeah! Look at Cherries. They have green and red wrapping paper.

Candy Corn: Well, you’re right then!

[scene cuts to Broken Bone wrapping up a toy]

Broken Bone: And I’m all alone, wrapping up a Lego Set. It’s some blue car. To be honest, Lego is kinda annoying to build because it falls apart so easily-

Cherries (1): Um, why are you talking to yourself? Hahaha!

Cherries (2): Also, you’re completely wrong!

Cherries (1): So yeah.

Cherries (2): Anyways, let’s wrap up this action figure.

Cherries (1): And give it to....

Cherries (2): Nobody! We don’t need to.

Cherries (1): Right.

Broken Bone: Welp, I’m done already.

Question Box: You are? That set was quite big, y’know.

Broken Bone: Well, I finished it. I’ve been through a lot of Christmases.

Question Box: Very well then.

Broken Bone: So, I’m safe now?

Question Box: Yeah!

Broken Bone: Sweet, I guess.

[scene cuts to Xbox Logo and the doll]

Xbox Logo: Maybe if you only see the inside of the wrapper then maybe you will be quiet.

Doll: Hahaha! Woah!

Xbox Logo: This thing...

CN Logo: Be quiet, dude. I’m trying to wrap this.

Xbox Logo: At least yours isn’t an annoying talking toy.

Doll: I know you love me...

Xbox Logo: You what!?

CN Logo: Dude, I said be quiet.

Xbox Logo: Be quiet? Be quiet!? How much concentration does it take to wrap up a Christmas present?

Doll: Sweets and jellyfish forever!

Xbox Logo: Oh my god... CN LOGO!

CN Logo: Be quiet, I said!

Xbox Logo: Well, now you’re just ignoring me. [he wraps up the present and finishes] Well, I’m finished.

CN Logo: Oh, very good.

Question Box: Hey, Xbox Logo! How are you doing?

Xbox Logo: Well, I finished actually. The doll wouldn’t stop talking and it was quite annoying.

Question Box: Yeah, I get that. Anyways, you’re safe now.

Xbox Logo: Yay.

CN Logo: Darn! Nice work, Xbox Logo.

Xbox Logo: Hm, you can concentrate now, if you want.

[scene cuts to Suitcase]

Suitcase: Doo doo doo! This challenge will be easy!

Pea: Oh, hey Suitcase.

Suitcase: Hi. Don’t you think this challenge is easy?

Pea: It is. In fact, I’m about halfway in progress.

Suitcase: What do you mean by that, Pea?

Pea: Well, I’m halfway through wrapping it, if you get that.

Suitcase: Oh, yeah.

Pea: Also, y’know how I said halfway? It’s more like three quarters.

Suitcase: Three quarters of the way through? I know I said this challenge would be easy, but you’re acing this!

Pea: I am acing this. Look at the Cherries over there though. I’m surprised they haven’t finished.

Suitcase: Also, remember Unknowny?

Pea: Yes I do.

Suitcase: When do you think he’ll next ruin the show?

Pea: Hopefully never.

Suitcase: I agree. He’s crazy and annoying!

Pea: He’s kinda butthurt too.

Suitcase: Hahahahaha! True...

Pea: aaaand done! That’s that finished.

Question Box: Finished?

Pea: Yeah.

Question Box: Well, I wouldn’t expect you to finish first. You don’t even have arms!

Pea: Armless people can do a lot of things, thank you very much.

Question Box: I never meant it that way!

Pea: Oh really?

Question Box: Yes really. Also you’re safe.

Pea: Woohoo!

Question Box: Will you be quiet now?

Pea: Yes.

Suitcase: Nice job on finishing, Pea. I’m not finished though, and that makes me anxious...

(Show gets canceled)

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