Buzzer aka The Know-It-All is a contestant of Fight for It. 1 2 3 Go!


Buzzer is a gameshow buzzer who's button is red and black on the base. She has the word "MAYHAPS" on the top.


Buzzer is enthusiastic about information, even if no one asks for it. She likes playing in games and especially in gameshows.

She likes having information with her, as it shows that she is valued by friends or teammates due to the knowledge she has.

She, however, is sometimes insecure due to the fact she thinks she may be annoying due to the countless facts she says.

She sometimes have brain freezes and ends up spouting nonsense.

She is also good friends with Magnet and often research together.


  • Buzzer is similar to Francis Pope from Big Nate when it comes to facts
  • Mayhaps in Comic Sans on her is a reference to her brain freezes, where she is unsure of what she says and it is mostly a joke that she sometimes takes seriously.
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