Buy-ee was made by UnisooYamaguchiii. He is a competitor in DAB (Da Awesome Battle). He is currently eliminated.

DAB (Da Awesome Battle)

Bu-yee was one of the late enrollers in DAB.

In episode one they were supposed to submit what the chicken won after crossing the road. He replied with "A pair of socks and a bunch of big locks!" This caused him to grasp hold of being the team captain. Unfortunately he was left with the last pickers.

In episode two they were supposed to submit a team name for themselves. He replied with "Ferocious Falcons".

In episode three they had a quiz. He got a 12/31.

In episode four they had to submit a song. He did not reply.

In episode five they had to submit a commercial. His 20/20 response was this.

  • Buyee: Are you sick of Tv shows on LOOOONG hiatuses? Then buy the-- -Buyee grabs a paper- Uh, yeah, a uh... Oh yes, the Future TV! The Future TV shows future episodes of your wanted show. Now you can relax, sit back, and enjoy the show. So yeah buy now!

Unfortunately in episode 6 he was seen as a floater, submitting many challenge answers and was therefore eliminated from the game. Unfortunately MrYokaiAndWatch made a bad look on my character as well, which is suppposed to be the helpful type but okey

New Camp

It has been rumored that Buy-ee will compete in another camp popular on youtube. The owner responds with a maybe, as long as if he or she has time.


It is known he is just a buy sign with a face on it.

Due to her having no limbs, he is deemed as a flyer.

he is the helpful type, trying to help others so they can win with him.

When filling out the form, he wrote his expected place to be 7th/36th. He was way off.

When filling out the form, he wrote his expected title to be a silent floater. He was a little off, since he was noticeable

His owner is UnisooYamaguchiii. Anyone who dares to edit it will explode into pieces by Buy-ee.

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