Button is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Button’s body seems to be separated from a control pad, much bigger than herself. There is a grey metal pad, with a shiny green button on it. The shiny green button has a dark green tick drawn on it. Button only has legs.


Button is a person who usually is neutral about things, and keeps her distance from bad things. However, she’s started to get involved in bad things, as she’s been introduced to bad things by other people - just the wrong people. Magnety has shown her how to fight, but Magnety’s just using her to get her to do bad things. This makes Button have bad trust issues. She beat up Magnety, which caused members of Evil Blaster’s Alliance to seek revenge. She often gets badly beaten up by these people, which makes her extremely sad and lonely.


  • She was originally going to have arms.
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