This page contains a list of the ships of characters created by ButterBlaziken230. If you ship two characters created by ButterBlaziken230, post it here. A full list of his OCs can be found here!

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Red Spoon x Blue Spoon


Red Spoon x Blue Spoon is a ship that has been confirmed By ButterBlaziken230 himself. It was first brought up when ButterBlaziken230 mentioned in Blue Spoon’s Personality section that he has feelings for Red Spoon. It was unknown whether Red Spoon had feelings back. However, in Swimming (the third episode of The ButterBlaziken Show!), they were shown going swimming with eachother. It’s safe to say that they have feelings for eachother. They even have a child called Purple Spoon, as it was announced on his page that he was the son of them both,

Romantic Quotes


Latvia x Smash Bros Logo is a ship that was first started in TBBS S1 E5: Attacked. Latvia was getting annoyed by Evil Blaster’s Alliance, and Smash Bros Logo kicked them away. He then is extremely nice to her, to the point where it seems like he has a crush but maybe Latvia maybe doesn’t like her back.

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