Building Block aka Hyperactive is the host of Fight for It. 1 2 3 Go!


Building Block is a red block, like Blocky from BFB, she has the words "BCA BLOCKS" at the bottom. Unscrambling the letters BCA could hint that she is an ABC block but there are nothing that says she is one and BCA could possibly be just a company name.


Building Block is at the same age of everyone in the cast but she is very hyperactive and acts child-like.

She enjoys being with her friends, aka the contestants, and loves to mess with them and go out with them.

She has a matured and responsible side which she acts more serious but she tends to crack up some jokes when things get tense.

She also likes adventuring and exploring.


  • Building Block is Rubik's Cube's cousin.
  • Her design wasn't supposed to be based off Blocky. Red was the color chosen just because it looked aesthetically pleasing to the creator.
  • She was intended to be an ABC block but the creator didn't want a giant letter to be behind the eyes.
  • She is one of the few hosts to have a place for eliminated contestants.
  • Building Block was a prototype name for Blocky from the old BFDI comics.
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