Bubble Gun is a "pwnerful" contestant who is "obvious OP". He hates "The Medal Brawl" just because he's not Spanish. The same goes with contestants who speak different languages. So, what he does is fly a plane to Spain and try to kill creator of The Medal Brawl. Results are fails. (CREDIT TO CUTIE FOR ALL THIS)


His hobby is shooting all enemies with bubbles. He always checks his back for how much foam he has left. When out, he replaces it.


Terraria's Ultimate Challengar

He makes an appearance in both seasons.

Yolk Eggs

He makes a cameo in Season 1, where it is sawn that he is trying to kill Ice Ball. The reason why, is, she froze one of his bubbles.


It is too long that Mr. Yokai decided to do this later, or never.


  • Bubble Gun hates Duke Fishron. The reason why is because Duke Fishron sometimes drops him, like he's a THIEF.


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