Bubble Gummies Can is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Bubble Gummies Can is a small, sentient metallic rectangle can that can store things. When she is purchased, she contains a dozen small blue Bubble-shaped candy Gummies that the other objects can enjoy. They taste of blueberry and mint. On the front of the Can, it says ‘Bubble Gummies’ and has a picture of Bubble. To the top right of Bubble’s body is Bubble Gummies Can’s mouth. Above Bubble’s Head are her eyes, and her arms and legs are placed correctly.


Bubble Gummies Can is kind of socially awkward. She doesn’t have many friends. The only friends she has are not true friends and are only using her for her tasty Gummies. Bubble Gummies is OBSESSED with Bubble, and draws pictures of her, writes stories about her, and many more things that can come off as creepy. She shows her stories to other people, and they generally like it, but they never give any feedback, so they’re stuck in mediocrity, like her.


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