Brown Top Hat is an OC created by Cutiesunflower and AwesomeAquamarine. He is similar to Top Hat but is Brown and has arms. He is sometimes armless like other Top Hats. He appears as a contestant on the currently cancelled Top Hat Camp.


His Personality can be Grouchy and Sometimes Mean to other people. He is also very grumpy.



He became a recommended character that season.


He was played by NahuelFire39. Unlike BFDIWP, he is armless. He named his team The Not Forgettable Objects, and he was the first person eliminated, placing 120th.


  • He is one of a few Top Hat Clones to have Arms.
  • It is unknown how Brown Top Hat got his Arms.
  • He is the only Top Hat Clone to be owned by 2 people.
    • He is also the second Top Hat clone made, the first being Purple Top Hat.
  • He is one of the two contestants competing in BFTWP that are Top Hats, the other one being Top Hat.


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