Brown Domino is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Brown Domino, like the several other characters in his series, is a Domino. He is a brown domino unlike the others which are red, green, blue and many other colours. This shade of brown was originally going to be lighter so it looked like wood, but the idea was scrapped, and his shade of brown is very dark. Brown Domino has both arms and legs.


Brown Domino is a cool guy character who likes to be nice to people around him and brighten up their day, however doing this through a “cool” personality. He just likes to compliment people around him. Despite this, he doesn’t have a good record with Evil Blaster’s Alliance. He has only won twice against them out of six total encounters he’s had with the people. In his first successful win, he used Portally’s clones as a distraction by hiding behind them. In his second win, he got some help from Yellow Domino.


  • He was originally going to be the funny character who was secretly sad.
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