Broken Bone is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


The shape of Broken Bone’s body is a bone, with cracks at the top and bottom. In the middle cylinder part is his face, with his arms on the side. At the bottom of his body, at the two separate parts are his legs.


Broken Bone has a what’s-the-point attitude - he always questions things that others tell him, but he gets annoyed when he doesn’t receive answers. At times, he tries to be cool, but this fails.

The Great OC Race 2

In the Second Great OC Race by ButterBlaziken230, Broken Bone did pretty well. He won twice, and chose to go to the Safe Zone both times, allowing him to skip his way into the final 3. Because of this, he won.


In CFOS, Broken Bone is currently doing very well.

In CFOS 2, Broken Bone was the final person left on his team. He and Pen had the strategy of pushing people into the pillars.

In CFOS 3, Broken Bone was picked to fire the gun in the team’s base. However, there are not many times where one of his bullets has hit a person.


  • A name for Broken Bone is ‘The Toned-down Edgelord’.
  • If Broken Bone is repaired, he becomes more optimistic. He still questions things but goes about it more politely.
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