Broboty is a female contestant in BFTROR.


Broboty has been known to be random, with a habit for eating people, including her own team members. She isn't really smart, and speaks quite loudly at times.


Broboty appears to be a robot. she has a mustache and wears a Mario cap, (Mainly a Roboty Mario). 


  • She is one of the two female characters in the competition, the other being Frame-by-Frame.
  • Her appearance is based of the famous video game character, Mario from Super Mario Bros.
    • Even though Mario is male, Broboty appears to be a female.
  • The fact that she has an eating disorder explains why she has eaten multiple contestants before.
  • She is the first female contestant to be eliminated.
  • She is also the only eliminated female in BFTROR so far.
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