Brawl of the Objects
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Reality TV/Comedy/Animation

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Run Time

January 1st, 2013 - September 1st 2018


Team Chocolate
Team Vanilla

Created by

Antony Kos

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Brawl of the Objects, abbreviated as BOTO, is an object show first premiered in January 1st, 2013 by Antony Kos, or better known as Anko6theAnimator on their YouTube account. Before July 6th 2016, BOTO has had 10 episodes, with the eleventh one being delayed for two years, due to the fact that the creator has Burkitt's Lymphoma, a cancer with no known cause, but has since been cured and has uploaded episode 11. On September 1st 2018, episode 13, the series finale, was released.

Sadly, Antony did not want to make a second season anymore, thus ending the world of BOTO. However, luckily, it is getting a follow up to the series finale.


The series formed around 14 inanimate objects was living peacefully together. Three of the future contestants were playing a game in harmony, that is suddenly, Controlly, known as the host of the show later on, offered them to play a different "game", which he revealed to be his show, named Brawl of the Objects, where the objects must battle each other for a yet-to-announce grand prize in the form of challenges. The 14 contestants are separated into two teams, Team Vanilla and Team Chocolate.


There is a total amount of 14 contestants (15 later on), not including the show's host, Controlly.


  • Anko6theAnimator: Creator, Animator, Voice Actor, Storyboard Artist.
  • Nicholas: Storyboard Artist, Voice Actor of Shieldy
  • Alex: Voice Actor of Controlly


  • Like stated above, the creator of the show, Anko6theAnimator, is revealed to be diagnosed with cancer on their DeviantArt account, thus being unable to animate BOTO as normally as they did before. Luckily, he has announced that he is completely cured of Burkitt's Lymphoma, the cancer he was diagnosed with, and has been sent home in May 5th, 2016. He can now draw and animate like how he used to be, and hopefully that includes the revival of BOTO, after its 2 years of inactivity. However, only two more episodes were made.


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