Sorry guys, but Brawl for The Moon has been cancelled in favor of a more different fanfic featuring original characters and such. This fanfic can be viewed here.

Brawl for The Moon is a fanfic made by CaptainFrostedFlakes starring 22 contestants battling for a luxorious resort


on the moon! You'll see newcomers, rejected debuters, and even familiar objects!

Hosted by Harry the Cyan Speaker Box, these 22 contestants will go through extreme, deadly, disgusting and weird challenges in the Ice Blue Galaxy. At the end of each episode a team is up for elimination and someone is voted off by a crowd of other objects. But however, tokens can change it up! New challenges, new tokens, new objects and all else make this an epic battle!              


Speaker Box: Did you hear about how the Puffball Speaker Box didn't allow Bubble into BFDIA? I hope I take over the show in the next episode

Harry: I know, it sucks, doesn't it?

  • fast asteroid bumps Harry to Goiky*

Speaker Box: How unexpected


  • Harry crashes to Goiky*

Harry: Hmm? What's this bag?

  • Harry opens bag*

Harry: Woah, I wonder where this leads?

  • Harry goes in portal*
  • Harry lands on stand in blue galaxy*

Harry: Ooh! I've got an idea!

  • Harry goes back to Goiky and carries bag over to a group of objects*                

Whole cast of contestants: *all having conversations and talking*

Harry: Hey guys, see this bag?

  • all silent*

Bowling Ball:..uhhh-

Harry: Well watch this!

  • opens bag and presses suck button on bag*

Whole cast of contestants: AAAHHH!

  • scene of contestants flowing through the portal*
  • everyone but Balloon lands on stand in blue galaxy*

Balloon: *very slowly falls* Oh come on!

Woody: AAHH! W-w-where a-a-are we!

Harry: Welcome to the Ice Blue Galaxy!

Harry: This is the place where I am holding a new contest for all of you!

Juice Box: What's it called?


  • intro begins*


Episode 1: Oh Come On!

Episode 2: Tune Don't Give A Crap

Episode 3: Can't Touch This 

Episode 4 coming soon!

Elimination Chart

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


Along with the Win Token, Immunity Token and Revenge Token, there are some new tokens as well!


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