Basketball: Why would we battle for the moon? It's cold, rocky, and just plain boring!

  • Harry drops down monitor showing luxorious resort on moon*

Harry: Well, here's the twist! On the moon, I have put in a luxorious resort! And all 22 of you are going to compete for it!

All but Harry: Wow that's cool! Wow! Oh yeah I hope I win that! Wow! Cool!

Harry: OK you can stop awing at the resort.

  • slings monitor back up*

Circle: So, are there any rules?

Harry: Yes.

  • David peeks up onto screen*


Harry: David, what are you doing here? Your not in this show!


  • Harry sucks David out back to Goiky*

Harry: Anyway, here are the rules!

  • Slings down chalkboard with rules*

Harry: Rules are in BFDI standards, you compete in challenges until there's 2 of you left, and then you compete in one last challenge.

Ice Cube: But the winner of BFDI season 1 was decided by voting!

Harry: OK then standard object show rules!

  • Slings chalkboard back up*

Harry: Also, I'm going to give a little something to one of you to start you out!

Taffy: YAY! We all get prizes!

Harry: I said ONE of you gets a prize.

  • cut to Taffy with big eyes and huge frown*

Harry: ...ok then.

Harry: Now who gets the prize will be decided by a wheel!

Brownie: What wheel?

Harry: This one!

  • pops up wheel from big seat on main stand*

Harry: This wheel will also be used to decide challenges and in some cases, Random Elimination!

  • all gasps*

Harry: Now let's see who gets the prize!

  • spins wheel and lands on Circle*

Harry: Congratulations Circle! You get a starter Win Token!

Circle: Cool! *gets hit in face with WT* OW!

Harry: Now we can begin the challenge!

  • shuts current wheel and pops new one up*
  • spins wheel and lands on Eat the most yoyleberries*

Harry: The challenge is to eat yoyleberries! Whoever eats the most will become a team captain! Second best will too.

  • shoots piles of yoyleberries in front of each of the contestants*

Harry: 3 *zoom on Basketball*...2*zoom on Balloon*...1*zoom on Square*...GO!


  • Square gets tapped on back by Balloon*

Square: What?

Balloon: I've got a great idea of how to eat all these berries!

  • brings out vacuum*

Square: Balloon, that's cheating! 

  • Balloon sucks all berries up with vacuum*

Harry: What the?

Harry: Balloon, did you eat all those berries that quickly? I highly doubt it!

Square: Yeah, he used a vacuum to suck them all up!

Harry: Balloon, you get a penalty after this challenge is over, AND your disqualified from the challenge!

Balloon: WHAT?! *Balloon is popped by Harry*

  • Balloon dissapears from chart of contestants still in challenge*

Woody: Ehhhh....

Basketball: You have got to be kidding, your afraid of yoyleberries?

Woody: AAHHHH! Basketball you scared me!

Basketball: Of course I did, you have panphobia, which makes you afraid of everything! *rolls eyes*

Woody: Oh...ehhh...

Juice Box: Urrgh, I'm feeling woozy!

  • turns to metal*

Juice Box: Oh no, I forgot about after effects of eating yoyle!

  • tries to eat yoyleberries*

Juice Box: ACK! I can't eat these yoyleberries!

Harry: Juice Box is out!

  • Juice Box disappears from chart of contestants in challenge*
  • Woody eats yoyleberry*

Woody: AAAHHH! *passes out*

Harry: Woody's out!

  • Woody disappears from chart of contestants in challenge*

1 hour of pathetic failure later...

  • Everyone slowly eating yoyleberries in exhaust*

Harry: Come on! You can do it!

  • Bowling Ball falls over*
  • Bowling Ball dissapears from chart*

Harry: It's all down to Square, Chainsaw and Donut!

  • Chainsaw silently standing*

Donut: You haven't even ate any yoyleberries!

Donut: Then again I'm still wondering how I'm eating these when my mouth is a hole...

Donut: Harry, Chainsaw isn't eating yoyleberries, so shouldn't he be out?

Harry: Hmm, I guess your right. Chainsaw is out!

2 hours of even patheticer failure later

Harry: OH COME ON! This should've been done hours ago!

  • MePhone4 zips onto screen*

MePhone4: Hey that's my line!

  • MePhone4 zips back off*

Donut: One...last...yoyleberry...*falls over*

Square: YES!

Harry: Square and Donut get to pick the teams!

Square & Donut: ALRIGHT!

Harry: But, next episode!

Square & Donut: Wait, what?

Harry: Yeah, you heard me right! Next episode!

Balloon: Oh come o-*popped by Harry*

  • episode ends*
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