Brawl For Cookie Castle is a camp created by CaptainFrostedFlakes, hosted by Barry Pikachu and co-hosted by Rainbow Token. In this camp, 33 contestants will duke it out challenge by challenge, until the winner claims the prize. A golden cookie-shaped castle named Cookie Castle.

Brawl for Cookie Castle


Barry Pikachu


Rainbow Token

Contestant Total

33 Contestants



Elimination Table

Placing Contestants Votes
N/A Fries - BeAwesomeOne2 N/A
N/A Lightbulb - Taopwnh6427 N/A
N/A Gelatin - baigrei N/A
N/A Ice Cube - Jeelhu77 N/A
N/A Nickel - Jack Orange N/A
N/A Cheesy - challengerobjects163 N/A
N/A Flashlight - Mrpie2000 N/A
N/A Windows - mapmaker42 N/A
N/A Gum - TheEnderRo N/A
N/A Mysterious Token - bowserjr2215 N/A
N/A Moustache - jay28jay2 N/A
N/A Food Coloring - CommentingEevee N/A
N/A Button - ThirstySkunk910 N/A
N/A Metal Ball - Jake Roemmelt N/A
N/A Pear - ToonPrince N/A
N/A Bucket - SuperCDLand N/A
N/A Portal Gun - SirenRabbid N/A
N/A Peanut Butter - PixelatedIndustries N/A
N/A Firey - TheAwesomeYellow N/A
N/A Dark Hat - mewtwospetwolf N/A
N/A Power Token - anmig12 N/A
N/A Phone - Houndour484 N/A
N/A Needle - thawesomecoolstuff1 N/A
N/A Pineapple - theminecraftwolf9 N/A
N/A Bubble - Seth Topper N/A
N/A Pin - tBlizzi N/A
N/A Pen - rj3ful1 N/A
N/A Pencil - Ben1178 N/A
N/A Light Blue Stick - Rhinobuddroblox N/A
N/A Peppermint - KillaXcool N/A
N/A Lightsaber - TheElemental Raccoon N/A
N/A Tennis Racket - ShinyStoutland N/A
N/A Switch Token - mqmham N/A


Credit to SalamenceJacketJeans and GatlingGroink57 for some of the poses. 

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