Brawl of The Millions is an Object Show about 10 characters fighting to get the prize of 15 million dollars. This show isn't out yet.


All the contestants are:

Skittle, Phone, Face, Sock, Broken Glass (BG), Mini Tomato (Tomato), Block, Ball, Ghost and Blood.

The hosts are:

Lukeman141, dhunHERO (later).

BFTM 1-1 - 1-2

Here is a preview of the script for BFTM 1 scene 1 and 2.

BFTM 1-1:

Block: Why are you called Tomato even if you are so really tiny?

Tomato: Well my full name is actually Mini Tomato.

Block: oh.

BFTM 1-2:

Phone: i'm bored... Let's draw something.

  • draws lukeman141*
  • paper dissapears*

Phone: Wha.. Where did it go?


All the BFTM Cast Members and Team:

Animation: ImTariq

Audio/SFX: ImTariq

Voice Acting: Jaysony, TOMATOMAN (idk), DrissPlayz, ImTariq.

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