Branchy is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Branchy’s body is a small wooden stick, with several bright green leaves attached to it. There are two leaves hanging on the end, with the same thing on the other side. In the middle are two more leaves that have the same look. The stick is also slightly bent. Branchy’s face is near the top, and his arms and legs are placed correctly.


Branchy is a silent type. He does not talk a lot, and only talks when everyone else is making noise, so his voice can’t be heard. When someone does hear his voice, however, he gets embarrassed, and cries. Since he wants no-one to hear his voice, he just turns around and silently whimpers. Just from facial expressions and body language, Branchy is a selfish person who only acres about himself. Lots of people believe in him and want to be his friend.


  • Branchy was originally going to be a girl.
    • He was also going to have only 5 leaves.
  • He used to be soulless, connected to the body of Tree, but he fell off, grew and became an object.
  • Branchy has a squeaky voice.
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