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You can't hide forever, Bozo!

—Unknown Shadow

Bozo is an unidentified white ball who is seen being chased by an unknown shadow in "Welcome Back".

In the episode, Golf Ball has a flashback - triggered by a broken/cracked set of flower pots - when she and Tennis Ball visit the abandoned Science Museum. The flashback shows this character feverishly sweating and running for cover behind one of the pots. Soon after, an unknown shadow starts to beat the pot with a spiked club while saying various things like, "Where are you, Bozo?" and "You need punishment!" The flashback ends seconds before the pot breaks.

Following this, Golf Ball is seen sweating anxiously with the same pose as Bozo during the flashback. Golf Ball then suggests to Tennis Ball to get out of the museum, refusing to reveal further information.


  • Their asset is just a whiter Golf Ball without dimples.
  • They might be a young version of Golf Ball.
  • However, if they are a young version of Golf Ball, then the dimples might possibly be made from the spikes on the club.