My name isn't Water, it's Bottle!
~ Bottle

Bottle is a female contestant on Object Universe. She was placed into Team Stength, and she was eliminated in Come and Go along with Balloon. She hates being called Water.


Blast into Space

Bottle first appears when Balloon accidentally calls Bottle water. She lost the balance beam challenge as she fell down. She was placed in Team Basketball, and her team is safe from elimination.

Afraid of Heights

In Afraid of Heights, she was chosen into Team Strength. Team Strength was up for elimination.

Language of a broken window

In Language of a broken window, Bottle received the 2nd least amount of likes with 13 likes. Bottle gotten 24 votes making her the last person safe. Bottle needs help in the challenge and the rest of Team Strength help. Team Strength was up for elimination except for Map, who hosted in the episode.

Surprise Arrival

In Surprise Arrival, Bottle gotten the least amount of likes with 22 likes making her not win the prize. She gotten 55 dislikes which is one vote less than TV who gotten eliminated making Bottle safe.

Come and Go

In Come and Go, Bottle was eliminated along with Balloon and they were sent to prison.

Revived Rivals

In Revived Rivals, she gotten 28 votes which is not enough to rejoin.


  • She hates being called Water as shown in episode one when Balloon accidentally calls her Water.


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