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"I think I know what's going on, you bought Bottle (AzUrArInG), didn't you!" - Golf Ball
Bottle (AzUrArInG) was adopted by AzUrArInG. Henceforth, all rights, continuity, and proper use settings go to AzUrArInG, who now says what is in-character and what is not in this article's vicinity. Though everyone can edit this article, AzUrArInG has the final say on their character from the rules from the Object Show Fanonpedia.

AzUrBottle's new pose




Glass Bottle


Everyone (except enemies)


Red Ball, Evil Football, Bill (Sometimes), other evil people


Clear (Body)



Bottle is a character created by AzUrArInG. He will not be in the reboot of Object Masters, due to the fact he was really uninteresting, bland, and pointless too.


Bottle does random stuff whenever he feels like it, also he friends to almost everyone.

List of appearances


  • Object Masters Episode 1: The Debut
  • Object Masters Episode 2: A singing competition
  • Bill blows up the school and Football arrests him (Final Appearance) (First and Only Speaking Role)


  • Bottle is one of AzUrArInG's OCs that was in the original version but was removed in the upcoming reboot.
  • Bottle has been considered to be AzUrArInG's least favorite OC he made, due to the fact he was uninteresting, bland, pointless (since he had no purpose in any short he appeared in), plus his pose is a rip-off of Masky's pose from Object Overload.
  • Bottle was basically "killed off" when Bill blew up the school in "Bill blows up the school and Football arrests him" and he most likely died when the explosion happened in the video, however it was off-screen.
  • Bottle's new asset and pose was done by TWDremaker2000 and he ripped off Marker's pose from BFB, however this was most likely done that as a joke.


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