Bop It was a contestant on Merge Madness before it got discontinued. However, Merge Madness is going to get rebooted once again and more contestants are needed.


Bopit is often nice and generous. She is a fan favorite and she wants to keep it that way.


She is a white bop it extreme 2. The spin it is orange, the twist it is yellow, the flick it is green, and the pull it is blue.


  • Bop it is NetherWork's first OC ever created.
  • Bop it's 'birthday' is June 7th.
  • She has a brother whos name is tI-poB which the colors are inverted.
  • Bop it also has a clone named 'EBI' who is pink and has white eyes. Ebi is based off of the pink bop it extreme.
  • NetherWorks completly forgot about her 1st birthday, so she missed it.
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