Well, im good with wires?

—Bop it, Merge madness Episode 3
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Bop it is a female contestant on Merge Madness. She isnt eliminated yet but her clone sister, Ebi, is currently attached to her similar to Yin-Yang and Taiosm. The creator's account got hacked by her BFF and made her post all of those things. I admit, my olde-l mean younger twin sister did a TERRIBLE job on this but that doesn't mean she should get banned for singing she didn't do. Right? I only know this because she blamed me first until her BFF spilled the beans at my sis's cheat comp and she flipped. I just want to say that it assent her fault that all the weird changes and nudity, but her BFF who learned that my sis sis uses the same pass for everything. Bye.

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