Boombox is a female contestant in Object Overload. She's the team captain of Team Tune.


Boombox is a pretty positive and level-headed character. She usually tells her team to stay positive when they lose, and follows her teams plans if they are good enough. She also can show some bravery.


Object Overload

The End of the Beginning

Boombox was first talking to Clock because she wanted to help build the new recovery center, which later got replaced with the doorway of life. Then when she met Gamey, she asked him if he wanted to be his friend. In the first challenge, Boombox got to be team captain of Team Tune by knocking off the last character with a dodgeball, which was Toothy.

A Shocking Addition

Boombox was talking to Toothy about how she hit him with a dodgeball. When Gamey told him and Clock to come over to grab their immunity ticket. After Gamey told them the challenge, Boombox started to choose the team members that she wanted. When she choose three members at the same time onto the team, Clock told him that she is only allowed to choose one member at a time. But she defended herself by saying that they're no rules, so Clock also choose three members too.

Object Overload Reboot

Rostrum Rampage

Boombox did not have that much screen-time in this episode. She is first seen walking until finding a button on the ground, which she presses. A hole from the ground opens and a pie from the hole appears, which gets thrown at her.

Later in the episode, Boombox gets hit softly (but not enough to hit her off) by a dodgeball. While Toothy was speaking, she kicks the dodgeball and it aims for Toothy, knocking him off mid-sentence.


  • Boombox is the only team tune contestant to have purple on her, and Casey is the only contestant in team time.
    • This makes Boombox the only armless contestant to have purple on her.
  • Boombox is like Lightbulb from Inanimate Insanity, for they are both a little cray cray and not very good leaders.
  • Boombox is one of the two only O.O. contestants starting with a B, the other is Boxing Glove.
    • This makes Boombox the only armless O.O contestant starting with a B.
  • There is a contestant also called Boombox on Brawl of The Objects, though their personalities and appearances are different.


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