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Booktaco: the Ship that No one Shipped's, RETURN!!!!!!!!!

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where's my content-aware scale?

The Ship

The ship came from BFB 3, where Book thought that Taco abandoned her, while it was Nickel's fault for not saving her from the torture of the jawbreaker. But shippers needed an extra ship, so they created Booktaco.


Book is "known" to have Ice Cube as her """"baby"""" or her "whatever it is IDK i haven't watched the whole BFB I skipped 99% of it" as I say. So yes.


They are the ones whom ship Fireafy. Not FIREFLIES. Ok, they think that 4x is a good ship, which it is since it's x4, which is 7 x 4, which is 28 OR IS IT??????????????????????????? *Vsauce music tarts playing*


Tace want 2 de


Taco in the book on Wattpad "BFB: Forgiveness", chapter "Losing Hope", the author states that Taco asks herself that she wants to end her life.

Even more

There is a whole video about Taco wanting to end herself but Lolipop gives motivational speeches to Taco.

It Can't Get Cringier

It won't get cringier. The reason is that "Bird Kong {Random numbers}" has not posted the cringe because he no did done season two did do.

But It Is!

Taco no not taco from ii




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