Bookmarky is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Bookmarky is a long orange piece of paper with the word ‘Bookmark’ going down it. Bookmarky has both arms and legs.


Bookmarky is somewhat strict, but is kind to those who like reading; this is because he is very passionate about reading. Bookmarky has born in a desolated area, however there was a hut that had a lot of books in it. Bookmarky read all the books and eventually became attached to reading. Bookmarky likes to teach others how to read and advise them on what to read.


The Object Manor

In The Object Manor, Bookmarky is a quieter member of the house, either helping out people for no reason (such as when he made salad) or reading in the bedroom. On one occasion, he tried to boss around Waffle. This is when Bookmarky told him to go sleep outside in the tent for annoying everyone. However, Bookmarky was slapped round the face by Waffle for doing this.


  • He originally didn’t have the bookmark word going down him, but it was added as it seemed fitting.
  • Bookmarky likes going to the gym when he isn’t reading.
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