I forgot my previous camp's name :(

Making Contestants

Give me your book and I will make my own version of it. Make sure to describe what it looks like. Sign up as two books. Yeah the computer books pretty much have no name. CLASSES ARE IMPORTANT AS YOU WILL SEE.

  • 1ne: Spicy
  • 2wo: Sunny
  • 3hree: Green
  • 4our: Ballistic
  • 5ive: Royal
  • 6ix: Dark
  • 7even: Stealthy
  • 8ight: Splashy
  • 9ine: Flashy
  • 10n: Blocky
  • 11even: Brainy
  • 12elve: Hardy
  • 13irteen: Windy
  • 14urteen: Medic
  • 15fteen: Chilly
  • 16xteen: Noisy
  • 17venteen: Yucky
  • 18ghteen: Mystic
  • 19neteen: Deadly


Once we got 20 books, let's start!


This is just to form teams, but hey, this looks suspicious. The thing you're supposed to do is on the bottom.

  • What top ten prize did the chicken cross the road to get? Don't use the letter E. Especially not using 3 to replace the E. But hey, you can do "pwn'd" or something like that.
    • SarancthaTFFM: It was on a highway so it didn't win anything cuz it was a pwn'd lunch. (i think)
      • Another one: Da bird got nothing for crossing da road.
    • MidnightLight: A coupon for a film, a chick flick in particular.
    • Mr. Yokai: Our radical bird man just won a crush, aka Roco, and also billions of dollars.
    • TSRITW: Anybody would say, chicks can hardly win without fifth glyphs.
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