Blue Tetramino is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Blue Tetramino is in the shape of the “Z” Tetris Block. This shape is blue. His appearance isn’t very descriptive. However, in recent redraws, his body is shown to be a lighter shade of blue.


Blue Tetramino is your classic Object Show bully. He’s usually mean to armless characters, and doesn’t like to be around others. If anyone forces him in to anything, rage will come their way. This is all just because Tetramino is actually really sad, and he thinks he won’t fit in. He likes to go fishing, but nobody knows about this hobby. People will think he’s boring for it. So, he has the fake character of being a bully and looking like a jerk.


  • His Personality was going to belong to a character called “Toothpastey”. The idea was scrapped as the character looked bad.
    • It was then carried on to a character called “D-Pad”. But then ButterBlaziken230 had the idea to create Blue Tetramino, as the fact he would be a Z block would make sense as he doesn’t fit in, and that the Z block usually causes havoc in Tetris.
  • He can be labelled “Beneath The Blocks”.


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