Blue Shell(Also Known As Spiny Shell) Is an OC Made By Engie49.


Blue Shell Is A Shell with spikes on him and a chained arm.

He also has demon wings,Unlike his Original appearance.


Blue Shell Is Psychopathic And Kills people who win the contest. he also kills 1 sometimes. He also Laughs When someone gets severely injured and disrespects peoples funerals.


"I Eat Winners For Breakfast."

"What The @$#* Are You Looking At?!"

"That Black Dude Stole My Bike!!!"

"I Love Murdering People!"

"@$#* Da Police!!!"

"Hey Winner,YOU'RE SCREWED!!!"

"I'm Not A Jerk! I Help Losers!"

"I Won't stop cussing!!!"

"@$#* You!!!"

"Well It's Censored,BE THANKFUL YOU LITTLE $#!*!!!"



  • He Drops Some Serious F-Bombs.
  • Some of his quotes are memes.
  • He Sometimes Yells "OH BOB SAGET!!!",Something the Tourettes Guy Says.
  • He Swears More Than Cowboy Hat.
  • Due To His Accent,He Seems To Be Irish.
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