Blue Powerpoint Smiley Face, or Just BPSF, Smiley Face or SF Is a Fan-Character by JustSomeRandomGuy420 (Note:JustSomeRandomGuy420 is Actually BPSF, Which It's Obvious, Just See His Profile Picture).


His Appearence Is Pretty Simple, Due To The Fact That He's Just The Default Blue Powerpoint Smiley Face Shape (Without Any Changes, But This Part Is Pretty Obvious) Which Can Be Found (and Also Can Be Used) in Many Versions or Variations of The (In)famous Microsoft Powerpoint.


He's such a pretty joyful guy, who actually thinks that life is pretty painful and horrible, but he tries to do his best and don't worry about (but he can rarely cry or become deppresed or just sad everytime he remembers it again). he is a very, but really very happy guy who wants to make the world better than never, and he wants to fix literally everyone's problem, it does not matter how big is it, but he sometimes can fail on it but try to retry it again and again until he finally sucess. he also plans to host a object show in the future (maybe this year), and put all of his effort onto it and never give up (most likely).

Apart from that, he knows LITERALLY every math problem ever, including very hard ones that absolutely almost nobody knows what it equals or what's the solution. he's also pretty social with everyone.


  • He is such a master in being such a great person who knows how to actually be a troll (not in internet, only in other people conversation, which can lead these people to anger out) and in swag, such as MLG stuff and various another things.
  • He loves bacon pizza and coke, but still likes normal pizza and pepsi.
  • His real name is 'The Default Blue Powerpoint Smiley Face Shape Thing'.
  • He loves dead memes (for example, big chungus, most of these random shaggy rogers memes and baby shark).
  • There is a estimated 0.1-0.5% chance of making him mad, sad or deppresed.
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