Blue Paper aka The Kamikaze is a contestant of Fight for It. 1 2 3 Go!


Blue Paper is a normal blue colored piece of paper that has been torn on both the left and fight side and is folded. Due to that, his right leg and arm has been moved up slightly.


Blue Paper is a carefree object and doesn't mind risk or danger, in fact, he finds danger a challenge and finds joy in it, even if it kills him. This recklessness is the reason why that no matter how many times he has been recovered, he will remain in a crumbled and folded state.


  • Blue Paper's old name used to be Ripped Blue Paper
    • Due to his name, his old designs had him missing an eye and leg.
  • His personality went through many changes
    • His intended personality was someone who was introverted and usually upset, displaying a character of brokeness
    • His second personality was someone who was brave enough to go through any sorts of danger, this eventually led him to being a police officer
    • His current personality took some elements of his second personality, he is now brave to go through any danger but with a more reckless personality.
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