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"I think I know what's going on, you bought Blue Hole, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Blue Hole
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The World Famous Blue Hole


Everyone in the entire OSF universe (except enemies)


Everyone mean, stupid, pervert, crappy, or her haters


Ocean Blue (Body)



Blue Hole (AKA: Sapphire Lake) is an OC created by BM44.


She is one of the greatest female objects in the OSF community. She has many, many friends, and so is many, many enemies. She has an IQ of 1 billion, which means she is the smartest 6th grader ever in the history of the OSF universe, Earth, solar system, and the entire real universe! She has a brother named Wibit Logo, and D.A.R.E. Badge's new crush.




  • She was born in (and currently lives in) Santa Rosa, New Mexico.
  • Her favorite food is chili peppers.
  • The object shows that she dislikes are every poorly made object shows ever created.
  • She has a brother named Wibit Logo, but unlike her, he has an IQ of 66, which is a reference to US's first highway, Route 66, and is a lot crazier and has a real interest on inflatable obstacle courses. He was also born and currently lives in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.
  • Her swimsuit is possibly either a dark blue bikini or a light blue bikini, just like her friend Bubble Wand.
    • Underneath her clothes, she wears teal underwear.
  • Her birthday is on July 7th, the same date that her creator went on his trip to Santa Rosa.
  • She doesn't like being called "Bloo HoH".
  • Her worst fear is haunted houses.
  • She has a crush on D.A.R.E. Badge.
  • She has been addicted to fox girls since 2 weeks ago.


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