Blue Fluff

Blue Fluff is a character for a suggestion in BFB.

About Blue Fluff

He says "When?" when he hears "As he/she finds out."

Also says "Huh?" when he hears somebody says "Four". He's excited about Four.

He lastly says every good word in the world. He speaks sentences to his Friends. (Blue Fluff doesn't has Friends yet.)

Information for Blue Fluff

Gender: Male

Species: 3 Blue Colored Fluff Piece

Team: None (A recommended Character)

Episode Eliminated: A recommended Character, doesn't join BFB

Place: A recommended Character, doesn't join BFB

Friends: None

Enemies: None

Color: Light Blue, Dark Light Blue, Dark Blue

Death Count: None

Kill Count: None

First appearance: No first appearance

Blue Fluff

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