Blue Boombox is a character in Object Country. She is the main protagonist of the series, since she appears in every episode.

She's currently competing in the Funkyhead Dancers. She's often hated by most homophobic fans of Object Country, mostly because she is a homosexual.


Looks like Gold Boombox from Roblox, but tinted blue.


  • Canada: Buddy.
  • Marshmallow Sticks: Friend 2.
  • Disney XD: Love your channel.
  • Knifey: Hyper super duper disaster.
  • Monsanto Logo: (cough) Why are you so bad? Do you support veganism?
  • CD: Awesome pal.
  • Video Brinquedo Logo: EW
  • Firey: I could barely play music in front of you.
  • Coiny: Same as Knifey.
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