Blue-Spotted Dice, aka BS Dice, is an OC by Insanipedia.


Blue-Spotted Dice is like Dice from Object Madness. In other words, he is extremely impatient.

However, he separates from his black-spotted counterpart. When angered enough, his body will be surrounded by fire that seems to protect him from magic. If the fire is put out, but he is still in his rage, he will automatically make another fire. The fire reproduction is also unstoppable.


Nothing is known about where his birthplace might have been or how his life has been. It will be revealed in Object School once he knows everyone in the roleplay.


See Blue-Spotted Dice/Relationships

Object School/University

Blue-Spotted Dice appears in Object School VIII, as he first appears saying hey to everyone and asks what is going on. 1958 Ford Edsel, who is smoking, tells him nothing, and he says whatever. Later, after Braixen tells 1918 Ford Model T to stop smoking, he tells him that smoking is going to waste time.


  • Blue-Spotted Dice hates it when someone calls him Dotty. This is similar to Needle's hatred of being called Needy, Television's hatred of being called TV, and Cherry Blossom Latte's hatred of being called Cherry Sakura Latte.
  • He hates it when someone laughs hardly at him.
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