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Characters in some Future Updates

BFSU is providing Upcoming Object Show Characters

  • 1 Battle for BFB/The Power of Two
  • 2 Inanimate Insanity
  • 3 Brawl of the Objects
  • 4 Object Overload
  • 5 Object Mayhem
  • 6 Object Lockdown/Lockout
  • 7 Paper Puppets
  • 8 Object Filler
  • 9 Yet Another Gameshow
  • 10 Open Source Objects
  • 11 The Race of Children
  • 12 Battle for the Respect of Roboty
  • 13 Mysterious Object Super Show
  • 14 Object Terror
  • 15 Code Red
  • 16 Animated Inanimate Battle
  • 17 Battle for the Luxiorus Hotel
  • 18 Object Invasion
  • 19 The Daily Object Show
  • 20 Challenge to Win
  • 21 The Strive of the Million
  • 22 Object Havoc
  • 23 Object Illusion
  • 24 Object Universe/Twoniverse
  • 25 Battle for the Switch
  • 26 Object Trek
  • 27 Nonexistent Living
  • 28 Inanimate Fight-Out
  • 29 Object Insanity
  • 30 Object Connects
  • 31 Object Multiverse
  • 32 Awesome Futuristic Objects
  • 33 Super Dumb Joke Show
  • 34 CTC
  • 35 Vill…

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Now I like firey jr.

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ymca ymca

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Vansroomlightstoo Vansroomlightstoo 9 days ago

Blogbuster Sign-Ups (deadline 4/18)

Hi! Claw Machine here! And I have a new camp! By the way, it’s called BlogBuster, and it’s a reboot/revival of Original Balloon, aka Nate Groth's unfinished show of the same name. It's about 14 teens who are casted to showcase their abilities despite them only being known as common internet bloggers. Many aspects of the competition will set apart the men and women from the boys and girls. The tables turn from physical challenge, agility challenges and of course a test of their blog skills and internet savy. The only problem is that only one of them can make the cut and they will stop at nothing to make something of their skills. With only one chance at fame, fortune, and glory, the true colors of the contestants are revealed. Backstabbing,…

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TheWaffleMaker704 TheWaffleMaker704 12 days ago

Story I made.

The end.

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Object EPIC Animator Object EPIC Animator 13 days ago

My Object Show

Hey there OSC Users, it's me, @Object EPIC Animator.

So, in this blog post, I want to tell you that I've my OWN OBJECT SHOW! It even has wiki. The name of it is Object Skirmish. In this show, 25 or so anthropomorphic objects are participating to battle for the world's famous OS. What is it you may ask? Well, it is as similar as the BFDI (the reward).

Also, I planned to do a second and third season obviously in the future. There would be a REALLY grand prize in Season 2. It WOULD have new contestants, but with recommended characters and the ones that pleased to. That choice will be decided by YOU OSC viewers. Not right NOW of course. But in Season 3, it'd be a non-competition object show, with some more contestants.

I'm still telling them, for…

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We at D.N.A. need your help with our object show, Normal Objects! We need animators who use Flash MX-Flash 8 (if you don't have flash, click here!) We also accept Linux WINE users too! If you want to help, we will send object show episodes, rigs, and assets.fla!

If you want to sign up, click here!

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