Blob is a genderless contestant competing in Open Source Objects.


Lacks the ability to talk, and feels empty inside. They often feel like they’ve lost their true selves and constantly try to find themselves, but usually, they end up making no progress. They have no limbs or mouth by default but can grow arms and change their body size. Usually takes their time moving around like a snail. For some reason, one of the only things that make Blob feel joy are round things, as they are reminded of better times when they used to be happy. They always try to cheer people up when someone is sad, as they don’t like it when people are unhappy like them. They are very compassionate and observant of other people. They are good at reading people’s body language and tries to help. They are very good at psychology and are treated as a therapist. Blob enjoys helping other people through obstacles throughout other’s lives.


Blob is a grey, translucent drop of an unknown substance. Blob's form is amorphous, often taking the shape of their container and slipping through tight situations. However, they have the ability to grow arms and change their body size.

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