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Blade's Inanimate Insanity Camp



Type of Characters

Inanimate Insanity Characters


March 13th, 2012




None - Challenges 1,2 Lugia - Challenges 3-Present

Created by...

BladeTheLugia (aka SonicSpongebob/Alexed77)


BladeTheLugia's Inanimate Insanity Camp is a camp created by BladeTheLugia with Inanimate Insanity Contestants. The Camp was orignally hosted on SonicSpongebob's Channel. However SonicSpongebob made a new account due to "User Name Issues" There used to be no host, but now a Lugia (Named Blade) is hosting for the time being. The camp started March 13th and has yet to be ended. The camp doesn't allow votes from non-competitors, likey because of the risk of votes being rigged with fake accounts. Still, non-competitors try to vote. There are chances for eliminated contestants to rejoin in this camp, but require to do a challenge or possibly a challenge involving contestants not yet eliminated. The camp from the start had 14 Contestants, later Bow joined, making the Number of Contestants up to 15.


Participant Team Status Placing Merged Team
Nickel - 2319mi None

1st Quit in Challenge 1

15th Place Pre-Teams
OJ - TheJtbrooks Team SOURCREAM

2nd Voted Out in Challenge 2

14th Place Non-Merged
Marshmallow - tylerbungard Team SOURCREAM

3rd Voted Out in Challenge 3

13th Place
Knife - PKMNDramaStudios Team SOURCREAM

4th Voted Out in Challenge 4

12th Place
Paintbrush - SB Productons12 Team SOURCREAM

5th Voted Out in Challenge 5

11th Place
Baseball - ChaoEpic121420 Smooshy Strawberries

6th Voted Out in Challenge 6

10th Place
Salt - dylanmajor100 Smooshy Strawberries

7th Voted Out in Challenge 7

9th Place
Bow - flynngunno Smooshy Strawberries Debuts in Challenge 8
Pepper - totaldramadawn1 Smooshy Strawberries

Returns in Challenge 10 8th Eliminated in Challenge 8

Taco - TheSonicJoey Smooshy Strawberries

Returns in Challenge 10 9th Voted Out in Challenge 9

Lightbulb - Jeelhu77 Team SOURCREAM

10th Voted Out in Challenge 11

8th Place Merged
Balloon - MrMWM3682 Smooshy Strawberries

11th Eliminated in Challenge 12

7th Place
Bow - flynngundo Smooshy Strawberries

12th Elminated in Challenge 13

6th Place
Pickle - 444dymek Team SOURCREAM 13th Elminated in Challenge 14 5th Place
Bomb - greenpen232 Team SOURCREAM RUNNER-UP 2nd
Paper - shadowduck7 Team SOURCREAM RUNNER-UP 2nd
Pepper - totaldramadawn1 Smooshy Strawberries 14th Eliminated in Challenge 15 4th
Taco - TheSonicJoey Smooshy Strawberries WINNER 1st


Team Naming (C1)

Winner(s): Bomb and Taco

Eliminated: Nickel

The first ever challenge was to make a team name. Some contestants suggested 2. Because of that, the best one was choosen to count. The Team names that were suggested are shown below:

OJ - Team Book

Baseball - The Thunder Clouds


Bomb - Smooshy Strawberries

Salt - Team Best Friends Forever

Lightbulb - The Unknowed Objects

Paper - The Firey Dingos

Pepper - Team Amazing

Pickle - Team Killer

Did not do the Challenge: Paintbrush, Knife, Marshmallow, Nickel

It was revealed that Bomb and Taco won. Because it was the first challenge ever, it turned out to be a non-elimination challenge. It was also revealed that Nickel quit due to being grounded.

Busting Boxes (C2)

Winner(s): Team SOURCREAM

Eliminated: OJ

The second challenge was to Pick a box from 1 to 100 in hopes that they had a high value the points eraned are shown below:

Balloon - 71 Pts

Lightbulb - 60 Pts

Paper - 52 Pts

Bomb - 52 Pts

Taco - 51 Pts

Salt - 51 Pts

Pepper - 49 Pts

OJ - -48 Pts

Pickle - 43 Pts

Paintbrush - 28 Pts

Knife - 5 Pts

Totaling with...

Team SOURCREAM: 221 Points

Smooshy Strawberries: 290

Did not do the Challenge: Marshmallow, Baseball

The Smooshy Strawberries Won while Team SOURCREAM Lost and had to vote off one of its members. Out of the Team SOURCREAM and from All Contestants, OJ was the only person to get a negitive value and score lowest for his team and overall, thus getting him voted off.

Who's that Poke- I mean Character! (C3)

Winner(s): Smooshy Strawberries

Eliminated: Marshmallow

The third challenge was to guess the character with a fact, quote or a hint about the character. the Hints and Answers were:

1.This character is non-existent but exiests at the same time. (Non-Existy -BFDI-)

2. This guy is colo(u)red brown and is a slacker. (Rigby -Regular Show-)

3. "Ohhh, stalkerious" >_> (Noah -Total Drama- )

4. "You rub it on your skin, and it makes you live for forever" (Patrick -SpongeBob SquarePants-)

5. Was a contestant in BFDI, and she thinks she the "Team Leader" (Pin -BFDI-


Balloon - 1/5

Paper -2/5

Pepper - 4/5

Pickle -4/5

Salt - 5/5

Lighbulb - 1/5

Taco - 5/5

Bomb 2/5


Smooshy Strawberries: 15


Did not do the Challenge: Paintbrush, Marshmallow, Knife, Baseball,

Smooshy Strawberries won again, making Team SOURCREAM lose again. At elimination it was relvealed that Marshmallow had been voted off from... I dunno... from NOT DOING ANY CHALLENGES AT ALL!!!


Bomb | Knife | Lightbulb | Marshmallow | OJ | Paintbrush | Paper | Pickle
Smooshy Strawberries
Balloon | Baseball | Bow | Pepper | Salt | Taco


  • Nickel quit before the teams were fromed.
  • Lightbulb was orignally on the Smooshy Strawberries, but went to Team SOURCREAM After Challenge 5
  • Bomb and Taco swapped Teams After Challenge 7
  • Bow debuts in Challenge 8 and joins Smooshy Strawberries
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