Black Pen is a contestant on TACO. He is one of only two TACO contestants to have white eyes, the other one being HPHPRCC. He is friends with iPhone X, Jack o' Lantern, Fireball, Macaroon, Bamboo and Toblerone.


Black Pen has had the least votes out of anyone on his team, giving him the title of the 'Efficiency Champion' which has made the character seem cursed by fans due to every time in Ten Words of Wisdom when Cary names the efficiency champion, they get eliminated in 1-2 episodes later, which makes sense because Black Pen got kicked off TACO in Episode 6, but rejoined in Episode 17.


  • Black Pen is based off of Pen from Battle for Dream Island and a person AdventureTime361 knew in real life.
  • In Mark Samuel's 'Object Olympic/Terrific and Crazy Objects Character Encyclopedia', Black Pen is confirmed to be 11 contrary to people thinking he's 8.
  • Black Pen is AdventureTime361's easiest character to voice.
  • Black Pen, despite his name, is thought to be white.
  • Black Pen is older than AdventureTime361's brother by 1 minute.

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