Black Domino is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Black Domino, like the 10 other Domino characters that ButterBlaziken230 has created, is a Domino. She is black (but really very very very very dark grey) with black spots. Black Domino has large grey wings on her back that have sharp edges. Black Domino only has legs, meaning she’s armless.


Not much is known about Black Domino. She’s seen as mysterious to a majority of other objects. However, there is a theory that Black Domino was an old Domino with a different colour that was turned bad because of a tragic event. Christmas Bauble and Alien Monitor, two intelligent objects, have researched this theory. First of all, one tragic event that happened was a fire that hit a part of the land. However, Black Domino didn’t live there. Fire is brought up often since she’s the colour of ashes. Aside from the rumours, Black Domino is actually a silent type who can become angry if people are mean to her. She is feared among the other objects, and is friends with Spikey Square.


  • There isn’t an official black spoon (since before the domino series, ButterBlaziken230 made a spoon series), but now there’s an official black Domino.
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